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11 Cool Bluebird House Plans To Attract Them To Yard

Bluebird house plans are great to have on hand for that rainy day DIY project to enjoy with your children. It is a great afternoon project that will build the family bond, provide a home for bluebirds and give hours of entertainment for years to come as you watch the birds raise their families.

Bluebird house plans are simple to follow and the construction is easy. The houses can be painted, decorated or left plain. Attach the finished houses to trees in the yard, fence posts along the driveway or any other outdoor structures. It’s simply a matter of building them and the birds will come.

Check out these 11 cool free bluebird house plans we have gathered in our list and get busy building some with your kids this weekend.

  1. Use One Board To Build A Bluebird House

All you need is one board and these free plans to build a bluebird house by Thediydreamer. This simple design we have is irresistible to bluebirds. Bluebirds start nesting in February and March, and will continue to lay eggs as each brood leaves the nest. So now is the right time of year to get out the one board and create some attractive houses.

Use One Board To Build A Bluebird House
Image via: thediydreamer.com
  1. Eliminate Garden Pests By Building A Bluebird House

Building a birdhouse like this one by birdsandblooms is a way of doing something good for the bluebirds. You’ll be charmed by the beauty of the birds and their cheerful singing. Since their diet consists primarily of insects and grubs, your garden may benefit, too. Bluebirds prefer to nest in open areas that has minimal ground cover and structures. Placing a birdhouse near the garden or open field is ideal.

Eliminate Garden Pests By Building A Bluebird House
Eliminate Garden Pests By Building A Bluebird House, Image via: birdsandblooms
  1. Build a Bluebird Box

With just a few tools and a few minutes, you can build a bluebird box like this one we have by Audubon. The box will provide a safe home for many generations of these flying beauties. Get started building today with these free birdhouse plans.

Build a Bluebird Box
Build a Bluebird Box, Image via: Audubon
  1. Give Bluebird House A Superior Look By Painting It

In this idea we will learn how to build an ordinary bird box like this one by HGTV, then transform into an extraordinary house with just a little paint. Bright paint and few flowers painted in a contrasting color on the box provide landscape art even when the birds have flown south for the winter. You may also like to check out DIY bird bath.

Give Your Bluebird House Superior Look By Painting It
Give Your Bluebird House Superior Look By Painting It, Image via: HGTV
  1. How to Build a Bluebird House

Take all the guess-work out of the DIY bluebird house project like this one by Wikihow by using these detail plans we are discussing with you. Download these free plans that will show you exactly what type and how much building material needed to create this functional birdhouse.

How to Build a Bluebird House
Image Via: Wikihow
  1. Build a Slant Front Style

Bluebirds are cavity nesters, typically making their nests in abandoned woodpecker holes and in the natural cavities of old trees. Build this slant front style birdhouse by Feltmagnet that will mimic their desired cavity natural nesting location so they will be attracted to it and stay around to raise more than one brood.

Build a Slant Front Style
Build a Slant Front Style, Image via: Feltmagnet
  1. Create a Green Roof Birdhouse

You can kill two proverbial birds with one stone with these bluebird house plans by Friendsschoolplantsale. This functional birdhouse has a surprise on the roof – a tiny garden that supplies food for the bluebirds.

Attractive in the garden as a living work of art, create a birdhouse with tiny garden on top that is filled will insect-attracting plants. These insects will help keep a family of bluebirds fed during their stay in your DIY birdhouse. You may also like to check out diy bird feeder.

Create a Green Roof Birdhouse
Create a Green Roof Birdhouse, Image via: Friendsschoolplantsale
  1. Build a Pitched Roof Bluebird House

Here we have a beautiful idea that will show how to build a flat roof on a bird house, these free plans by DIY Garden Plans show you how to build a pitched roof design. A little paint creates on the pitched roof and box create a cozy home for traveling bluebirds.

Build a Pitched Roof Bluebird House
Build a Pitched Roof Bluebird House, Image via: DIY Garden Plans
  1. Prevent Heat Stress

The heat of summer puts bluebirds and their eggs under a lot of stress. Minimize that stress with these free birdhouse plans by Bird Watching -bliss that show you how to prevent heat stress for your feathers guests. A simple addition of a heat riser tube helps to keep the inside of the bird box a comfortable temperature. You may also like to check out plants to attract hummingbirds.

free birdhouse plans
Image via: birdwatching-bliss.com
  1. Create a Nest Box

Building nest boxes like this one by Birdwatching-Bliss and mounting them in the proper locations is a great way to help conserve and increase the bluebird numbers in your area. These free plans for easy to build nest boxes is one way you can help maintain bluebird population. You may also like to check out homemade hummingbird feeder.

Create a Nest Box
Image via: Birdwatching-Bliss
  1. Construct an Easy To Clean Birdhouse

Bluebirds are constantly raising a new brood of birds, often building new nests for the next clutch of eggs before the previous brood have left the old nest. To help prevent parasites and diseases in the birds, the bird box like this one by My Backyard Plans need to be cleaned. These free plans show you how to construct an easy to clean birdhouse so you can help keep the birds healthy.

blue bird house
blue bird house, Image via: My Backyard Plans


All of us like the appearance and presence of birds in our backyard that remind and bring us just close to nature. These bluebirds houses we have shared with you will help you to decide to make any one of these or your own custom design. We hope you like our post!

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  1. I was really impressed by how much detail you went into. I’m a big fan of bluebirds and I’m excited to try some of the tips you mentioned. All of that information is great, but what caught my eye was this one sentence: “All you need is one board and these free plans to build a bluebird house.”

    That’s definitely something I can get behind. Building a bluebird house is definitely on my list of things to do this year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Nest boxes should not be attached to a tree. They become feeding boxes for snakes and racoons. Attach to a metal pole.

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