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20 Unique Container Gardening Ideas For Deck, Patio or Yard

Container gardening is the best way to do your gardening if you are compelled to do it in a small space. The following are a few innovative ways to do that.

1-Rustic Stand as a Container Gardening

A novel way of planting foliage, flowering plants or even a mixture of them is to buy a rustic metal stand made out of iron bars and leave a jute bag on it in place of the pot. Fill it with soil and plant your seeds or cuttings.

rustic stand as a container

2-Rusty old radio flyer wagon as succulents container

Who could think to use radio wagon as a container? Yes! You can grow succulents in an old rustic flyer wagon by drilling hole in its bottom and putting some dirt within it. Related: Growing egg plants in containers.

Rusty old radio flyer wagon as succulents container

3-Jute sacks as a wall container

If you want to use the space you have in a meaningful manner, you could plant your foliage in jute sacks and hang them on your parapet wall. Even empty cans could be used for this purpose.  Herbs are also suitable plants to be grown this way. Related: growing blueberries in containers.

Jute sacks as wall conainer

4-Elevated Boxes at window

Elevated boxes are great containers to be left at entrances to homes and near the backdoors. Foliage is the best for growing in them as they grow well in partial shade.

Elevated Boxes at window

5-Plants Inside Glass Jars

Planting your small plants inside bell jars is an innovative style of gardening. Moss and ferns are ideal plants to be planted this way. They should be kept away from direct sunlight.

Plants Inside Glass Jars

6-Recycle Boat into Plant Container

If you have an old boat, paint it and use it as a large flower pot. There is enough space to plant a number of flower plants there. You can leave it on a stand in order to make it look tidier.

Recycle Boat into Plant Conatiner

7-Boots as Planter

Old boots when painted in the right way will become beautiful pots for plants. You could plant anything in them.

Boots as Planter

8-Wooden School Desk for Container Garden

If you find an old wooden school desk, use it as a box for growing flowers or vegetables in a container. It will become a beautiful elevated container when you plant your foliage and flower plants on it.

Wooden School Desk for Container Garden

9-Flower Boxes for container gardening

Plastic boxes are ideal for growing vegetables in limited spaces. You can grow both herbs and vegetables in them easily. There is no restriction on the shape or the size either.

Flower Boxes for container gardening

10-Stack of Tires as a Stand for Your Flower Pot

When you collect a few tires of different sizes and paint them in different colors, you could create an innovative stand for a flower pot. You have the option to change their positions to break the monotony.

Stack of Tires as a Stand for Your Flower Pot

11-Car as a planter

In case you could find an old car that is fit for only crushing, you could use it as a box for your garden. Cut the upper part leaving only the base and the sides. When filled with soil, plants could be planted.

Car as a planter

12-Structures for adding variety to Flower pots

When you have blooming flower plants in pots you could add structures made out of metal in order to add variety. Only you need to have an innovative eye to find the suitable ones.

Structures for adding variety to Flower pots

13-Hand bags an Economical way to Container Gardening

Buy some bags from the supermarket. Fill them with soil and plant your foliage or flower plants. Hang them on a suitable structure. Your old handbags are ideal for this purpose.

Hang bags an Economical way to Container Gardening

14-Container Gardening using a Vintage Newspaper Magazine Holder

When you want to change your vintage magazine rack, use it as a stand for your flower pots. However, you need to have your plants in a flexible type of container that fits into the rack.

Newspaper Magazine Holder

15-Vegetable Gardening on a Stair Case

If you can imagine how it looks when you leave a drawer on each of the steps of a wooden stair case you will be able to imagine a beautiful way to use your cramped space for gardening. The entire structure is made out of wood. Related: growing lettuce in containers.

Vegetable Gardening on a Stair Case

16-Toy Wheelbarrow for Container Gardening

Leave a toy wheelbarrow anywhere and fill it with soil to make it ready for planting flower plants. This is ideal if you want to avoid weeding or if you are staying in the house temporarily.

Toy Wheelbarrow for Container Gardening

17-Rock as Container Gardening

If you find flat pieces rock you could put them together in an innovative manner on top of a suitable container to create a good container for planting plants of cactus family.

Rock as Container

18-Simple Salad-Garden Containers

Flyer wagons are good substitutes for pots if you want to avoid the monotony of having standard sized pots of plants on your patio and the deck. Not only flower plants but also vegetables could be planted in them.

Simple Salad Garden Containers

19-Raised tire Container Gardening Ideas

Tires are difficult to dispose of but you can use them as flower pots. Leave your old tire on a structure with three legs of one foot height and plant your flower plants. You will end up with a beautiful flower pot. Related: vegetables that grow well in pots.

raised container garden

20-Watering Sprinkler an Ornamental Pot

Don’t throw your old watering sprinkler. Instead, fill it with soil and plant a flower plant. You will end up with a good flower pot.

Watering Sprinkler an Ornamental Pot

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