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8 Homemade Wasp Traps To Get Rid Of Wasps

The trend of homemade wasp trap is growing at a high pace in the recent times, as more and more people are opting to use them instead of buying a wasp trap. The homemade wasp trap can be highly effective in getting rid of the wasps, as you can simply choose what type of trap you want to built. If you’re wondering on how to make wasp trap, there are several ways to build a wasp nest, by making use of everyday items that you normally have in your house. Homemade wasp traps can be made by anyone with little to no skill.

Wasps are essential for the process of pollination and they also perform some other important actions such as controlling parasite and harmful insect population as well. As good as they are for your environment and especially our surroundings, wasps can really be problematic when they start building theirs nests too close to your furniture or when they start stinging you regularly. In such cases, you may probably want to get rid of the whole mess that comes with a wasp net in your backyard or any other area around your house. Wasp control, sometimes can be a hectic job if you don’t have the right tools.

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In this article, we will discuss about the eight homemade wasp traps that you can make at your home with minimal work involved. If you’re looking forward to getting rid of wasps, these models can be of great help to you.

1- Homemade Wasp Trap With a Soda Bottle

The first one we are showing you is one of the simplest homemade wasp catcher models by thespruce that you can build at your home with a few simple items. To make this homemade wasp trap model, you need a two-litre soda bottle, knife, Permanent marker, and a piece of wire. Begin with drawing a line at the bottle’s neck which lies below the taper. By using a knife, chop the top side of bottle that you’ve marked earlier. Now, remove the cap and place the top side of the bottle upside down into the bottom part of the bottle and push it in to complete the setup of your yellow jacket trap.

In order to use a bait in the trap, try using a piece of meat or a small piece of hamburger in the spring and if it’s the summers, try using any sweet liquid. Wherever you see wasp activity, place this trap and wait for it to do the thing.

Homemade Wasp Trap With a Soda Bottle
Make a Wasp Trap With a Soda Bottle, Image via: thespruce

2- DIY Wasp Trap With a Jug

The second wasp trap in our list can be build with use of very basic items like a jug in your home. In order to build this wasp trap model by instructables, assemble a packing tape, razor blade, hot water, sugar, hole punch, and a spoon. Now, begin with cutting off the top third of your jug with the blade. Attach the piece of tape to the jug’s opening. Now, it’s time to invert the top part of the jug and place it in the bottom part of the jug. Once you’ve completed these steps, you now have a homemade wasp trap made out of a jug.

After completing the setup of this wasp trap, you can simply add any sweet item which attracts wasps and place the trap wherever there’s a wasp activity.

DIY Wasp Trap With a Jug
Reuse old plastic jug to make a wasp trap, Image via: instructables

3- Creamer Bottle Yellow Jacket Trap 

Wasps can be so irritating if they build a nest around our living premises, especially where it’s very close to our house. In order to combat the wasp problem, this homemade yellow jacket trap by kleinworthco can really help you by leaps and bounds. Get a creamer bottle and cut the top part of the lid. Now, invert the top part of the bottle and place it right in the bottom part of the bottle and tape the two parts together. Now, tie a loop of thread or any similar material so that you can hang this homemade wasp trap somewhere you would like to. After the completion of this setup, make sure that you place any type of food item that attracts the wasps.

Creamer Bottle Homemade Wasp Trap 
Use creamer bottle to make a wasp trap, Image credit: kleinworthco

4- Use Pvc Pipe And Mineral Water Bottle To Make Wasp Trap

Wasp nets can be very problematic, if they were built in our living places, especially if you have kids. Their bites can be allergic to some people for which you need to take care of this issue. Having a homemade wasp trap like this one by dave-cushman can be a great solution if you have wasp nests around your house. Take a mineral water bottle that has a capacity of about five litres, pierce two holes on the two sides of the bottle with a diameter of 2 mm. Now, take a PVC plumbing pipe and cut it down into a small piece and place it through the two holes of the bottle. Also make sure that you place a sweet liquid in the bottle which acts as a bait.

Now, you’ve completed the homemade wasp trap using a bottle and a PVC pipe. In order to attract the wasps, you must fill the trap with a bait. Simply mix some jam in water and fill the trap with this fluid.

Use Pvc Pipe And Mineral Water Bottle To Make Wasp Trap
Make Wasp Trap from Pvc Pipe And Mineral Water Bottle, Image via: dave-cushman

5- Wasp Trap With a Bottle and PEX Tubes

This model of homemade wasp trap by dengarden can be simply made with two items which are a two-liter bottle and a couple of PEX tubes. Take a knife and make two sets of holes with each facing the other hole of a set in the bottle. Once you’re done with it, now it’s time to cut down the PEX tube into two pieces that fit the distance between the holes of bottle. If you have any trouble in making the holes, try using a marker so that you can get a clearer idea. Now, fill the bottom half of bottle with any type of bait that attracts the wasps. As soon as you’re done with that part, your homemade wasp trap is ready to use.

Since there’s a need for the bait here, a good solution is to create one to use. Try mixing apple juice, white vinegar, sugar, cat food morsels, and hot dog slices with the warm water in appropriate quantities.

Homemade Wasp Trap With a Bottle and PEX Tubes
Wasp Trap With a Bottle and PEX Tubes, Image via:dengarden

6- Plastic Cups Homemade Wasp Trap

In order to build this model of diy wasp trap, by creativehomemaking you would need several items which are two plastic cups, duck tape, one water bottle, and a knife. First of all, make use of the knife by cutting down the bottom part of the two drinking cups. Now, take the top parts of both the cups and tape them together. The next step is to cut down the top part of the water bottle. Now take the top part of the water bottle, invert it and place it down the cup. The homemade wasp trap is now complete and it’s time for you to place the bait in the trap to use it.

It’s important to note that wasps get attracted to different types of baits depending on the seasons. You can either use sodas like mountain dew or you can use several types of meat as well.

Plastic Cups Homemade Wasp Trap
Plastic Cups DIY Wasp Trap, Image via: creativehomemaking

7- Wasp Trap With a Water Bottle

If you’re having a trouble at dealing with the wasp problem around your house, you may really need to try out creating a homemade wasp trap like this one on  Youtube. This model of diy wasp trap can easily be created with a water bottle. Take a knife and cut the top part of the water bottle and place it heads down in the bottom part of the bottle. Now, boil a cup of water and add a cup of sugar to it. Once you get a fluid solution, take to some for it cool down and pour it in the wasp trap you’ve made. Place this wasp trap anywhere you have a wasp problem.

Homemade Wasp Trap With a Water Bottle
Wasp Trap With a Water Bottle

8- DIY Hornet and Wasp Trap

If you’re wondering how to make a homemade wasp killer, like this one by sereneswede.blogspot of the simplest models of homemade wasp traps that you can build at your house. You would need a few things to build this wasp trap, which are, a Mason jar, funnel, and a tape. Fill your mason jar with bait and place the funnel through the jar and tape them together. Now you have a homemade wasp trap that’s ready for the use.

DIY Hornet and Wasp Trap
DIY Hornet and Wasp Trap, Image via: sereneswede.blogspot

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