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Tips and ideas to plant and grow your own food to get fresh vegetables and fruit from your backyard for self-sufficient living.

How to Rid Your Garden of Slugs and Snails

get rid of slugs and snails

No matter how diligent and experienced you are as a gardener, things don’t always go as planned. Mother Nature has many ways of frustrating our efforts through weather, varmints, disease, garden pests, etc.  Slugs and snails can be one of the most destructive creatures we face every season.  They are …

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10 Easy DIY Cold Frame Plans To Extend The Growing Season

diy cold frame

In a previous article we discussed the numerous benefits of cold frame gardening and how to extend your growing season by weeks, and in some cases months. Having your own diy greenhouse is a wonderful asset to any home gardener, but cold frames are the next best thing. They are …

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Guide To Cold frame Gardening- Learn How To Get Started

cold frame gardening

Cold Frame Gardens For most home gardeners, the start of the growing season comes too slowly and the end of the season comes too fast. We certainly can’t stop mother nature, but there are ways to extend both the beginning, as well as the end of the the season. One …

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10 Famous Large and Small Indoor Plants

large and small indoor plants

In order to complete the decoration of a room, it is a good idea to have an indoor plant. The size of the plant has to be chosen according to the size of the room. For larger rooms large indoor plants are ideal and for small rooms smaller plants are …

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17 Free Landscape Design Software To Design Your Garden

free landscape design software

Free landscape design software will help you design the outdoor space of your dreams. When using software to create your design, you won’t have to fabricate models of outdoor elements by hand. All the outdoor elements, like building, vegetation, people and vehicles are already at your fingertips with garden design …

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Tips For Growing Lettuce Indoors In Containers- Best Types Of Lettuce

growing lettuce indoors

Growing lettuce at homes is practiced all over the world. Since it is available all around the year and among all indoor vegetables, lettuce is easier and will give you a good supply of fresh and crispy lettuce throughout. If you plan to grow it indoor, this post will guide …

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10 Crucial Gardening Tools You Must Have For Your Garden Maintenance

Essencial garden tools

Using the right tools is the most important aspect of good gardening. Unless you use the correct tool no job in the garden could be completed the way you want. Therefore, it is important to identify the various garden tools you are expected to use in order to maintain a …

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15 Garden Pests and Natural Ways To Control Them

garden pests

When you want to have a beautiful garden, it is always necessary for you to save your crops and plants from garden pests. In case you grow vegetables and fruits, it is not advisable to use chemicals to eliminate them. Therefore, it is important for you to identify the garden …

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10 Best Flowering Vines For Trellis, Arches, Pergola, And Arbors

vining flowers and plants

Decorating your pergola, trellis and arches can be a tough decision to make, as there are a thousand varieties of flowering vines in the market each with their own characteristic and beauty. You can do so much with these beautiful garden accents which are the main beauty to your garden. …

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37 Outstanding DIY Planter Box Plans, Designs and Ideas

diy planter box plans

Flower boxes add character and beautify the entrance of your garden, deck or patio; a DIY planter box creates a warm and welcoming feeling and is ideal for an event entrance. DIY planter box can also be built to grow plants to provide you with fresh herbs and veggies year …

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