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15 Ideal Vegetables That Grow Well In A Pot Or Container

Growing Vegetables in pots or Containers

If you are planning to start a vegetable garden but don’t have enough space then you can go head with container vegetables gardening. Growing vegetables in pots needs six hours of sun, potting mix soil and adequate amount of water and drainage to grow well. Hybridized breeds in vegetables are …

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37 Outstanding DIY Planter Box Plans, Designs and Ideas

diy planter box plans

Flower boxes add character and beautify the entrance of your garden, deck or patio; a DIY planter box creates a warm and welcoming feeling and is ideal for an event entrance. DIY planter box can also be built to grow plants to provide you with fresh herbs and veggies year …

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20 Unique Container Gardening Ideas For Deck, Patio or Yard

container gardening ideas3

Container gardening is the best way to do your gardening if you are compelled to do it in a small space. The following are a few innovative ways to do that. Related: Growing egg plants in containers, growing blueberries in containers, growing lettuce in containers, vegetables that grow well in …

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27 DIY Self Watering Planters That Will Save Your Time, Water & Money

diy self watering planters

DIY self watering planters will not only provide the precise amount of water needed for your houseplant, but it will also save you time and money. Over-watering causes the demise of most plants, and a self watering system will prevent over-watering (and under-watering) so plants will thrive instead of die. …

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10 Useful Tips For Growing Strawberries In a Pot

growing strawberries in pots

Strawberries are one of the most favorite fruit all over the world. They can have a sweet and sour taste, are perfect to be eaten idly or can go well with different desserts and salads too. The strawberry smoothie shakes and juices are also very popular among the people of …

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13 Creative and Innovative rain Gutter Garden Ideas

The rain gutters are installed at the top of the roofs so that it can provide drainage to the rain water and voids them to pool on the roof which may cause them to leak or become moist which can also be dangerous for the house. These rain gutters are …

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12 inspiring and creative flower and vegetable planters ideas

Spring is around; it is the time to start planning for developing the garden into a little heaven. The lovely flowers, catchy fruits and vegetables grown in the garden area tempt everyone around. It also tends to induce peace and relaxation in the home. Therefore, start gardening so that you …

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10 Tips For Growing Eggplants In A Pot Or Container

Planting can be an excellent hobby and a great time pass especially when you are in a leisure time. Every parent or an adult in this world should grow plants and also allow their children to take part in this activity. If you don’t have a garden or a flowerbed, …

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10 Easy Tips for Growing Blueberries in Containers or Pots

Blueberries  is consider to be the healthiest fruit because it consists of larger quantity of antioxidants than the other fruits, fibers and extremely low calories and conjointly lowers the probabilities of diseases connected with heart and will increase memory power. They’re a decent medium of getting vitamins and conjointly strengthen the blood vessels. Blueberries aren’t solely in style, however conjointly repeatedly hierarchical within the U.S. diet as having one among-st the best inhibitor capacities among all fruits, vegetables, spices and seasonings. …

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