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  1. Dom
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    I would say the fruit bearing information above is on the optimistic side. I have seen peaches produce fairly quickly, though never seen them grow anywhere near 15 feet per year, maybe 5 at the most. I have had pear and apple trees that I bought in the 2 to 4 foot height range that after 5 years still aren’t producing. I think the soil/light/pollination conditions make a big difference.

  2. harmanjot
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    great piece kathy….coconut was news…we are a self suffiecient eco cosmicvillage in dera bassi.india….we belive by 2025 such villages will replace cities.towns.old villages of today….see univishwa cosmic on youtube…thanks…nice blog

  3. j.levjeysel
    j.levjeysel at |

    rice is also a short growing plant. It grows within two to three months.

  4. martin holden
    martin holden at |

    Just a small note cucumbers are fruit not vegetables

    1. Farhan Ahsan
      Farhan Ahsan at |

      There are various school of thoughts for calling cucumber as a vegetable or fruit. In the following source you can find cucumber as both fruit and vegetable: https://www.sproutabl.com/gardening/vegetables/cucumbers/cucumber-fruit-vegetable/

  5. Hayley Matsuko
    Hayley Matsuko at |

    anything with roots will also grow fast so you don’t have to wait if your planting from the seeds such as an onion or garlic


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