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25 Inspiring Pallet Garden And Furniture Ideas

Your garden may be filled with all the eye candies like displacement of floral pots, benches, and vertical gardens, but is there something unique? Don’t you want to have something that differentiates your garden from the rest? You can work this out by simply using the old pallets. You must have never thought about creating beautiful decors from the pallets that you have in the junkyard or storeroom.

It is the right time to begin with some fun activities, which would certainly result in the exquisite and chic look. After all, your garden is closer to your heart. This excerpt is all about pallet garden ideas, and uses of pallet furniture in the garden and home;  which can assist you to make your garden more worthwhile.

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1: Cozy couch for the garden:

You can join the pallets together by forming a base, sides and back in order to provide it a look that resembles a couch. Once done, you can simply add cozy and comfortable pillows or any old bed sheet to make it soft and enjoyable for sitting.

You can place this homemade pallet couch in your garden and enjoy reading or talking with friends. It is a wonderful seating to enjoy with your spouse. Well, if you do not have a pallet in your house, do not worry – simply buy them from any store. One of the most inquired questions, how much do pallets cost? They are hardly $5 to $6 per pallets.

Cozy couch for the garden

2: Pallet screen planter:

As the name suggests, this is one of the wonderful garden pallet idea. You can place the pallet on the entrance of the garden in the vertical position. In the gaps, add the planted bottles with small flowers, plants and herbs. It gives an amazing appeal.

Pallet screen planter
Source: theinspiredroom

3: Floral stripes:

You can place a ladder and along the sides add wooden recycled pallets slabs with a good distance between each. You can place flowerpots or plant new flowers to fill the fertile gaps. Within a few months, you would get a beautiful place to enjoy in the garden. This is one of the highly adored wood pallet garden ideas.

wood pallet DIY ideas

4: Pallet Coffee Table:

You can simply take two pallet slabs can join them in a way to provide it a look of a table. Use this table to serve tea or food to the guests.

 Pallet Table

5: Pallet Furniture Glowing Bed:

You can have some fun with this kind of pallet bed idea. Place the pellets in such a way that there is some gap between each slab. Once you are done with fixing the base and the vertical stand, place some LED lights to make it a masterpiece. You can have this in the garden so for a perfect date.

pallet glowing bed

6: DIY Pallet Swing Idea:

Take a pallet slab, tie it with solid ropes and attach it to the tree or any other firm support. Your garden swing is ready. You may also like to see porch swing plans and diy swing swing for garden.

DIY Pallet Swing Idea

7: Pallet Pathway Idea:

Enough of the red carpets and expensive rugs – place the pallets in the garden so that it can help you form a rug like look.

Pallet Pathway Idea
Image via: 1001pallets

8: Pallet Shoe Stand Idea:

You can use the pallets as a shoe stand for the garden.

Pallet Shoe Stand Idea

9: Outdoor Pallet Furniture:

You can make chairs, table and lamp stands from pallets too.

Outdoor Pallet Furniture

10: Pallet Lounge Chair

Make a relaxing chair, or sofa you can say with pallets. Paint it with the color you like and enjoy the soothing sun during winters.

Pallet Lounge Chair

11: Floral Flower Stand:

You can use pallet as a stand filled with flowers. It is perfect décor if some party is around.

 Floral Flower Stand

12: Pallet Wall Hooker:

You can use pallets with screws to keep your necessary belongings while in the home.

Pallet Wall Hooker

13: Wall Mounted Pallet Rack:

Place a big pallet stand in the wall and use it as your gardening tool collector.

Wall Mounted Pallet Rack

14: Wine and Glasss holder:

Use the pallet slab to safe keep your wine bottles in the home.

Wine and Glasss holder

15: Pallet Stools Furniture:

By using cushions as top, pallet slabs can be used to make the stools for the garden.

Pallet Stools Furniture

16: Snap and Gift holder:

You can place some pictures or decorative pieces in the wall fixed pallet – it would allure all.

Snaps and Gift

17: Vegetable Garden Patch:

You can join pallets horizontally and vertically to form a vegetable patch to protect your grown delicious veggies.

Vegetable patch

18: Veggie Pallet Garden:

A square slab can help you grow the vegetables of your choice in form of a small garden.

Veggie pallet garden

19: Pallet Fence Idea:

You can create pallet fence around the areas you can kids to refrain from entering.

Pallet Fence Idea
Image via :themicrogarden.com

20: Cute little greenhouse:

In order to protect plants from cold weather, you can have a mini pallet greenhouse too.

Cute little greenhouse
Image credit :themicrogardener.com

21: Glass Panel Greenhouse:

You can use pallet as base, keep the gap as you want the space to be – add glasses on the top so that greenhouse Is completed.

Glass panel greenhouse
Image credit: themicrogardener.com

22: Potting bench:

A wooden pallet can be ideal potting bench for a beautiful garden.

Pot bench
image credit: themicrogardener.com

23: A floral pallet table Idea:

You can use two slabs jointed with center floral panel – get the slab fixed and converted into perfect dinner table for the garden.

A floral pallet table

24: Standing planter:

If you have a contrasting wall, you can have a beautiful standing planter with different variety of flowers in it.

Standing planter

25: Pallet Window 

If you have a greenhouse in the garden, you can add windows to it by working with pallets. Do not forget to add flowers.

image via:microgardener.com
image via:themicrogardener.com

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