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10 Helpful Tips On How To Grow Mushrooms Indoors

Mushroom is a fruit bearing body of a fungus which can be grown in soil or logs which are damp most of the time. There are edible mushrooms and other which are non edible and are usually poisonous. The edible mushrooms include oyster and button mushrooms which is widely used in foods these days while other edible mushrooms are Linghzi and Ganoderma which is largely used in medicines and as food supplement for different types of diseases. Many people don’t know how to grow mushrooms indoors and many would think about it as a difficult task since there are some requirements for planting mushrooms.

The trend for growing food indoors has become very common for three obvious reasons, first to fight off with the world food crisis, second to save some money by growing fruits and vegetables home rather than purchasing from the market and third to enjoy the best and fresh taste right at your home. In order to grow mushrooms, the first thing to decide is what type of mushrooms ones want to grow. The shitake, Oyster and Button mushrooms can grow well indoors and the result can be actually great. Below mentioned are ten tips for how to plant mushrooms at home:

       1) When growing mushrooms indoors, it is important to decide what type of mushrooms you are growing because different mushrooms require different growing medium to grow and one cannot grow every type of mushrooms indoors.

       2) How to grow oyster mushrooms at home and have a successful cultivation? The answer to this is to grow in the most perfect growing medium that is in the straw. This is because for the growth it has some nutritional needs which can be provided through damp star or even sawdust logs.

       3) For quick cultivation and successful growth of mushrooms, always damp or moisten the growing medium after every two to three days so that it keeps moist and can grow well. The best growing place to keep the container for the mushroom is in the garage, basement or laundry room or any place else which have a high moisture level, avoid the bathroom, it is defiantly not the place to grow something you want to eat.

        4) You can find the spores or mushroom spawn from different retailers however they are available online as well. You can purchase mushroom spawn which is sawdust with mycelia. Mycelia are an important root structure for the fungus and helps in growing. You can say this is a seedling which facilitates the growing of mushroom indoors.

         5) For those who are beginner or amateur, they should go for mushroom spawn for growing of mushrooms rather than spores because spores may take a long time to cultivate and is recommended for professionals only or those who have been growing mushroom since a long period of time.

         6) How to grow button mushrooms? They can be easily grown indoor however you require composed manure because they grow the best in that medium. They get all the necessary nutrients from the manure such as urea which is essential for their growth.

         7) When to grow mushrooms? When the temperature on a warmer a side. The temperature should be 21 degree Celsius and higher and the best example for this is the spring season or post summer season. The humidity is good in this period and so is the temperature which encourages the growth of the mushrooms.

         8) After three weeks of damping the growing medium along with spawn, one has to keep the container or the log in a place which should be cool and dark, temperature should be 15 Celsius. The growing medium should be sprayed with water and kept cool so that the mushrooms can grow.

         9) When to know the mushrooms are ready? It can be seen through the texture and the size of the mushroom specie you have grown. The steps of mushroom growth should be done very carefully because it is very important for grower.  The cultivation of mushroom is very important in various parts of the world.

       10) How to cultivate mushrooms? When they are ready, you just have to twist and pluck them out. These are simple and best steps to grow mushrooms in the field. 

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