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DIY Phone projector

13 DIY Phone Projectors-A Cheap Homemade Project To Try This Weekend

Creating a DIY phone projector will provide you with large screen viewing from a small device. Watch movies, videos, YouTube tutorials, and more on a big screen right from your Smartphone. A simple shoebox and magnifying glass can transform a cell phone into a homemade projector.

A DIY phone projector can be created from any cell phone and is a fun DIY to do with your children. Pop some popcorn and get ready to enjoy some family movie time with one of these 13 DIY phone projector ideas.

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Shoe Box Projector

This cheap homemade DIY projector can be created in less than 30 minutes and provide you and your family with hours of entertainment.

Use this cell phone projector indoors or outdoors and enjoy watching a wide entertainment with your family. This homemade projector can be used to start Holiday traditions this Holiday season with your family. Enjoy gathering together to watch favorite Christmas movies with your family with this simple shoe box projector idea.

cell phone projector

Cardboard Box Projector

Learn how to make a projector with a cardboard box and a few other items by following these easy directions. Watching videos on a small cell phone screen is tough and you miss a lot of the smaller details. When you make a DIY smartphone projector you won’t strain your eye to see the video and you won’t miss the small details either.

Use these free plans and create a DIY phone projector tonight and enjoy watching videos with the family.

Cardboard Box Projector

Upside Down

This DIY projector solves the problem of backward text when watching a smartphone projection. The upside down design of this homemade projector allows you to watch videos and read all the text without any difficulty. The upside down design makes everything you watch right-side up.

Use these detailed instructions for creating your own cell phone projector today.

homemade projector

Cheap Mobile Projector

Watch this YouTube video and learn how to make a projector at home for less than $5. This small, DIY phone projector is cheap to make and can be taken along with you anywhere you go.

The next YouTube video you watch can be projected onto a big screen or wall so you can see the details more clearly after you make this projector for your cell phone.

Let the kids help you create this cheap mobile projector so they will become interested in DIY projects and search for them on YouTube.

Home Projector

Most people would love to have a home theater room and watch movies on a big screen with family and friends in the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, that kind of home theater costs a lot of money but this kind of home projector is cheap to make.

Follow these YouTube instructions for creating a DIY phone projector then get settled into your favorite chair and enjoy watching a movie on a big screen. An empty wall in a room of your home works perfectly as a large screen to project videos from your cell phone onto.

Smartphone Projector

Help prevent the kids from developing eye strain from watching a small phone screen by creating this projector for their Smartphone.

Enlarge your kid’s favorite videos and shows with this projector idea. Easy and cheap to build, this YouTube video will show you how to build this DIY phone projector using just a few common items.

Keep tabs on what your kids are watching on their Smartphones and get in some bonding time with them by watching some of their favorite channels with this DIY projector.

Easy Smartphone Projector

Nothing hard or complicated about this DIY project. These free plans will show you how to create the easiest Smartphone projector ever designed.  Easy, cheap, and quick to build. Gather a few items together for this DIY project and you will be relaxing in front of a big screen projection from your Smartphone in less than 30 minutes.

Unwind at the end of a stressful day by creating a DIY project and watching a good video with the family.

Recycle Bin Project

Wondering if there is some way that you can recycle some of the boxes in your recycle bin? How about creating a DIY phone projector with a couple of the boxes?

Gather the kids together and rummage through the recycle bin to find just the right box or boxes and create a DIY projector for your Smartphone.

Make one for the kid’s room, the family room, and one more for using outdoors. Build a fire in the firepit for roasting marshmallows and watching a video after the sun goes down tonight.

DIY phone projector

Cheap Smartphone Projector

Develop your creativity and learn how optics work by creating this cheap Smartphone projector.

A shoebox and a few other items are all that you will need to create this cheap and functional projector. Transform the small screen of your cell phone into a large screen the whole family can enjoy viewing with these detailed DIY plans.

The kids will be fascinated with this DIY project and the finished projector will be good for the whole family.

Cheap Smartphone Projector

DIY Projector

Simple, fun, and educational DIY project for the whole family. Follow these instructions and learn how to build a DIY projector with a box, magnifying glass, and a few other items.

This homemade projector can be made in just a few minutes and it will provide hours of family fun as you watch videos together.

Record family videos or make videos for your YouTube channel and watch them together projected on the wall or other vertical surface.

DIY Phone projector

Recycled Shoe Box

This detailed YouTube video will show you how to recycle an old shoe box into a new DIY phone projector. Learn all the building details and also how to focus the cell phone video for best viewing of your favorite videos.

Great project for kids and it will provide hours of family fun after the homemade cell phone projector is built. You will also feel good about finding a new use for an old shoe box.

HD Smartphone Projector

Learn how to get a clear HD projected image from your Smartphone with this YouTube video. Image quality and brightness are excellent with this DIY phone projector idea. The easy to follow video tutorial will show you every step of the building process so you can enjoy watching high quality images projected onto your wall surface.

The LED lighting inside the cardboard box makes a big difference in picture clarity so all projected images come out clear and crisp for easy viewing.

DIY Portable Projector

Create a handle on top of the projection box so the device will be easy to take with you to the home of friends and family.

The easy to build design of this homemade cell phone projector is easy to build and it will make you popular with your friends. Everyone will want you to bring the DIY projector to their house so videos can be watched on a large vertical surface.

The handle on top of the box allows you to take your portable projector everywhere you go for fun and entertainment.

DIY Portable Projector

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