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12 Fast Growing Fruit Trees And Vegetables For Your Home Garden

We are living in a time where there is a scarcity of food and global food crisis. Thanks to the internet and other sources, many people have started planting fruits and vegetables in their own garden. The fruits and vegetables which we are having these days from the market held different hazard the human health. It is because of the increase in demands, these fruits and vegetables are not given proper time to grow out, in fact they are given steroids and other harmful chemicals in order to grow them fast and then harvest and provide them to the market for sale. Moreover, there are many harmful chemicals and pesticides sprayed on the fruits and vegetables which make them very unhealthy, especially if consumed with skin.

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Many people don’t know how to grow vegetables or how to grow fruit trees in their homes. Many thought that they might need special chemicals, fertilizer and soil to grow, this is not the case and one can grow many fruits and vegetables with ease, just provide them with basic needs such as water, air and sunlight. Growing a vegetable garden can be a very fun way to spend leisure time. It is a healthy activity, in which both the young and adult can engage themselves, there is no vegetable or fruit better than the ones grown in your own garden, and nothing tastes better, fresh and healthy than that. If you are a beginner, then it is very obvious that you might be in a hurry to sow the seeds and then get the fruits or vegetables for them. There are certain quick growing vegetables and fruits which you can plant in your garden and then enjoy it in no time. Here are 12 fast growing fruit trees and vegetables to plant at your home:

1)  Peach tree

One of the fastest growing fruit trees is the Peach tree. The tree can grow a height of 15 feet within a year and will be able to provide come delicious peach too.

Peach tree

2)  Coconut Tree

Coconut is one of the fruit trees which can grow pretty fast and rapidly. It favors hot and warm climate and are most common fruit trees grown in home, especially in Asian countries where almost every house has coconut trees lined up.

Coconut Tree

3)  Apple Tree

Apple is also one of the fast growing fruit trees and is suitable to be grown in garden. Within a period of two years, the apple tree will start producing fruits.

Apple Tree

4)  Pear Tree

Pear trees can easily be grown in the garden and are fast growing fruit trees which may not only have a good height within a short period of time but also will be able to produce fruit.


5)  Apricot tree

If provided with water, air and sunlight, then apricot tree can grow well and fast in your garden.

Apricot tree

6)  Cherry Tree

Cherry tree can easily be grown in the garden and they may mature within one year of planting and will produce the fruit too.


7)  Growing radishes   

If you are looking for some fast growing vegetables plants for which you don’t have to wait for seasons then radishes is your answer. With ease you can plant radishes in your garden, just sow the seeds, mark the area and water them. Within 25 to 30 days you will be able to harvest some gorgeous radishes from your plants. That is right, just within a month from now you might be enjoying some amazing radish salad.

growing Radishes

8)  Green onions

One of the fast growing vegetables in the vegetable category is the green onions. You can easily harvest the green onion stalk after three to four weeks. Growing normal onions may take around 6 months or more than that, but these green onions can easily by harvested in three to four weeks.

Green onion

9)  Cucumber 

The fast growing vegetable seeds are the seed of cucumber. Cucumbers are one of the most preferred vegetables all around the world; they taste great and are cool and refreshing. For many countries, cucumbers have become a top priority vegetable to include in salad or to have along with their lunch or dinner on a daily basis.


10)  Zucchini

Another fastest growing vegetable from seeds is the zucchini. Zucchini are favorite vegetables in most countries, and they can grow well in the garden if provided with basic needs. Zucchini can grow within 70 days and can be harvested with ease.


11)  Peas

Peas also grow pretty quickly when planted in a house garden. Once the pea has been sown in the soil, it will germinate within ten days. After 60 days the pods will appear which are full grown and ready to be harvested.

planting Peas

12)  Turnips

Turnips can also grow well in garden and can be harvested quickly too. After 60 days of sowing, they are ready to be harvested. After 45 days, the turnip leaves can be cut off; they are edible and can be used in different soups, stews and also salads.

planting Turnips

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  1. I would say the fruit bearing information above is on the optimistic side. I have seen peaches produce fairly quickly, though never seen them grow anywhere near 15 feet per year, maybe 5 at the most. I have had pear and apple trees that I bought in the 2 to 4 foot height range that after 5 years still aren’t producing. I think the soil/light/pollination conditions make a big difference.

  2. great piece kathy….coconut was news…we are a self suffiecient eco cosmicvillage in dera bassi.india….we belive by 2025 such villages will replace cities.towns.old villages of today….see univishwa cosmic on youtube…thanks…nice blog

  3. rice is also a short growing plant. It grows within two to three months.

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