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17 DIY Privacy Screen Projects For Your Patio Or Backyard

A DIY privacy screen provides many benefits and only requires a minimal investment of time and money. An outdoor privacy screen will give you the feeling of seclusion even if you have close neighbors. Not only is a DIY privacy screen suitable for use on a patio, deck or pool side to prevent unwanted onlookers, these easy to build screens can also be built to hide an eyesore in the yard and increase property value. No one wants a view of a tool shed or other unsightly backyard structure, but a decorative privacy screen with hanging flower pots adds a pop of living color to any outdoor location. Check out these 17 free plans to find the one that will provide the seclusion and separation that your landscape needs.

  1. Slat Wall

This simple slat wall hides a tool shed and provide vertical space for hanging planters.

  • Decide on height and width of wall
  • Dig two holes 2 feet deep with a post hole digger
  • Place fence posts in hole and file in holes with concrete
  • Allow concrete to set up and harden for two days
  • Attach wood slats horizontally to the fence post with screws, leaving a 1 inch space between each slat
  • Paint or stain desired color

Get the complete instructions at

DIY Privacy Screen

  1. Outdoor Fabric

Give yourself some shade and privacy with these easy to build fabric and wood backyard privacy screen.

  • Construct the desired size and height of a simple wood frame using 2x4s
  • Add decorative corner brackets
  • Stain or paint wood
  • Cover top and two side with outdoor fabric

backyard privacy screen

  1. Cedar Planter Screen

Create a dual purpose item with this privacy screen idea. Attractive and easy to build, this idea provides you with privacy from the neighbors and a place to grow plants. Made from cedar for a long lasting screen that can withstand the elements and provide you space for an outdoor herb garden.

Cedar Planter Screen

  1. Deck Privacy Screen

Enjoy your glass of wine at sunset in privacy with this attractive outdoor wall. Perfect addition to an outdoor deck, this wall provides seclusion and separation from neighbors. Add a few vertical planters to the deck wall to drown out the traffic noise.

Deck Privacy Screen

  1. Recycled Doors

Such a fun and practical way to recycle old doors! Transform them into a garden privacy screen with this simple idea. Great backdrop for a wedding or birthday party.

  • Procure enough old doors to create the length of screen desired
  • Paint each door a different color with exterior, high gloss paint
  • Allow paint to dry, then attach doors to each other with hinges
  • Stand upright at angles in selected location

The angled doors should provide enough secure support to keep the doors upright. However, braces can be added to the back side for additional support.

garden privacy screen

  1. Vertical Garden Wall

This is a perfect idea for gardening in a small space. Use these free plans to build a stylish and functional vertical garden wall using a wood frame and chicken wire. Privacy and garden space in just one DIY build. Also check out vertical gardening ideas.

Vertical Garden Wall

  1. Tin Wall

Use roofing tin to create a focal point on a privacy fence. A good way to use leftover roofing tin to create an outdoor area that is inviting as well as secluded.

privacy fence

  1. Patio Privacy Screen

Living in a subdivision offers families a lot things, but private outdoor space is not one of those things. Create your own patio privacy screen with this idea so you can enjoy outdoor living without everyone in the subdivision seeing what you’re doing.

Patio Privacy Screen

  1. PVC Pipe Screen

Easy to build and lightweight, this PVC pipe screen can be moved anywhere outdoors where you want a little privacy. Place it in front of the hammock for a quiet afternoon nap, then move it to the outdoor cooking area when it’s time to fire up the grill and prepare dinner. Easy to fold up and store during the winter. You may also like to see pvc pipe projects.

PVC Pipe Screen

  1. Chevron Pattern Wall

Add a decorative touch to your patio or deck with this attractive privacy wall. Wood placed in a classic chevron pattern will provide separation from neighbors, add beauty to your outdoor living space and increase the value of your home.

Chevron Pattern Wall

  1. Privacy Pergola

This is a perfect solution for people who have neighbors living on a hill above them. When homes are located above yours, a fence or wall does not provide the desired privacy, but a simple pergola will. Make it a permanent structure or temporary with these free plans. Get the tutorial at

Privacy Pergola

  1. Lattice Panel Screen

A simple and attractive outdoor privacy solution is the use of lattice panels. Available in wood or composite material, lattice panels are easy to cut to size, lightweight and provide privacy without completely blocking the sunlight and fresh air.

outdoor privacy solution

  1. Cedar Fence

Use this idea and some pre-fab cedar fencing material to create a DIY privacy screen to hide trash cans, air conditioning unit or other outdoor obstacles.

DIY privacy screen

  1. Bamboo Privacy Screen

Great for blocking out the afternoon sun, but still leaving space to view the landscape. Simple and eco-friendly to build, this bamboo privacy screen can be built to any size using these step by step plans. Easy to attach to an existing wood frame porch.

Bamboo Privacy Screen

  1. Plant Privacy Screen

Create a living privacy screen from plants with this unique idea. A planter box at the bottom and vertical trellis coming up from the box provide the ideal space for a flowering vine to grow. As the vine matures and covers the vertical trellis, you will have privacy and colorful blooms too.

Plant Privacy Screen

  1. Budget Friendly Lattice

Lattice panels are lightweight, easy to work with and very affordable. Use these plans for building your own DIY lattice privacy screen for under $40.

Budget Friendly Lattice
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  1. Folding Privacy Screen

Easy to build, easy to use. This wood screen is portable and can be placed anywhere in the landscape where a little seclusion or shade is desired. The wood privacy screen can be built as large as needed, then folded up into a small size to be stored away for the winter. Add wheels on the bottom for easy mobility.

Folding Privacy Screen

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