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Deck Turned Screened In Porch

15 DIY Screened In Porch-Learn How To Screen In A Porch

A DIY screened in porch extends the living space of your home, provides a bug-free outdoor area for entertaining and adds value to your home. Screening in an existing porch or constructing one from start to finish is not as difficult as you might think when you have detailed screened in porch plans at your fingertips. Consider some of these 15 DIY screened in porch ideas and then get busy building one for your own enjoyment with the easy to follow instructions.

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DIY Screened In Porch Plans And Tutorials

  1. Back Porch

Use these plans to screen in an existing back porch so you can enjoy the great outdoors without the insects. Follow these step by step instructions to build this back porch.

  • Install a top and bottom plate (wood rail).
  • Install wall studs to create vertical supports to attach the screen wire.
  • Install top rail and balusters.
  • Create a door frame.
  • Prime and paint the wood.
  • Attach the screen wire around the porch perimeter.
  • Hang the screen door.

Screened In Porch Plans

  1. Small Screened In Porch

Many homes have small front landings instead of a large front porch, but the front landing can still be screened in with this idea. This will create a small screened in porch that provides a bug-free zone for a couple of chairs and plants. It will also prevent flying bugs from entering your home every time the front door is opened.

Small Screened In Porch

  1. Enclosed Porch

Increase home value and living space with these free screened in porch plans that will take you through the process of porch construction. Follow these screened in porch plans and build this large, inviting outdoor living space onto your home.

screened in porch plans

  1. Re-Screening

If your old screened in porch needs an update, these free screened in porch plans will help you accomplish the DIY project. Here are brief instructions to build a diy screened in porch.

  • Remove the old battens and screen
  • Pound old staples flat
  • Install vertical base strips and trim off excess
  • Install new screen and trim off excess
  • Install trim caps and base trim strip
  • Install screen door

free screened in porch plans

  1. Velcro DIY Porch Screen

This easy idea will enable you to enclose an existing porch with velcro and screen to keep the bugs out. Minimal carpentry skills are needed for this screened in porch idea that is detailed on a YouTube video. Below are simple steps to build this velcro porch screen.

  • Measure and cut screen wire to fit from post to post along the interior of the porch
  • Attach  one side of velcro to screen wire by sewing it on, attach the other side of velcro to the porch posts with staples and/or glue
  • Velcro the sections together. Screen can be removed as desired

Velcro DIY Porch Screen

  1. Screen Tight

Let the summer breeze in while keeping the bugs out with this screening system that shows you how to screen in a porch or patio the easy way. This screen tight system is inexpensive, easy to install and will provide your family with years of carefree, bug-free outdoor living.

how to screen in a porch

  1. Enjoy The View

Use these simple plans to screen in your back porch without cumbersome support posts that impede the view. Enjoy the view without the bugs and without spending a lot of money.

plans to screen in your back porch

  1. Deck Turned Screened In Porch

Building a screened in porch from an existing deck is simple with these step by step plans. The deck can be used as the floor for the new porch, and the DIY build uses the deck flooring as the starting point for an entire new outdoor living space. If the deck is unusable and must be demolished, don’t remove the concrete footings in the ground,  use them as the support footings for the new porch.

Deck Turned Screened In Porch

  1. Remove Railings

An existing porch can typically be easily transformed into a diy screened in porch by first removing the old railings. After the railings are removed, the support posts can be used to secure new screen wire with staples. Minimal style railings can be added to increase decorative beauty without hindering the view.

diy screened in porch

  1. DIY Screened In Porch Makeover

Apply a fresh coat of paint to an existing porch, then install a porch screening system like the one used in these plans. Easy to install, inexpensive and when completed, it will provide years of bug-free, maintenance free beauty to a front or back porch.

DIY Screened In Porch Makeover

  1. Curtained Privacy

Add an extra layer of decor and privacy with this idea that includes hanging sheer curtains on a diy screened in porch or patio. The sheer curtains still allow the summer breeze to blow across the porch while providing a little privacy to the people sitting on the  porch. This is also a great decorating idea for farmhouse style decor.

diy screened in porch or patio

  1. DIY Screened In Porch Video Tutorial

Follow this instructional YouTube video that will show you how to transform an ordinary back porch into an elegant enclosure that will increase your home’s living space. This is also a great way to make a ‘cookie cutter’ style subdivision house stand out from the crowd and be unique.

DIY Screened In Porch Video Tutorial

  1. Metal Roof Addition

These free plans show you how to build a screened in porch that perfectly matches the style of the existing home. This DIY build used metal roofing material on the new screened in porch so it would match the roof of the home.

how to build a screened in porch

  1. Half and Half

If you have a large porch, you may only want to screen in half of it so your family can enjoy the best of indoor and outdoor living. These free screened in porch plans will show you how to screen in half of an existing porch with stylish results that give you a traditional porch and a diy screened in porch.

free screened in porch plans

  1. Off-Grid Porch Build

Those who live off-grid want to enjoy all the amenities and luxuries of other home owners, they just want to achieve the comfortable lifestyle in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. This diy screened in porch was built onto an off-grid cabin and you can build it too with this detailed YouTube video.

Off-Grid Porch Build

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