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57 Free Rabbit Hutch Plans You Can DIY Within A Weekend

Rabbits are adorable, right? I’ve had a few myself, and they’re just so cute. I remember when I used to keep them in those little store-bought hutches. But you know what’s even better? Making your own! I once built a homemade rabbit hutch from scratch, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer.

Just like us, rabbits love having their own cozy space. And let me tell you, they breed like, well, rabbits! Before I knew it, I had a bunch of little ones hopping around, and I needed a bigger hutch fast. So, I grabbed some power tools and got to work.

There are plenty of easy-to-follow plans out there for building rabbit hutches. I found some free ones online, and they ranged from simple and functional to really fancy. With a bit of time and effort, I was able to create a safe and comfy home for my fluffy friends. And the best part? It didn’t break the bank!

Select from any one of these from my round up of 57 free building plans that will show you how to build a rabbit hutch within a weekend.

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1- Cold Weather Rabbit Hutch Plan

Rabbits have to be kept through at least one winter to make it worthwhile to raise them as a meat source. Female rabbits have to be 6 months old before they can reproduce, so buying baby bunnies in the spring and to slaughter in the fall is not worth the investment.

That’s why you will need a cold-weather hutch like this one by Mycasualhomestead to keep rabbits warm and breeding during the winter, and this design I am showing you is ideal one.

Follow these easy plans to build a DIY cold weather rabbit hutch that will keep your bunnies warm, dry and happy, even in the coldest climates.

Rabbit Hutch Plans
DIY cold weather rabbit hutch, Image via: Mycasualhomestead

2- Upcycled Rabbit Hutch From Dresser

The next hutch I am sharing with you is an old dresser rabbit hutch. Use these rabbit hutch plans by Instructables to transform an old dresser into a new rabbit hutch. This idea will save you money, keep an item out of the landfill and provide rabbits with a secure home.

If you don’t have an old unused dresser that can be used for this project, one can be bought cheaply at a thrift shop or flea market.

Remove the drawers and replace them with doors that have wire fronts for easy access to the rabbits. The recycled dresser makes a nice piece of furniture so the hutch can be placed in the family room for family interaction and entertainment.

rabbit hutch plans
Upcycled Rabbit Hutch From Dresser, Image via: Instructables

3- Free Rabbit Hutch Plans Made From Wood Pallet

As we all know how to get free pallet to recycle it in any DIY project. Transform discarded wooden pallets into a functional rabbit hutch for free with these building plans by Motherearthnews. Keep rabbits safe in these free rabbit hutches and recycle old wood at the same time.

Free Rabbit Hutch Plans Made From Wood Pallet
Free Rabbit Hutch Plans Made From Wood Pallet, Image via: Motherearthnews

4- DIY Rabbit Hutch With Automatic Poop Collector

The least favorite part of having animals is having to clean up their poop as we all know! These free building plans by Littlemissourihomestead will show you how to build a large outdoor bunny hutch that automatically collects the poop. No scoop poop is deposited in a bucket and ready for garden use.

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plan
DIY Rabbit Hutch Plan, Image via: Littlemissourihomestead

5- Two Story Rabbit Hutch Plan

This two-story bunny hutch by Rogueengineer will provide attractive living quarters for one or two bunnies. The bottom story is for playing, the top story is for sleeping, eating and easy human access.

two-story bunny hutch
Rabbit hutch plan Image via: rogueengineer.com

6- DIY Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Learn how to build an outdoor structure that can be used as a rabbit hutch or chicken coop like in this instructional Youtube video. The simple wood structure is a perfect size and shape for most backyards, plus it’s an easy DIY project that a novice builder can master.

Raising rabbits as a meat source is gaining popularity because it’s easy and affordable, this DIY hutch will enable you to keep rabbits secure. Consider building two – one for rabbits and one for chickens.

7- Three Units Rabbit Hutch Plans

These free plans are easy to follow and show you how to make more, or less, of the number of units your DIY rabbit hutch like this one by simplyeasydiy will need.

Keeping rabbits is ideal for homesteaders or in the backyard with the chickens for several reasons. Rabbits are a sustainable and nutritious food source for humans and/or livestock and their droppings make an excellent plant or worm food. Rabbit fur can be used in many different ways and their carcasses can be used for bait.

But to raise rabbits, they need a safe, secure home or hutch that will keep them protected from predators. Follow these free instructional plans and build a rabbit hutch this weekend.

Three Units Rabbit Hutch Plan
Rabbit hutch plan Image via: Simplyeasydiy 

8- Cute barn DIY rabbit hutch

This is a smaller rabbit hutch on Youtube to move it wherever and whenever you want to give bunnies some fresh grass time to time. As bunnies can chew holes right through the wooden sides, these sides were lined with wire so it became impossible for them to chew it.

The doors are cute barn doors. The cracks and spacings were filled with caulking. This makes it look like one piece without any gaps once the whole hutch gets painted. The best thing about the design is the slidable plastic tray. When it gets filled with poop and shavings, you can slide it out and hose it down. Everything is clean. The terrific design of this hutch was also not a usual box design.

This Youtube video is also in parts for your convenience and you can see the part two on the channel.  

9- DIY Rabbit Condo

Building a rabbit hutch like this one by Ikeahackers could not be easier than this and the finished result is an attractive indoor rabbit condo. Three stories of living space provide rabbit(s) with plenty of room and the mesh front provides you with uninhibited views of bunny.

DIY Rabbit Condo
DIY Rabbit Condo, Image via: Ikeahackers

10- Outdoor Rabbit Houses

Just the right DIY rabbit hutch by Grit for the serious breeder. Building design makes these wire hutches easy to access and clean. Rabbits are kept safe and out of the elements.

Outdoor Rabbit Houses
Outdoor Rabbit Houses, Image via: Grit

11- A-Frame Rabbit Hutch Plan

These free rabbit hutch plans by Design.Medeek show you how to build an A-frame style home for bunnies. This homemade rabbit cage is inexpensive and has a low profile so it won’t obstruct outdoor views.

A-Frame Rabbit Hutch Plans
A-Frame Rabbit Hutch Plans, Image via: Design.Medeek

12- PVC Rabbit Hutch Plan

This DIY rabbit hutch on Youtube is built with PVC pipe for lightweight durability. This outdoor rabbit hutch is easy to customize to fit your space and needs.

13- Rolling DIY Hutch

When portability is a priority, this easy DIY build by Buildeazy meets the need. Compact, lightweight and on wheels, these free rabbit hutch plans will have you rolling your rabbits around to fresh grass by the end of the weekend.

rabbit hutch plans
rabbit hutch plans, Image via: Buildeazy

14- Rabbit House and Run

Download these free rabbit hutch plans by Myoutdoorplans and get yours built this weekend. Two story hutch with bottom run and attractive exterior design.

free rabbit hutch plans
Rabbit House and Run, Image via: Myoutdoorplans

15- Slant Roof Rabbit Hutch

Attractive and built for outdoors, this slant roof rabbit hutch design by Construct101 keep rain and snow from pooling on the roof. Door and wire access provides easy front access to the hutch for maintenance. Rabbit Hutch Plan

rabbit hutch design
Slant Roof Rabbit Hutch, Image via: Construct101

16- Cheap Rabbit Hutch Plan

These Step by step instructions by Howtospecialist walk you through this inexpensive build in less than one weekend. Basic design is functional, inexpensive and will keep rabbits safe and happy. Rabbit Hutch Plan

Cheap Rabbit Hutch Plan
Cheap Rabbit Hutch Plan, Image via: Howtospecialist

17- DIY Rabbit Hotel

This easy to build rabbit hotel by Instructables is kid friendly and provides plenty of space for a growing rabbit family. Separate ‘rooms’ in the rabbit hotel help to keep the peace during times of family squabbles.

DIY Rabbit Hotel
DIY Rabbit Hotel, Image via: Instructables

18- Large Rabbit Hutch Plans

Unlike the hutches that I have shown you above. These free rabbit hutch plans are perfect for those with several pet rabbits or for those in the rabbitry business. Large, roomy outdoor hutch like this one by Crossroadsrabbitry provide the living space and breathing room that healthy rabbits require.

Large Rabbit Hutch Plans
Large Rabbit Hutch Plans, Image via: Crossroadsrabbitry

19- Front Opening Hutch

These free rabbit hutch plans will show you how to build a front opening rabbit hutch like this one by Naturalrabbitfood. The entire front of the hutch opens downward to provide easy access to rabbits and for interior cleaning.

free rabbit hutch plans
free rabbit hutch plans, Image via: Naturalrabbitfood 

20- DIY Rabbit Run

Rabbits need a place to hop around and get exercise, these free plans by Therabbithouse will enable you to build a safe run so your rabbits can move about freely. The wire enclosure keeps rabbits safe while they are outdoors.

DIY Rabbit Run
DIY Rabbit Run, Image via: Therabbithouse

21- Triangle Rabbit Hutch

These free building plans by Ana-White will show you how to build a lightweight triangle hutch that is portable. Move the hutch every couple of days to provide fresh grass for rabbits and so they can leave a ‘deposit’ on the soil for you.

free building plans
Triangle Rabbit Hutch, Image via: Ana-White

22- 3-Section Rabbit Hutch Plans

Watch this YouTube video for detailed instructions for building a 3-section, off-ground rabbit hutch. Easy rabbit hutch plans like in this Youtube video also provide written instructions for building a durable rabbit hutch.

23- Above Ground Rabbit Hutch

This large, above ground rabbit hutch by Survivalboards provide easy access to the large rabbits breeds and to their natural fertilize. Above ground homes also keep predators from attacking rabbits.

Above Ground Hutch
Above Ground Hutch, Image via: Survivalboards

24- DIY Rabbit Hutch With Suspended Wire Cage

Great design to build when ground space is at a premium. These DIY wire cages by Saveourskillscan be suspended from the side of any structure to house rabbits safely and securely.

DIY Rabbit Hutch With Suspended Wire Cage
DIY Rabbit Hutch With Suspended Wire Cage, Image via: Saveourskills

25- Sectional DIY Rabbit Hutch

Separation is a good thing when rabbits are producing more little bunnies than you know what to do with, and this sectional design provides the needed separation. One DIY rabbit hutch like this one by Instructables and several sections. Over-population stopped. Rabbit Hutch Plan

Sectional DIY Rabbit Hutch
Sectional Rabbit Hutch Plan, Image via: Instructables 

26- Weekend Homestead

Build it in a weekend, provide housing for rabbits for years. Wire door fronts provide easy access to rabbits and the above ground hutch by Organic-Gardening-Adventures keeps rabbits safe from predators. Rabbit Hutch Plan

above ground hutch
above ground hutch, Image via: Organic-Gardening-Adventures

27- Portable Homestead For Rabbits

This hutch and run provide a portable homestead for rabbits. Lightweight structure is easy to move so rabbits can always feast on fresh grass.

portable homestead for rabbits
portable homestead for rabbits

28- Small Rabbit Hutch Plan

Lightweight and portable, these free rabbit hutch plans by Instructables show you how to build a small rabbit hutch that will house 3-6 small bunnies. Move this DIY outdoor hutch every other day to a new grassy location and keep your rabbits well fed and thriving.

Small Rabbit Hutch
Small Rabbit Hutch, Image via: Instructables

29- Small Space Hutch

These detailed instructions will show you how to build a rabbit hutch like this one by Taylorholmes for outside that won’t take up much space. The hutch uses vertical space, so it takes up very little horizontal space in your backyard.

The design makes it easy to clean out what rabbits leave behind so the hutch is a cinch to keep clean and manure for the garden is easy to harvest.

Rabbits need shelter from the heat and cold, protection from predators and you need the shelter to be easy to clean. This DIY rabbit hutch meets all of these needs and looks good too.

how to build a rabbit hutch
Small Space Hutch, Image via: Taylorholmes

30- Indoor Rabbit Hutch Plans

Perfect to place in a child’s room as a home for Easter bunnies. Two story indoor rabbit hutch by Ana-White looks like a piece of high-end furniture, yet takes up minimal floor space in the room.

Indoor Rabbit Hutch
DIY Indoor Hutch Plan, Image via: Ana-White

31- Indoor Rabbit Hutch Plan

This attractive DIY rabbit hutch by Shonacraven gets a little help from Ikea to keep the build easy and unit ideal for an indoor pet bunny.

A few pre-made components make this build go quickly and the finished hutch is attractive enough to place in any room of your home. The slim, two-story design takes up very little space and the hutch is easy to clean.

The two-story design features a play and eating area on the bottom level and the sleeping area on the top level. Rabbit hutch plans don’t get much easier than this one.

Indoor Rabbit Hutch Plan
Indoor Rabbit Hutch Plan, Image via: Shonacraven

32- Homemade Indoor Rabbit Hutch Plans

These rabbit hutch plans by Therabbithouse show you how to recycle an old cupboard into a stylish piece of furniture that just happens to be an indoor house for rabbits.

No one will know rabbits are living inside this recycled cupboard until they peek in through the front wire doors. The design fits in perfectly with farmhouse decor and the rabbits will love it.

If you have an old cupboard you don’t know what to do with, use these free rabbit hutch plans and create an attractive, functional home for your pet rabbits.

Indoor rabbit hutch plans
Homemade Indoor rabbit hutch , Image via: Therabbithouse

33- PVC Rabbit Cage Plan

This lightweight DIY rabbit cage by raising-rabbits is made with a PVC pipe frame and wire cages. It’s light enough to move around indoors or outdoors as needed, yet sturdy enough to secure housing for a few rabbits. The design also makes clean-up fast and easy with a pressure washer or water hose.

Use these free plans and learn how to make a rabbit cage in just a few minutes with PVC pipes and cages.

PVC Rabbit Cage Plan
PVC Rabbit Cage Plan, Image via: raising-rabbits

34- Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Plans

This outdoor rabbit hutch is quick to build and will protect your rabbit from the elements and predators. These detailed rabbit hutch plans by Myoutdoorplans provide a list of building materials you will need, plus steps by step instructions for wood cutting and assembly.

Ideal design for raising meat rabbits outdoors in any climate. The hutch is set up off the ground on legs to keep rabbits out of reach of predators and to provide storage underneath the hutch.

Lumber and shingles leftover from other DIY building projects can be used to create this outdoor hutch so the expense will be kept to a minimum.

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Plan
Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Building Project, Image via: Myoutdoorplans

35- Dresser Rabbit Hutch Plan

An old chest of drawers can be given new life as a rabbit hutch with these instructions. These rabbit hutch plans by craftsy show you how to transform an old, unsightly chest of drawers into an attractive and functional rabbit hutch that will fit perfectly into any room of your home.

The top drawers are removed and replaced with wire doors and the bottom drawer is left intact to hold a plastic bin to catch all the rabbit droppings. Easy to build and easy to maintain, and it will cost you almost nothing to build.

Dresser Rabbit Hutch Plan
Old Drawer Rabbit hutch, Image via: craftsy

36- A-Frame Rabbit Cage Plan

This is a great design when you are raising several rabbits and they need their own spaces. Learn how to build these DIY rabbit cages by Instructables that are small, sturdy and portable with these free plans.

The A-frame design provides plenty of interior space for one or two rabbits, plus the design is sturdy enough to withstand most predators and most inclement weather conditions. Fold-down doors on each end of the A-frame cage make clean-up fast and easy.

A-Frame Rabbit Cage Plan
A-Frame Rabbit Cage Plan, Image via: Instructables

37- Wooden Rabbit Hutch Plans

This basic design can be modified to fit your space and your needs. Step by step instructions provides you with wood cutting dimensions and how to put the cut pieces together to create this sturdy and versatile DIY rabbit hutch in pdf by Woodworkingsiteonline.

Modify the design for outdoor use by placing wire in the bottom of the hutch, and for indoor use replace the wire bottom with a plastic catch pan. The leg height of the structure can also be modified to suit your needs for raising rabbits, and the length can also be modified.

This wooden design is easy to work with and adjust and provides an ideal home for your rabbits.

Wooden Rabbit Hutch Plans
Wooden Rabbit Hutch Plans, Image via: Woodworkingsiteonline

38- Plywood and Wire Rabbit Hutch Plans

Simple and functional design made from plywood and wire. These free rabbit hutch plans by house-for-rabbit.blogspot.com will show you how to create a safe indoor and outdoor space for your rabbit using pre-cut plywood and wire.

The cost of this DIY project is minimal, and if you have leftover materials the cost could be almost nothing. Customize the design to fit a safe outdoor location and your rabbit will be kept happy with plenty of space to hop around in the sunshine and a safely enclosed hutch to hop into for a nap.

DIY rabbit hutch
DIY rabbit hutch, Image via: house-for-rabbit.blogspot.com

39- Rabbit Hutch Tractor

This is an ideal way to allow your rabbits to have some freedom while remaining within a secure space. Check out these plans that show you how to build a rabbit cage like this one by Self-Reliance that is portable and sits directly on the ground.

This rabbit tractor is secure on top and side while having an open bottom that allows the rabbits to nibble on the vegetation and leave behind free fertilizer. A rabbit tractor can be used during the daytime as a rabbit play yard, then at night, they can be placed in an off-ground hutch for safety.

Move the DIY rabbit tractor to a new location in your yard every few days so fresh fertilizer can be added to the space and fresh vegetation will be available to rabbits.

DIY rabbit tractor
DIY rabbit tractor, Image via: Self-reliance

40- Rabbit Hutch Remodel With KW Cages

The maker is being so precise with all of her angles. The roof has perfect 25° angle. Instead of painting the rabbit hutch like this one on Youtube after it’s been built, the DIYers painted the cut parts. This idea is great. Everything doesn’t get messy and the insides are also painted quite easily. They painted it with pretty teal color.

After the wooden structure was erected and screwed together, the cages were inserted. These cages are KW cages. They are an initial investment but they are worth it. The whole structure is pretty amazing with great airflow. This is a pretty big design which can house many rabbits.

Excellent Youtube video Tutorial! Great editing, wonderful filming, sound was clear with the quiet background music and a beautiful project. This rabbit hutch plan is 10/10.

41- Cube Cage

This is a semi DIY project by Therabbithouse that works well for people with little time and minimal tools. These cube cages are already constructed, you just put them together in the design and size that will suit your needs.

Stack them vertically, horizontally or stack them both ways to create a design that makes raising rabbits easiest for you. These free plans tell you where to obtain the cube cages and gives you ideas on how to arrange them.

Cube cages are great when keeping rabbits inside your home. They allow to for easy interaction between you and the rabbits, plus easy cleanup.

Cube Rabbit Cage
Cube Rabbit Cage, Image via: Therabbithouse

42- Indoor Bunny Cage

This DIY build will create bunny cages by Motherearthnews suitable for raising rabbits indoors. Climate control provided from an indoor space makes raising rabbits a lucrative business.

Indoor Bunny Cage
Indoor Bunny Cage, Image via: Motherearthnews

43- Multi-Level Rabbit Cage

Use this idea to create a DIY rabbit cage by bunnyblurbs that is multi-level and can fit into the corner of a room. Great use of space when rabbits are being kept indoor as pets, and the cages are easy to clean.

Watch everything the rabbits do in the multi-level cages and easily interact with them through the wire.

Rabbits make fun, entertaining and loving pets and this multi-level rabbit cage will provide them a secure living space that is large enough for them to get plenty of daily exercise.

Multi-Level Rabbit Cage
Multi-Level Rabbit Cage, Image via: bunnyblurbs

44- Rabbit Condo

Create a rabbit condo like this one by Ikeahackers from pre-fab pieces of furniture that match your furniture. A bookshelf from Ikea can be easily used to create a rabbit condo with these free plans. With so many other pieces of pre-fab Ikea furniture to select from, an indoor rabbit condo can easily be created to blend in perfectly with interior decor.

The condo can double as a TV stand or plant shelf, so you can get two items for the price of one.

Rabbit Condo
Rabbit Condo, Image via: Ikeahackers

45- Flower Box Rabbit Hutch Plan

Bunny hutches don’t have to be ugly or plain, they can attractive, whimsical and add value to the landscape. This bunny hutch design by Gingersnapcrafts makes a lovely addition to a backyard and doubles as a flower planter that’s the feature I like the most.

A simple wire cage structure with a shingle roof and flower box creates an attractive home for bunnies and a place to grow flowers. There is a wire cage barrier between the bunnies and the flowers, so the plants can grow in peace right alongside the bunnies. Attractive enough to become the focal point of your backyard.

Flower Box Rabbit Hutch Plan
Flower Box Rabbit Hutch Plan, Image via: Gingersnapcrafts

46- 9 Rabbit Hutch Plans

Use these free plans to create a rabbit hutch by renovation-headquarters that you can easily roll around to any part of your landscape. The portable hutch is a small cart style design that allows you to push it around to different areas of your landscape while the rabbits are securely inside.

Open the drop-down door so rabbits can come out and enjoy eating on fresh vegetation while leaving behind valuable droppings to feed plants. Combine this rabbit hutch on wheels with a portable fence food costs and clean up will be significantly reduced for you.

9 Rabbit Hutch Plans
9 Rabbit Hutch Plans, Image via: renovation-headquarters

47- Double Rabbit Hutch Plan In Pdf

Ideal for the serious breeder, this rabbit hutch design by ag.ndsu.edu will enable you to have several rabbits living in the same space.

Top and bottom hutches have different compartments, each with easy access for tending to rabbits. The hutch keeps rabbits secure from the elements and predators, and the open cage design makes clean up easy with a pressure washer.

Follow the detailed instruction on this downloadable PDF file to build this large hutch that can house several rabbits at a time.

Double Rabbit Hutch Plan PDF
Double Rabbit Hutch Plan PDF, Image via: ag.ndsu.edu

48- Easy Rabbit Hutch With Opening Roof

This bunny house by howtospecialist is very easy to make and any person that just knows basic woodworking skills can build it. With common materials and tools, you can build this project in one weeks. There are step by step instructions so you can easily adjust the dimensions in accordance with your need.

There are tips and it tells you to buy quality material so you don’t have problems on your hands. The DIY bunny cage has two stories and three compartments. It features large doors for easy access.

Materials are listed under material’s heading and so are tools and you know the making time? One day. Yup just a day and your bunnies have a sturdy nice home. There are pictorials with measurements written on them so you also have visuals.

Easy Rabbit Hutch With Opening Roof
Easy Rabbit Hutch With Opening Roof, Image via: howtospecialist

49- Bunny Hutch With Opening Roofing

The DIY rabbit hutch in this Youtube video tutorial was made using plans from google. Also, if there were some details that were missing in the google plans or error, it was rectified in the video. The DIYer had her two little workers to help him along, daughters.

It has two openings. You can open the front door as well as the entire roofing. There are two compartments. The lower one doesn’t have a floor so your bunnies can eat grass and dandelions wherever you place the hutch and then they can climb the slope up to the upper compartment where they have a cute room to rest. This was one the best DIY rabbit hutch plans.

50- DIY Rabbit Hutch Under $200

The final look of the current rabbit hutch plan on Youtube is so complex and sophisticated but this was one of the easiest Rabbit hutches plans you can follow. Most of the rabbit hutches look so plain and boring but this one’s shape was like Chinese pagoda. It doesn’t look bland in the garden but will be adding an extra aesthetic touch.

The design has 6 compartments and each can house one or two rabbits. The galvanized top sheets are layered with wood so it doesn’t get too hot for rabbits in summer. This design was definitely way different than the common box ones.

51- Canadian Rabbit Hutch

Learn how you can build an outdoor rabbit hutch in this Youtube video. This plan is of a large outdoor hutch. The design is pretty heavy-duty, just the right thing for heavy climates.

You might have difficulty in finding the measurements down in the comments so here they are for your easiness:

“This is 2×4 construction – 8 foot long – will need 25 of them about 50 feet of 1×1 wire mesh 2 feet wide 1×12 rough cut pine – about 6-8of them all 8 foot long 2 sheets of 4×8 half inch plywood or chipboard 3 bundles of shingles your hinges -whatever works for you 1and 3/4 & 2- and 3/4-inch deck screws – 5-7 pounds total use 7/8 galvanized staples – note use your hammer”

The design is winter tested. You can make it with $200. This video is in parts and you can easily find the rest on their channel.

Canadian Rabbit Hutch

52- Best Rabbit Hutch Design

This is the video of making an easy cleaning rabbit hutch for indoor use on Youtube. It has large cages which provide room for more baby rabbits. Your rabbits are going to be very happy in this design.

The DIYer narrates all the measurements in this youtube video and is pretty skillful with tools. His child also loves to work alongside his dad.

Love the gutter idea. Excellent cage with built in toilet facilities. The final look was amazing. You can watch the video of this DIY rabbit hutch here.

53- Cheap Rabbit Hutch With Wood And Mesh

This DIY rabbit hutch plan on Youtube is very cheap to make. The design is great, and you don’t need many supplies to get started. Just wood, wire mesh and some nails. This is a small plan for just 3 to 4 rabbits. The basic idea was to build something without costing much.

The DIYer used wire for hutch flooring. It is a common misconception that wire flooring is bad for rabbits. Wire flooring (especially the thick gauge flooring I have) keeps rabbits out of urine and waste at all times, and also aids in adequate ventilation, which prevents disease.

Sore hocks or sore feet is typically a genetic problem or is caused by soiled living conditions. Rabbits have plush fur on the bottom of their feet and are quite comfortable on the wire. Still if you want, you can add a “footrest” for them. Basically, a small piece of plywood somewhere in the cage where the rabbits can get off the hard cage.

54- IBC Container Rabbit Hutch

You can easily find some cheap IBC containers for a few bucks. This is a plan of DIYing these containers into rabbit hutches. The plan itself is easy to comprehend and follow. The materials and tools required are listed. Pictorials are there to help you along the way.

This DIY rabbit hutch by Instructables has two compartments which can house two of your bunnies. There is a window on the side for aeration. It can’t be assured that these rabbit hutches would do best in winters but in summers, they are a perfect DIY for your cuties. You can put these under heavy shaded trees in summer.

I like this plan as it is one of the easiest DIY Rabbit hutch plans you’ll ever found.

IBC Container Rabbit Hutch
IBC Container Rabbit Hutch, Image via: Instructables

55- $40 Rabbit Hutch

This is a great DIY rabbit hutch plan by Instructables that you can make under 40 dollars. It is elevated and you can also use it to cover your composters. The rabbit poop will fall right into your composters and you won’t have to worry much about cleaning. This is a great idea. You can also move the hutch periodically over areas to fertilize them. 

It is made of wood and chicken wires with two compartments for two rabbits with as little cleaning as possible. The plan is comprehensive and detailed. Not only the plans are in pictorials, there are pictures of work being done too.

This rabbit hutch can also be used to house birds. Really neat hutch and a pretty simple design.  Rabbit Hutch Plan 

$40 Rabbit Hutch
$40 Rabbit Hutch, Image via: Instructables

56- The Backyard Rabbit Coop

Now this is a beautiful looking plan. It’s so aesthetically pleasing to eyes and is self-designed so you will not find it elsewhere. If you are in need of a sturdy one, this is that one too.

You will be able to make this diy rabbit hutch by Instructables in a week or two all on your own or less if you have a partner. You just have to know your way around a few power tools and need not to be a professional carpenter. The supplies are listed, lumber dimensions are stated, hardware required is there and the plan is in steps with proper pictorials.

The wire is vinyl coated which repels heat and is softer on the rabbit feet. The metal roofing is not in direct contact with the wood below so that it doesn’t heat up in summer. You can hang floral baskets on the side hooks.

Another thing that needs mentioning is that you can also keep quails in this design.

The Backyard Rabbit Coop
The Backyard Rabbit Coop, Image via: Instructables

57- Easy 6 Bay Rabbit Hutch

This is a plan for a double decker DIY rabbit cage on Youtube that can house 6 rabbits in 6 different sections, 3 on the bottom and 3 on the top. It is made specially for outdoors. The design is tough and definitely can withstand harsh climates.

It has a middle roof also made of metal roofing that catches poop and pee and for cleaning it, you can hose it down.

This youtube video is long and doesn’t skip or fast-forward any important parts unlike some of the above hutches videos that I have shared with. The DIYer clearly gives instructions and knows what he is doing.


So, these were our round up of Rabbit hutch plans that you can quickly and easily make in no mean time for the furry pets. Rabbits aren’t fussy. You just have to make sure that they stay airy in summer and warm in winter and in a year, you’ll have so many rabbits to take care of.

Based upon some of the most common questions asked I have prepared a questionnaire.  


Is it cheaper to build a rabbit hutch or buy one?

Building a rabbit hutch yourself will save you a considerable amount of money. A DIY rabbit hutch will be more sturdy than a store bought one and you will also be able to customize it. When you build it yourself, you will be able to make it the exact size and style that you want. Remember, rabbits multiply rapidly and a larger hutch is better than a smaller one.

What veggies can rabbits eat daily?

Rabbits need leafy greens every day. Lettuce, cabbage, kale, herbs, and weeds should make up their daily diets. New veggies should be introduced to the rabbits slowly to help prevent stomach upset.

Carrots are typically the first veggie that comes to mind to feed rabbits, but carrots are high in carbohydrates and will give rabbits diarrhea. Potatoes are also high in carbohydrates and should not be fed to rabbits.

Do rabbits need a hutch?

Every animal needs to have a safe and secure place to live. Rabbits need a hutch so they will be able to sleep and rest peacefully. A rabbit hutch should have a soft floor so it won’t hurt their paw pads and a covered area where they can hide. This will mimic a home they would create for themselves in the wild and make them feel safe.

Which wood is best for building a rabbit hutch?

Any type of solid wood that is untreated will be ideal for building a rabbit hutch. Some wood is treated with chemicals to make it last longer when exposed to the weather but those chemicals can be toxic to rabbits.

Any type of fiberboard, like MDF or OSB, should not be used because the rabbits will be able to chew on it and ingest the loose particles. Use solid boards of pine, birch, or bamboo.

What is the best surface for rabbits?

The hutch floor needs to be solid to protect your rabbit’s feet. It should also be easy to clean, resist absorbing moisture, and be non-toxic. Solid wood is often the choice for floor surfaces as it meets all the criteria.

Linoleum can be used to place on top of the solid wood or wire to make the hutch floor easy to clean and to provide a soft surface for tiny rabbit paws. Make sure the linoleum is made from natural products and is non-toxic.

Solid plastic or ceramic tiles will also work well as a surface for the rabbit hutch. Both are affordable, easy to clean, and safe for rabbits.

Whichever flooring surface you use, make sure to keep it covered with plenty of grass, hay, or other bedding material.

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  1. thnks for your teaching and keep it up.

  2. Hello,
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this information.! I just bought two rabbits that I am keeping indoors for now. My plan is to move them outdoors but I need cages built first. I’m an older semi-disabled man. I have wanted to raise rabbits for many years but when I was working I did not really have the time and energy. I worked for 35 years at the same job. With rabbits I’m hoping to lower my food bill, fertilize my garden, and maybe make a little money selling them. I am not counting on making money but it will be nice if that happens.

    I had the opportunity to raise rabbits when I was a kid. My Aunt Rosina had given us a nice well made hutch that had 4 living areas. I was never able to convince my parents to buy a couple of rabbits. We lived on a farm too. Dad was the farmer and he said rabbits were a waste of money and labor. Dad was also the gardener. Looking back I am surprised he did not get them just for fertilizing our garden.

    • Carl, I was wondering, do you still have that hutch, or at least the design for it, I am curious to know what it looks like.

    • i certainly agree, we have 7 adults and 5 babies which we are currently hand-rearing as they were orphaned at 2 weeks,,,and have never had such a healthy garden as we do now, deep green lush thick grass, and all down to natural bunny fertilizer.

  3. Just remember that their pads are very delicate and you should always have a grip-able surface.. sooo NOT WIRE, the wire can damage their pads! So keeping them in the air in little tiny cages is not cool they need at least 4x their body hop to move around and be happy in. Treat your rabbits right folks!

    Some really great designs in here and some really iffy ones as well. Research before you build!

    • Hi, I agree. It’s very cruel not to give a rabbit or rabbits enough room to run and do their binky jumps every morning. I have two holland lops who live indoors. They have a 3 x6 area and when one is not in the pen the other is. I keep them separated because their bond broke. I always let them have their turns loose in the house. Every morning when It’s the one bunnies turn to come out, he hops in the air and runs back and forth for at least 20 minutes. He’s saying I’m so happy to get out of the pen and run and stretch. Rabbits natural habitat is lots if free run space. Please give your rabbit/rabbits at least a 2x5x 2 ft. high area to run, at least. And always let them out to stretch. You’ll notice the more they’re out the friendlier they are and happier. Please be nice to your buns, they’re smarter than most people realize.

  4. Rabbits need exercise and space so if they do spent a lot of time in their hutch it is vital they have space to move!!

    Like Ronni said the one with the wire flooring is completely wrong for rabbits! They need to be able to hop at least 3 times from one end to the other. They should also be able to stretch upwards.

    Please do not just leave your rabbit in their hutch. They need a run at least! They are intelligent and curious creatures. Please research before getting a rabbit they are not just a pet you leave in the hutch that people assume.

    • Hi, please do your research folks . Rabbits are amazing intelligent animals if given the chance. People think their stupid, because they lock them in a tiny pen their entire life and never get to know them. I Afopted another rabbit last week. She spent 4 years in a 2x 3 pen indoors. When I brought her home she hid under my bed for hours. I finally got her out. When she realized I wasnt putting her back in her cage. She started to relax. It’s been one week since getting to know her. She circles me every time I enter the room. She thumps her feet when ever my dog comes in the room. She thumps to warmenof danger, because she sees my little Pomeranian as danger and she is protecting me. After one week she follows me all around and nudges me. She knows her name and comes running when I call her.

      My point is. Rabbits are wonderful and loving when given the chance. Keeping a rabbit in a 2×3 pen for their entire life. Is like you living in your bedroom for your entire life and never moving or experiencing anything new or different. You’ll only feel, see and know the people and things you can see from a tiny, limited view area. How happy would you be? How social would you be? You would go mad. Rabbits locked in small cages outside are even worse. Zero degrees and high winds while your sitting in front of a fireplace. I couldn’t live with myself if my rabbit were in those conditions.
      I hope our future holds more knowledge, love and care for animals. It would make this world a better place hands down.
      In my area alone. Their are 4,625 rabbits up for adoption in a 100 mile radius. The same reason is given for their surrender 90% of the time. The rabbit needs more care than I realized. Is the resin given so many times. Never get a pet unless you do your research. There no excuse in the age of technology and 100’s of rabbit care sites and rabbit rescues. Don’t make an impulse purchase. Rabbits are a TEN YEAR COMMITMENT.

      Thanks for letting me share my feelings.

  5. First of all, I like the good hutch plans. They are very cool. I do wish you would have added a run plan. Maybe you can do that in another article…?

    I keep bunnies and breed them. I do not eat them, as I see them as pets. I bought some really expensive cages for them, but I’m actually going to build underground cages! These are somewhat like the ones some rabbit breeders built in Egypt. They are very inexpensive and the bunnies will love them!

    I only noticed one incorrect part of your article. The hutch on number 6 that you showed us cannot hold six small rabbits. At the very most, it can hold two. I know this because I keep rabbits, but others may not. I encourage you to change this before you get hate mail from PETA affiliates.

    When it comes to flooring, rabbits do not need solid floors. As long as the owner places a tile or some hard cardboard in the cage as a place to rest, the rabbit will not contract sore hocks. Many people assume that wire-bottomed cages offer no respite from this disease, but when there is a resting place, the rabbit will be fine.

    Thanks for the cool article, loved all the great plans for cages!

    • Thanks for your valuable comments and suggestions! I’ll try to include it in my upcoming articles!! Said this,I appreciate your experience about keeping rabbits,as I’m not the one who have made these hutches so I’ve added a link of complete plan from respective sites,I would also appreciate if you go through the complete plans from these sites where you will find their justifications for doing that.Such as in the first plan the maker uses wire bottom to facilitate the rabbits to enjoy fresh grass while at the same time it allows the dropping to fall directly into the ground,It is just like a chicken tractor.Secondly,he also claims that its design can contain up to six young rabbits.
      (Please don’t forget to include your suggestions in the comments sections of respective sites)

  6. #12 looks a lot like the hutch we had for our rabbit when I was a child. I’ve given up on rabbits now though; it’s too hard to keep them alive in an Oklahoma summer. Thank you for sharing this at the HomeAcre Hop; I hope you’ll join us again this Thursday.
    Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead

  7. It is very hard to find acceptable hutches for sale where we are and there are no carpenters in our family. We live in Alaska and our daughter has had two dwarf Holland lops, the current lop is an active, happy little guy named Oscar. The pen we have is quite old and we are nursing it along but we want to replace it. We live in Alaska and the feed stores we have carry very few and they are tiny and low to the ground. The old pen is 2’x4.5’x2′ and sits high so it is easy to get into. We want one at least the same size, or bigger as Oscar loves to run and jump. We do take him out as much as possible and let him play supervised in a fenced area of our garden. in the winter this is more difficult with the deep snow, hence we are searching hard for a good hutch replacement. No one makes them here and what I see people using are way too small as they are buying the inadequate ones that are available. I am now looking for a carpenter to build a hutch for us. That’s not easy either. We have lots of rabbits around and I find it odd that hutches are so difficult to find. Your article is helpful in providing information i will need in getting a hutch built when I find someone to build it! Thank you and thank you also for ‘listening’!

    • Hi there. I can’t help you physically build the hutch but nearly everyone has the skill to build a simple hutch if they just take their time and pay attention to what they are doing. Aside from the materials(wood and chicken wire) you will need an inexpensive hand saw, a speed square, tape measure, drill and some screws.
      I know that the task may be daunting at first but I know that you can handle it if you tried.
      If you have any questions at all I would be glad to answer you directly if you just reply here. I would be glad to help!

  8. Thank you for the designs, I’m sitting on the fence right now trying to decide whether just to buy a prebuilt rabbit hutch or build one myself. Keep up the good work!

  9. any plans of hutches for heavy rain area?

  10. we have two indoor rabbits and five outdoor rabbits( not including five orphans we are currently hand-rearing), All our bunnies have access to an incredibly large back garden, the outdoor Buns primarily live in the shed that’s been given over to them for warmth and shelter, and the two indoor Buns have free run of our home, going outdoors via the cat flap whenever they feel the need. I’d like to think they were very happy, they’re certainly healthy with all the space they have to run about in, plus the added advantage as they fertilize the garden.

  11. Very very helpful.

  12. I breed hypoallergenic rabbits, in small quantities.

    Wire bottom cages are safe for rabbits IF they have a place to rest that is not wire bottomed. I have a smaller breed that, to many, does well in 24×24 cages. Mine are in 24×36, and the ones I am building are 18″ high so they can have a shelf. Wire bottom cages allow for more sanitary conditions, meaning a healthier rabbit.

    Toys are great for rabbits to keep them entertained while in their cage. We have wood kids stacking blocks and large mouth canning rings.

    The biggest thing you can do is make sure your bunny’s house (cage) is clean, they have plenty of food/hay for their needs, they have fresh liquid water 24/7, and daily love from you.

  13. Is the 17) The Top Latch Wooden Rabbit Hutch Plan free to get it

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