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38 Fabulous Birdhouse Plans To Invite Feather Friends In Your Yard

A successful organic gardener should always take measures to encourage birds in the garden. Fortunately, it is easy to do so by providing them with food , water and a place to nest. You can build your own birdhouse using one of the great simple 38 birdhouse plans that you will find below:

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1- Leafy, Upcycled Birdhouse

With the right design, you can enhance the beauty of your garden. This decorative birdhouse plan can be made from items you may find lying around and will look wonderful in your outdoors space as well as being a boon for flying visitors.

Leafy, Upcycled Birdhouse

2- Simple Pine Birdhouse Plan

Sometimes, simplicity is best. This simple bird house is something anyone can built with a few basic DIY skills and basic equipment. Yes, you could buy something similar, but why buy what you can make with your own fair hands?

diy birdhouse

3- Quirky Bird House Plans

Another great DIY birdhouse, this one has a roof made from an old license plate, for a personalized and quirky look. Unique birdhouses like these will be a talking point and will also serve the little winged creatures who visit your garden.

Quirky Bird House Plans

4- Wooden Birdhouse

This birdhouse plan is specially designed with the bird in mind; it has  the right entrance size for different bird species.

Its is made of pine wood and is designed like a real house with wooden fences at the front. It has dimension of 4” x 5.5” and an interior height of 9” which is perfect for little bird species like chickadees, wrens etc. The birdhouse is both functional and decorative and will be super comfortable for these beautiful birds.

Wooden Birdhouse Plan

5- Simple PVC Birdhouse

If you live in an area where birds perch regularly, then you can utilize these free birdhouse plans to make a birdhouse close to your home and enjoy watching the birds come and go. This project involves making bird houses with PVC pipes. The front and the back of the pipe are covered with wooden rounds. You can spray the birdhouse to make it more attractive. If you have some necessary DIY supplies, the project can cost you less than $7. You will also need a few tools to get it done.

free birdhouse plans

6- An Organic Looking Stone Birdhouse

Another beautiful effect can be created by adding stones and pebbles to the exterior of a wooden birdhouse like this one.

An Organic Looking Stone Birdhouse

7- DIY Birdhouse With Wood and Coffee Cans

This attractive and ingenious design shows that upcycling old items to make a birdhouse does not have to mean sacrificing looks. These free birdhouse plans show you step by step how to build another beautiful birdhouse.

DIY Birdhouse With Wood and Coffee Cans

8- Building a Birdhouse Can By Child’s Play

You cannot get any simpler than this! Encourage your kids to care for the creatures who share their garden by helping them turn a simple milk carton into a lovely birdhouse. As far as plans for birdhouses go, this is about as easy and cheap as they come. Even very young children could have a go.

Building a Birdhouse Can By Child's Play

9- Inspiration For Bluebird House Plans

Seeing bluebirds in your garden, along with other species of bird, is a real joy, especially if you know that you had a hand in encouraging them to come and stay.

Inspiration For Bluebird House Plans

10- A Little Log Cabin For The Birds

Log cabins always look so warm and cozy and I bet the birds think so too. Whether or not you are lucky enough to have a log cabin of your own, why not bring that rustic and comfortable feel to the birdhouse you build for your garden?

 A Little Log Cabin For The Birds

11- Chic, Modern Birdhouse Plans

A diy birdhouse does not have to look rustic or fussy. These free birdhouse plans show that if you have a chic, modern home and a chic, modern garden, you can have a birdhouse to match. The birds will be just as happy with a modern design that fits aesthetically in a different sort of surroundings.

Chic, Modern Birdhouse Plans

12- A Chickadee BirdHouse Plans

It is important to remember, when choosing a design for your DIY birdhouse, that different designs will suit different designs. Think about which sorts of native birds you would most like to attract and then find birdhouse plans to suit those species. This chickadee-specific birdhouse is a great example.

A Chickadee House

13- Birdhouse and Flower Planter In One

If you are short on space then vertical gardening can be a great solution for your garden, patio or balcony. You may find some inspiration for space-saving in this flower planted and birdhouse in one which will allow you to have a beautiful planting space as well as somewhere for the birds.

Birdhouse and Flower Planter In One

14– Gourd Birdhouse Plan

Some bird species will be attracted by a birdhouse fashioned from a gourd. Purple martins, bluebirds, chickadees, wrens and many more types of bird will be attracted to a well-placed gourd birdhouse. Check out the link below to find out how, for generations, people have been making birdhouses from gourds.

Gourd Birdhouses

15- Unique Junk Store Birdhouse

You can find all sorts of odds and ends in a junk store that can be used to make a quirky and unique birdhouse for your whimsical garden.

Unique Junk Store Birdhouse

16- A Birdhouse With Night Lights

If you want to go a step further and go all out on a DIY birdhouse for your feathered friends then how about following this idea and making solar night lights for your birds? Whether they will like it is up for debate but maybe the insects it attracts will be a food source for them.

A Birdhouse With Night Lights

17- Whimsical Birdhouse

When building your birdhouse, remember – as long as you cater for the needs of the birds – anything goes! This whimsical example shows that you can give your imagination free reign on this type of DIY birdhouse project.

Whimsical Birdhouse

18- Beautiful Copper Roof Birdhouse

Birds are always a pleasing sight when they perch around, and this copper roof feeder would surely attract them. The birdhouse will be perfect for your backyard or garden, the roof is slanted and has an opening from which the central feeder silo is filled.

The base has an octagon shape and is made with wood, while the roof is held with eight outer posts made with cedar woods. You will have to measure and work on an individual aspect of the feeder following the Birdhouse plans, and then assemble them with a pin nailer.

Beautiful Copper Roof Birdhouse

19- Birdhouse From PVC Pipe

Just like humans, birds also love houses, especially one that is cozy and safe. This an easy birdhouses plan to build and it’s extremely affordable.  It involves using PVC pipe and cedar board to construct a beautiful birdhouse. The completed design looks like a long tower with a round window; just the perfect site to attract any bird.

Note: Different species of birds prefer different sizes of houses, so if you are trying to attract a specific species, endeavor to do a little research before starting to build. You can modify the plan to make any style or size you want.

Birdhouse From PVC Pipe

20- Coffee Can Birdhouse

Building a birdhouse is a fantastic project to embark on with the kids during the weekend, and it’s even better when it costs nothing. This project involves recycling empty coffee Can into beautiful homemade birdhouses. This original plan was made with a plastic Can; however, any Can with a lid can work.

The birdhouses are designed like insects. It can be a butterfly, ladybug, cricket, etc.

You will need some other materials to make the Can look attractive. The project can be completed in days, and it requires no unique skills.

Coffee Can Birdhouse plan

21- Wine Box Birdhouse

Instead of disposing of your wine box, you can turn them into beautiful homemade birdhouses. All you need is a small wine box and a wooden dowel, and then you can follow the plan to know how to make a perch with it.

You need a few tools to build this plan, and you can hang it in your garden or any nearby tree and enjoy the site as birds are attracted to it.

Wine Box Birdhouse

22- Wren Bird House

A simple DIY birdhouse should provide comfort and safety for the bird and should come at a low cost for you. This  free birdhouse plan built with cedar fence boards offer all of those.

The interior size and the properly drilled entrance hole make this Wren bird house the ideal home for any nesting birds. The roof is slanted and extended to the front to provide cover for the hole. Each aspect of the plan can be individually built according to the plan before been coupled. The plan includes specific information on the measurement for each section.

Wren Bird House plan
Image via: mycarpentry.com

23- Inexpensive Wooden Birdhouse

It’s hard to say who benefits from a birdhouse, the bird or the builder – however, a birdhouse is a fun project to get done, as it allows you to experiment with various design, materials, and shapes. This DIY plan can be built for less than $20, and it can be completed within a day.

The project is made of wood, and the plan is designed like a full house and can be mounted on a tree, roofs or a post. The original bird hole was designed to fit small birds species.

Inexpensive Wooden Birdhouse
Image via: familyhandyman.com

24- Rustic Decorative Birdhouse

This DIY plan involves building a decorative birdhouse from inexpensive pine wood. The plan is designed to have slanted roofs made with pine board, and a bird-hole at the front. The original plan is decorated with tiny picket fences and can then be painted according to your desired colors. It’s essential to follow the stated specifications, to get a perfect box shape.

Rustic Decorative Birdhouse

25- Wooden DIY Birdhouses

If you are yet to find the right DIY birdhouse to build with the kids, then you should consider these wooden birdhouses. The birdhouse is designed in the form of hurt and is inexpensive to make. It has a bird hole at the front and a landing stick just below it, on which the birds can perch.

Due to its compact nature, the original birdhouse will be more suitable for small bird species; though you can change the size as you please and even use it to create other designs.

Wooden DIY Birdhouses

26- Birdhouse with a Pretty Penny Roof

DIY is all about innovation and creativity, and these birdhouse plans show that. The project is built with cedar woods and has slanted roofs, which is amazingly covered with pennies. This plan is quite bigger and can suit moderated sized birds. This project is placed at a medium DIY level; however, following the instructions on the plan, even a first time DIYer should be able to do this. After completing the birdhouse, you can hang it on trees, on your roof or a pool.

Birdhouse with a Pretty Penny Roof

27-  Easter Bird House

Esther is a period of love, and nothing beats showing love to other species around us. Building a DIY birdhouse is a great way to show that. This Easter inspired birdhouse is made from old wooden board and has a shabby styling. The design is a regular wooden house with a hole at the front as well as a perch stick. After building the birdhouse, you can decorate it with different items to make it more appealing to the birds. It’s best you build individual parts of the project before assembling it.

Easter Bird House plan


28- Gorgeous Tropical Fabric Birdhouse Decoration

Beautiful birdhouses are both functional and decorative, and this birdhouse is one of such. The birdhouse is made using tropical fabric; the body is made of cardboard, covered with tropical fabric.

The roof is made with pieces of cardboard joined together with glue and folded to have a slanting shape at the middle. This project is easy and fun to build and cost very little. You can even use an old shirt or printed blouse instead of tropical fabric.

It’s important to follow the instructions strictly when making this plan.

Gorgeous Tropical Fabric Birdhouse Decoration

29- Cedar Double Bird House Planter

Normal birdhouses can be tedious especially as it only serves nature. However, this multifunctional DIY birdhouse that also acts as a planter is the deal breaker. The plan has a straight rectangular design with a birdhouse built on each end, while the middle is open to serve as a planter. The birdhouse is entirely made with cedar wood, with both birdhouses facing outside. When completed, the plan can be hung on tree limbs, wooden posts or even on your fence.

Cedar Double Bird House Planter

30- Birdhouses on Sticks – Yard Art

Birdhouses are fascinating and very beautiful when used for decoration. You can build wooden birdhouses to decorate your yard, following this plan.

You will need a few pieces of wood boards and other materials to get started. The plan contains numerous free birdhouse designs, so you can pick the one you like and build accordingly. Build the body and the roof of the birdhouse individually before coupling them with a nail.

Birdhouses on Sticks - Yard Art

31- Purple Martin House For the Birds

Building a specific type of birdhouse for the generality of birds can prove abortive as birds tend to be very picky when choosing where to raise their young. This DIY plan is designed to build birdhouses for Purple Martins.

The plan is built with thick plywood, and you need some essential carpentry tools to get it done. The original plan was designed to make a birdhouse with three holes. However, you can modify it as you wish.

Purple Martin House For the Birds

32- Lighthouse Birdhouse Plan

DIY birdhouses are one of the most straightforward DIY projects to work on, as they take very little time, require no experience and are inexpensive. This birdhouse is designed like a lighthouse with an opening for birds to enter.

This birdhouse design is both functional and decorative; it has three subsections which are built individually before being coupled. There is also a decorative turret at the top of the structure with the term lighthouse. The lighthouse design may look complicated. However, the plan is straightforward to build.

Lighthouse Birdhouse Plan

33- Teacup Wooden Birdhouse

Want to awe everyone with something fascinating? Then you should consider building this birdhouse that’s designed like a teacup. The project is sure to attract lots of attention as it’s a sight to behold.

The birdhouse is mainly made from wood, and it has a teacup handle. There is a hole in the front where the birds can come in from. You will have to build the back side and the front individually before coupling and ensure to attach a small pipe just below the hole where birds can perch.

Teacup Wooden Birdhouse

34- Chalet Cottage Birdhouse

A little chalet cottage will attract a variety of cavity-nesting birds, like wrens, bluebirds, and chickadees. These simple birdhouse plans are built for small birds and have different designs. They are made of wood and has peaked roofs.

The birdhouse is designed to allow one part to open, to allow the cleaning of inside the box at the end of the season. You can build these homemade birdhouses with leftover materials.

Chalet Cottage Birdhouse

35- Duplex Condo Birdhouse

DIY birdhouses are best built with the bird in mind and not based on what the builder wants. This DIY birdhouse is designed primarily for small cavity-nesting birds. It is made of wood pine, and its divided into two separate individual nesting areas. The plan is straightforward and can even be built by beginners.

DIY birdhouse

36- Simple Dovecote Style Birdhouse

This project involves building a hexagon shaped birdhouse, with fancy roofs. The roof is stepped and has complicated angles; The birdhouse is made of wood, and the materials required cost very little. The project is placed at an intermediate skill level, though it’s easy to build if you strictly follow the plan.

Simple Dovecote Style Birdhouse

37- Rustic Birdhouse and Planter

This is a farmhouse styled birdhouse that also has a planter. The plan is designed as a regular birdhouse with a slanted roof and has a rectangular shaped planter box beneath it. This project was constructed from used pallets and other metal recyclables. It’s designed primarily for small birds like the chickadees, wrens, sparrow, etc. The plan is very flexible that can be easily modified, and the planter can be used to cultivate herbs or flowers

Rustic Birdhouse and Planter

38- Large Multiple Holes Birdhouse

This project involves building a large birdhouse with multiple holes. This particular kind of birdhouse will attract different bird species that will cohabit in the open holes, especially sparrows. The birdhouse is 23 inches high and 12 inches wide, it’s made of wood, while the roof can be done with aluminum. You should put a perching stick on each hole.

Large Multiple Holes Birdhouse

Conclusively, listed above are some Birdhouse plans you can quickly build, to attract various bird species. All the plans listed above are easy to make if you follow the instructions on the plan.

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