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25 Fabulous DIY Rain Chain Ideas With Tutorials

Mounting DIY rain chains are a beautiful way to harness the power of water; watching the rain chain guide the water from the roof to the ground is a sight to behold.

A DIY rain chain is necessary for every home especially as it helps protect the foundation of your home from water splash while channeling the water wherever you desire. The rain chain not only brings functionality, but it also adds beauty to your home.

Here are fabulous DIY rain chain ideas with tutorials, you can quickly build.

1. Ombre Rain Chain

Rain chains are always fascinating, especially when its made from beautiful copper chains.

Making this copper rain chain by designsponge is super easy, following this plan; the rain chain is made with terracotta pots held together by a copper chain.

You can complete this project within a few hours, and it requires no particular skill; need some necessary supplies and tools. You can also paint the pot to your desired color.

Ombre Rain Chain
Image via: designsponge

2. Recycled Soda Bottles/Hanging Seedling Rain Chains

This idea involves building a hanging seedling rain chain at hometalk with recycled soda bottles. The half cut water bottles are designed to hold the soil and the seedlings and get sufficient water for the crops.

This project is very economical as you can get all the required materials and tools within your home. Following this plan, you can complete the project in a few hours.

hanging seedling rain chain
Image via: hometalk

3. Garden Decor Cookie Cutter Rain Chain

For you to have a successful garden in your backyard, you need to water your crops continually. Building a rain chain like this one by newhousenewhomenewlife is one way to get enough water for your tender plants.  This idea involves making a rain chain with cookie cutters, to direct water to the garden or collect water for garden use.

The rain chain will be hanged on the roof, and the water directed to the flower pot or a waiting bowl, to later use to water plants. You may also like to see diy rain barrel.

Garden Decor Cookie Cutter Rain Chain
Image via: newhousenewhomenewlife.com

4. Modern Rain Chain

There are so many advantages of a rain chain, and so many reasons to build one; one of it been that divert water from your building. These splashing waters can affect the foundation of your building as well as the painting.

This is a modern rain chain idea by makezine made from copper cups lined across a chain. You can also use it to direct the water down to a big barrel, to store water for later use on your garden or lawn. You may also like to see rain gutter ideas.

modern rain chain idea
Image via: makezine

5. Rain Chain Using Spoons

The rain chain is quite popular in Asia, where it has been used for years to channel water from the roof to the ground; you can make one for your home following this detailed plan which involves building a DIY rain chain by birdsandblooms using old spoons. It’s a fun project that can be beneficial to your home.

It’s advisable to use thinner spoons, so you can easily bend them. You can place a decorative pot or barrel under the rain chain to collect the water.

Rain Chain Using Spoons
Image via: birdsandblooms

6. Rain Chain from Galvanized Steel Buckets

Rain gutter chains are a perfect alternative to downspouts and can direct rain from your gutter to the ground. They are also amazingly easy to make and requires little supplies.

This idea involves making downspout rain chains like this one by curbly with galvanized steel buckets and chains.

Have it in mind that the length of the chain and number of buckets required will be determined by the length of your house to the ground.

Rain Chain from Galvanized Steel Buckets
Image via: curbly

7. Rain Chain from Wire-Wrapped Rock

Building a rain chain is the ideal fun project to carry out with the kids during the weekend. And you don’t need to spend so much on materials. These downspout rain chains by dollarstorecrafts are made with wire wrapped around rocks.

The rocks are placed and held in between the floral wire. The rain chain can be crafted within a few hours and costs less than ten bucks.  You can use it to channel water to the garden or a flower pots.

Rain Chain from Wire-Wrapped Rock
Image via: dollarstorecrafts

8. DIY Slag Glass Rain Chain!

Making a rain chain like this one by victoryordeathinthegarden ranks amongst one of the best outdoor decorations; It’s sure always to catch the attention of anyone coming towards it; Making your home look beautiful while providing functionality.

This plan involves making an elegant rain chain with gauge wire and slag glass. The cable will be tightly wrapped around several slag glasses according to the length of your building.

DIY Slag Glass Rain Chain
Image via: victoryordeathinthegarden

9. Rain Chain from Aluminum Funnels

The rain chain is a pleasing water feature which has long been popular in Japan and is beginning to trend in the USA. Tame the rain with this budget rain chain like this one by motherearthliving which is a perfect replacement for gutter downspouts. This project is a lot of fun to make and is inexpensive. Its made with aluminum funnels, held by galvanized chains. You need to determine the height of the building so that you can know the length of string and the number of funnels required. You may also like to see rain garden plants.

Rain Chain from Aluminum Funnels
Image via: motherearthliving

10. Rain Chain from Copper Pipe

Buying an already made rain chain is quite expensive. You can confirm that from the store or with s simple Google search. It’s even more costly if it’s made of copper.

However, following a DIY plan, you can make a copper rain chain like this one by hometalk within a few hours for far less Cost. The project involves using a flexible copper pipe of a considerable length to make the chain, which you can then hang on the roof to channel water outpour.

Rain Chain from Copper Pipe
Image via: hometalk

11. Oui Yogurt Jar Rain Chain

Yoghurts are so yummy and eating it out of the cute little jar will most likely make anyone feel like a fancy French lady. Now, Instead of just wasting those little jars; embark on a fun project and use them to create a rain gutter chain like this one by huntandhost. The idea is pretty simple, and the project can be completed in a few hours with just a few tools.

Oui Yogurt Jar Rain Chain
Image via: huntandhost

12. Mini Flower Pot Rain Chain

A rain chain is like jewelry for your home. It’s very popular in Asia and has been used for years to gracefully control the path of water away from the walls or into barrels. This plan involves making a DIY rain chain by cutoutandkeep with small flower pots, held with string. The project is straightforward, even for a first time DIYer, it can be completed under 2 hours and cost very little.

Mini Flower Pot Rain Chain
Image via: cutoutandkeep

13. Copper Rain Chain Succulent Planter

Many people wants to see rain chains as an alternative to regular downspouts, as they work just as well. However, it offers more than that; with the needed materials, and following this plan, you can make a functional rain chain like this one by twothirtyfivedesigns which can also be utilized as a succulent planter. The rain chain is made of copper, which makes it even more beautiful. The project will only take two hours to complete and requires just a few supplies.

Copper Rain Chain Succulent Planter
Image via: twothirtyfivedesigns

14. Rain Chain With Copper Fork and Spoon

Spring rains are a rare gift in most of the country. You can take advantage of the precipitation, by making a rain chain to ensure the runoff isn’t wasted or even splashing down on your foundation.

The DIY idea involves making a rain chain by imgoingtotexas with forks and spoons, which are twisted into exciting shapes and joined at the tips to create the long downward chain. The project will turn out to be decorative and very functional.

Rain Chain With Copper Fork and Spoon
Image via: imgoingtotexas

15. Front Door Driftwood Garland

Need something different from copper and much more inexpensive? Then you should make this farmhouse-inspired rain chain by cityfarmhouse made of driftwood

The project also serves as décor, while even controlling the motion of water. You need to get driftwoods in large quantity and also ensure the driftwoods are the same length so that it will look nice. The woods are held together with twine.

Front Door Driftwood Garland
Image via: cityfarmhouse

16. Rain Chain Using Shower Curtain Hooks

DIY is always about creativity and using less costly methods to achieve excellent results, and this rain chain by greneauxgardens.blogspot made with shower curtain and hooks perfectly depict that.

It provides a creative, beautiful and inexpensive way to get water from the downspout into a barrel or a plant pot.

Shower hooks make great rain chains as they are metal and heavy, which means they can’t be blown by the wind. Also, they are intended for the shower, which also rules out the possibility of rusting.

Rain Chain Using Shower Curtain Hooks
Image via: greneauxgardens.blogspot

17. DIY Tart Tins Rain Chain & Suncatcher

Rain chain makes excellent decoration, and they also provide functionality. This DIY rain chain by wingsofwhimsy can be created with tart tins and anything you have that can survive the outdoor, especially beads. The tart tins are held with a solid wire and beads can be added between each tart tin.

You will be happy with the result, as it will it be beautiful, and functional.

DIY Tart Tins Rain Chain & Suncatcher
Image via: wingsofwhimsy

18. Neon Zip Tie Rain Chain

This is another fun DIY project to embark with the family. It involves making a rain chain like this one by dollarstorecrafts out of Neon Zip ties and wooden beads. You will make loops from the large zip ties and attach them to one another.

This provides a beautiful alternative to downspouts and helps correctly guide the rain from the roof, away from your home’s foundation. The water can be channeled into a barrel or just to the ground.

Neon Zip Tie Rain Chain
Image via: dollarstorecrafts

19. Hanging Yogurt Cup Waterfall

This project involves using some yogurt cups and bakers twine to create a functional rain chain like this one by childhoodlist.blogspot to channel the movement of water off your roof. The twine is used to tie the cups together, and it’s then hanged in the right spot on the roof.

This project is straightforward to make and requires no prior experience. You need to know how to tie a knot to do this.

Hanging Yogurt Cup Waterfall
   Image via: childhoodlist.blogspot

20. Plastic Cup Rain Chain

If you still haven’t chosen a DIY rain chain like this one by dollarstorecrafts to make, then this plan which involves creating one with plastic cups will be ideal. The plastic cup will be held by a chain through the middle. You can use various colors of plastic cups to make it more beautiful.

This project is inexpensive and can be completed within a few hours. You need a few tools to couple the whole components.

Plastic Cup Rain Chain
Image via: dollarstorecrafts

21. Rain Chain From Copper

Copper made rain chains like this one by myhomemystyle tend to give a peaceful trickling sound, as they catch the water and gently spills it to prevent erosion. They are quite costly when you want to buy from the store. However, following this DIY plan, you can make an affordable copper rain chain for your home. The project is easy to set up, and you only need a few materials.

Rain Chain From Copper
Image via: myhomemystyle

22. Copper Wire And Polished Stones Rain Chains

Add Style Outdoors with by making this rain chain. This rain chain at quora is made with copper wire and polished stones. The wire is wrapped around each rock to hold it and then joined with copper strings. You can hang the chain to the gutter and place a bowl underneath to collect the water.

Copper Wire And Polished Stones Rain Chains
Image via: quora

23. Little Watering Cans Rain Chain

You will be surprised with the outcome if you price a rain chain in a store; some of the least costly goes for around $80 to $100. Howbeit, you can follow a DIY plan to build this beautiful rain chain by isavea2z for less than $15.

The project is done with tiny garden watering Cans and metal chain. You can use different colors of the cup to make it look more beautiful.

Little Watering Cans Rain Chain
Image via: isavea2z.com

24. Recycled Soda Bottles as Hanging Seedling Rain Chains

DIY rain chains are fun things to build with the family, and it only gets better when you won’t have to spend a dime on it. This is another garden planter rain chain idea by hometalk. Its made with soda bottles and straws, which you should probably have in your home. You can make this project to grow seedlings in your home.  It is very simple to make and doesn’t take long.

Recycled Soda Bottles as Hanging Seedling Rain Chains
Image via: hometalk

25. Rain Chain Using Vintage Tarte Tins

If you are searching for an elegant modern rain chain like this one by lifeawayfromtheofficechair to make, then this DIY project will be ideal. The project involves constructing a rain chain with vintage tart tins, and metal chains. The plan is straightforward to build and cost below $20.

Rain Chain Using Vintage Tarte Tins
Image via : lifeawayfromtheofficechair.com


Rain chains are a beautiful, creative and functional replacement for gutter downspouts. Listed above are some beautiful and inexpensive rain chains you can make for your home.

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