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15 Porch Swing Plans To Relax On A Cool Summer Evening

Constructing a porch swing from a set of porch swing plans is a smart way to save money, cool down, relax and improve the curb appeal of your home. An inexpensive DIY porch swing can transform a seldom-used porch into a favorite hang-out location on a summer evening. Build a porch swing to enjoy this summer with one of these 15 easy-to-follow plans.

  1. Classic Wood Porch Swing

Classic design and building material, this wood swing by yellowbrickhome is easy to create and can be painted any color to compliment your home’s exterior.

Classic Wood Porch Swing
Image via: yellowbrickhome
  1. High Back Porch Swing 

This classic wood design uses small wooden slats to create a high back design. These free wood porch swing plans by instructables  also shows you how to create built-in cup holders in the arm rests.

wood porch swing
Image via: instructables
  1. Cedar Front Porch Swing

Large, sturdy and attractive, these DIY porch swing plans by diynetwork will show you how to build a cedar swing that will last for years.

Cedar Front Porch Swing
Image via: diynetwork
  1. DIY Garden Swing

Sometimes you want a swing to be located somewhere other than the porch, a place where it will be exposed to the elements. This heavy-duty design and detailed DIY wooden swing plans by sunset will enable you to build a garden swing that can stand up to the elements with style.

DIY wooden swing plans
Image via: sunset
  1. Low Back Design Porch Swing

These porch swing plans by simplydesigning will enable you to have a porch swing that won’t impede the view of the great outdoors when you’re indoors. Low back swing design is comfortable and attractive. You may also like to see swing set plans.

porch swing plans
Image via: simplydesigning
  1. Stream Line DIY Porch Swing 

Small wood slats and stream line design make this hanging porch swing by abeautifulmess blend in with the surrounding exterior wood work. Add colorful pillows when you want the porch swing to be a focal point.

Stream Line Swing
Image via: abeautifulmess
  1. Comfy High Back

Create a place to relax on a cool summer evening with these detailed wooden porch swing plans by familyhandyman. Comfy high back design with wide arm rests on each end.

wooden porch swing plans
Image via: familyhandyman
  1. Simple and Modern Porch Swing

Clean lines make this DIY wood porch swing by shanty-2-chic look modern and expensive. However, this DIY swing is inexpensive to build and can be completed in a day.

wood porch swing
Image via: shanty-2-chic
  1. Wooden Porch Swing

These free wooden swing plans by howtospecialist will have you swinging and relaxing within a day. Easy to follow instructions allow a novice DIY builder to create this comfortable wooden swing. You may also like to see playhouse plans.

free wooden swing plans
Image via: howtospecialist
  1. Curved Lines Porch Swing

If you prefer curved lines and round edges, these free porch swing plans by thisoldhouse are for you. Curved lined wooden porch swing can be left in its natural wood color or painted to compliment your house.

free porch swing plans
Image via: thisoldhouse
  1. Porch Swing Bed Plan

Relax and take a nap on your front porch with this easy-to-build swinging bed by wooditsreal. Large, comfy and attractive, you will be falling asleep here each night instead of indoors in your recliner. Easy to follow video instructions make this swinging bed a cinch to build. You may also like to see diy tree houses for your kids.

Porch Swing Bed
Image via: wooditsreal
  1. DIY Porch Swing With Pull Down Cup Holders

Grab your favorite food and beverages and head outdoors to this attractive and comfortable DIY porch swing by diyprojects.ideas2live4 that features pull down cup holders for your convenience.

DIY porch swing
Image via: diyprojects.ideas2live4
  1. Swings and Fire Pit

Great for a large family hangout location, this design features multiple hanging swings by instructables surrounding a center fire pit. Great for year around use.

multiple hanging swings
Image via: instructables
  1. Decorative Hanging Swing

This decorative hanging swing by buildeazy provides a design element on it’s own, plus functionality. Easy to follow instructions will have you swing in style in very little time.

Decorative Hanging Swing
Image via: buildeazy
  1. Stand Alone Porch Swing Plan

These free plans will show you how to build a wooden swing by motherearthnews and frame that can be place anywhere. The stand alone porch swing is not attached to the house and can be used on the porch, front yard, garden, play area or other outdoor area.

Stand Alone Swing
Image via: motherearthnews

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