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How to Make a Compost From Kitchen Scrape and Garden Waste


Compost acts like fertilizers for the soil and are organic material which provides important nutrition to the soil so that it can help the plants to grow. Many people may prefer using chemical based fertilizers and compost, but these are hazardous to health because the plants and trees grown from these fertilizers absorbs some of the chemicals which then goes into the human body and can have some harmful effects. The food grown commercially uses a lot of chemical based fertilizers which according to the studies has resulted in an increase in different types of problems and diseases in human. We all know that an apple’s skin is full of iron; however now doctors recommend to peel off the skin.

 It is better to make compost at home and one doesn’t need to go out to look for the required items. This compost can be made from the waste around your house which can be of the living things and food and they can be the most excellent fertilizer for your soil in which you can grow some healthy and delicious herbs, vegetables and fruits without any problem. Many people don’t know about how to make compost at home and are usually dumbfounded in this matter. Making the compost at home is the best way to make organic fertilizer and omitting the use of chemical based fertilizers and also reducing landfills since the waste goes in the landfill and emits methane which is a greenhouse gas and contributes to global warming. There are three basic things which can make the compost, which food, browns, greens and water. The browns include the branches, twigs and dead leaves; the green includes the leaves, grass clippings, peels of fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, grated left over fruits. And for all these ingredients, the water is most important since it will speed up the fermentation process and keep the compost bind together and moist. You can make compost from the waste of your kitchen and garden.

Make compost from your kitchen waste

One can make compost easily indoors with the kitchen waste. How many times has it happened that you have thought about reducing the waste you send outside your house, in the garbage disposal and to the landfill? The kitchen waste can help in making a compost pile. The kitchen waste includes peels and skins of different vegetables and fruits, seeds of different fruits, leafy vegetables and grounded coffee.How to make a compost by kitchen waste? Very simple, just add all the waste and also the wasted food in the bin or bucket ; You can add the waste to it daily or until the bucket or bin is full. Once full, you can leave it for a period of 18 days for decomposition to be done and then it is ready to be used with the soil present in your garden, flower beds and pots.

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Make compost from your garden waste

How do you make compost with wastes in your garden? This is also very simple; just gather some leaves, buds and twigs. In your garden you will notice that there are many leaves, twigs and buds lying around, just gather them and toss them in the compost pit. When mowing the grass lawn, add the grass clipping in the compost. If you have pets around or a farm near by then it is even better because to turn the leaves into compost one needs carbon and nitrogen so that they can decay. You’ve to mix manure of animals (plant eating animals) such as cows, goats, and rabbits to the leaves, twigs, buds and grass clippings and then close the pit. This is the best way to make the organic compost and for this you’ve to use a churner or pitchfork to mix all these things so that it can fasten up the process for leave braking and also decaying. In order to purchase a compost bin, you can easily get them in the market. There are also many compost bin plans available on the internet which can help you in making one at home, such as those which are sealed pack, they should be kept in shady area and should be avoided by sun otherwise the compost will get dry.

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