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Container gardening

23 Cool DIY Wall Planter Ideas For Vertical Gardens

diy wall planters

A DIY wall planter is the ideal way to grow fresh food in a small space. These types of wall mounted planters also allow you to plant and grow flowers indoors or outdoors so you can enjoy living color year around. DIY wall planters can be created from a variety …

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23 DIY Window Box Ideas-Build And Fill Them With Colorful Flowers

diy window box

A DIY window box can give the exterior of your home an instant face lift. The boxes can be created as simple or as elaborate as you want, and built to compliment the architectural style of your home. After the DIY window box is built and installed, just add potting …

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15 Ideal Vegetables That Grow Well In A Pot Or Container

Growing Vegetables in pots or Containers

If you are planning to start a vegetable garden but don’t have enough space then you can go head with container vegetables gardening. Growing vegetables in pots needs six hours of sun, potting mix soil and adequate amount of water and drainage to grow well. Hybridized breeds in vegetables are …

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15+ Hanging Basket Plants That Are Edible As Well As Appealing

chilli hanging plants

Hanging baskets can be more than just a beautiful way to brighten up the front of your home, they can also be a useful way to expand the space you have to grow food for yourself and your family. Here are some of the best edible hanging basket plants that …

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16 Potting Bench Plans To Make Gardening Work Easy

potting bench plans

Potting bench is going to add luxury to your gardening experience with these free plans; moreover, it is an essential technique to make sure everything extra within the garden space remains organized. Important gardening items like empty pots, soil pots, gardening tools, fertilizers and related supplies can be kept at …

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16 Lovely Diy Hanging Planter You Can Make Easily

diy hanging planter

Let’s cut the long story short, while making it a masterpiece filled with information and tactics, here are 16 lovely diy hanging planters for vertical gardening. 1- Ice Cream Cone Planter Get your hands on any waffle mold that is not being used anymore, fill it with modeling clay, and let it …

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20 Unique Container Gardening Ideas For Deck, Patio or Yard

container gardening ideas3

Container gardening is the best way to do your gardening if you are compelled to do it in a small space. The following are a few innovative ways to do that. Related: Growing egg plants in containers, growing blueberries in containers, growing lettuce in containers, vegetables that grow well in …

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27 DIY Self Watering Planters That Will Save Your Time, Water & Money

diy self watering planters

DIY self watering planters will not only provide the precise amount of water needed for your houseplant, but it will also save you time and money. Over-watering causes the demise of most plants, and a self watering system will prevent over-watering (and under-watering) so plants will thrive instead of die. …

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10 Tips For Growing Eggplants In A Pot Or Container

Planting can be an excellent hobby and a great time pass especially when you are in a leisure time. Every parent or an adult in this world should grow plants and also allow their children to take part in this activity. If you don’t have a garden or a flowerbed, …

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10 Easy Tips for Growing Blueberries in Containers or Pots

Blueberries  is consider to be the healthiest fruit because it consists of larger quantity of antioxidants than the other fruits, fibers and extremely low calories and conjointly lowers the probabilities of diseases connected with heart and will increase memory power. They’re a decent medium of getting vitamins and conjointly strengthen the blood vessels. Blueberries aren’t solely in style, however conjointly repeatedly hierarchical within the U.S. diet as having one among-st the best inhibitor capacities among all fruits, vegetables, spices and seasonings. …

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