10 Most Popular ‘Sheep Breeds’ Raised For Meat And Wool

Sheep breeds are highly demanded in the areas where people have backyards or farms. It is indeed among the highly adored backyard fellows because of its advantages. It is a multi-purpose livestock that is raised for skin, meat, dairy and fiber. Truly, all the breeds of sheep can be used for dual-purpose; that is meat and fiber. However, particularly some breeds excel in one aspect. For example, there may be one kind of breed that tastes amazing; some type may be fantastic in providing with a good amount of milk. This also depends upon their growth cycle; therefore, you must choose the breed after clearly understanding the benefits of each type.

The 10 most popular sheep breeds are:

1: Merino:

It is the sheep breed, which remains popular for its quality wool. It produces a premium quality fine sheep fleece, which is highly demanded all over the world. The hand-spun obtained from merino is used in making clothes for babies, shawls and other warm accessories. However, it cannot be used in daily wear. It is sensitive to handle, so only the experienced weavers tend to purchase this high quality wool. If you have it as your livestock, you can earn a lot.

Merino sheep

Wool sheep breeds:

2: Leicester Long-wool Sheep

With the origin from Britain, these medium to large sized, curly hair sheep is known for its quality carcass. Not only this, but it is also valued for its skin by the weavers. It is considered as “rare” in many parts of the world – but, farmers are trying to form newer breeds out of this breed because it is valuable for human use. Approximately, they are around 2000 in the world today.

Leicester Long-wool Sheep

Dual purpose:

3: Lincoln sheep:

This sheep breed remains popular worldwide and weights between 260 to 350 pounds. It is popular for its lovely and finest wool and fleece, which is demanded all over the world for weaving and designing.

lincoln sheep

Different breeds of sheep (meat)

4: Dorset sheep:

It belongs to the category of sheep that produces delicious meat. It is popular among the domestic sheep farming and can be found easily in major states of the US. The sheep has an amazing milk producing and meat giving ability – it even has a faster breeding ability. This is among the most popular white face sheep in the world and has a huge presence all over the globe. Suffolk sheep, however, retains the strongest position in terms of presence over the world.

Dorset sheep

5: Dorper sheep

Belonging to arid climatic condition, this sheep breed has the ability to adjust to varying seasonal changes. It is highly popular in western regions. The body has a good combination of hair and wool and they vary from medium to large size. It produces delicious mutton, which sells like hot cakes in the market. The wool is even used by the weavers for producing clothes and other stuff.

Dorper sheep

6: Hampshire sheep:

Known for its excellent and delicious mutton, this breed of sheep has medium wool,dark faced and hornless breed. They are medium sized, quickly growing breed. This breed is a result of cross culture, and that is the reason for its varying skin tone.

Hampshire sheep

7: Suffolk sheep:

Those who are interested in having the best type of meat-type sheep breed must go for Suffolk sheep. They contain medium wool with black legs and face. This is among the largest rowing breed, which offers tasty mutton.

Suffolk sheep

Hair sheep breeds:

8:American Black Bellied/Barbados:

American Black Bellied

This kind of sheep is used for hunting, hair and beautiful horns. The meat is lean and lacks muttonly flavored as other wool breeds have that is good for people who dislike strong mutton smell. Some of the hair sheep breeds are obtained by mating the cross-cultural breeds like Jacob sheep, Merino and Rambouillet. Other popular hair breed includes:

  • Painted Desert sheep
  • Black Hawaiians
  • Texas Dallas

More information about this breed.

9: Jacob sheep:

With impressive horns, dotted monochrome body and face, this sheep remains popular for its beauty, skin and appeal. They lack the outer coat and have a thinner, fine fleece. They are highly used for hides and wool.

Jacob sheep

Dairy sheep:

10: East Friesian:

This is the most common and productive breed of sheep which is known for its quality milk in the world. On average, it produces around 990 to 1,100 pounds per 220 to 240-day.

 East Friesian sheep