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23 Cool DIY Wall Planter Ideas For Vertical Gardens

diy wall planters

A DIY wall planter is the ideal way to grow fresh food in a small space. These types of wall mounted planters also allow you to plant and grow flowers indoors or outdoors so you can enjoy living color year around. DIY wall planters can be created from a variety …

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30 DIY Tower Garden Ideas To Grow Plants Vertically

diy tower garden

A DIY tower garden is the ideal solution for people who have limited outdoor space, but want to grow plants for food and/or beauty. A garden tower project can be as simple as just stacking a few various sized planter pots in ascending size order for herb growing, to building …

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15 Low Maintenance Plants That Require Little Gardening Work

low maintenance plants

Low maintenance landscaping allows you to have a beautiful yard without putting in hours of hard work each week. By using low maintenance plants you can design a low maintenance garden that will provide your landscape with beauty and function for years to come. Related articles: Low light house plants …

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Small Space Gardening – 20 Clever Ideas to Grow in a Limited Space

small space gardening

Urban gardeners have to face quite a few challenges in order to nurture their love for greenery around them, and one of the biggest is shortage of space. Well, it’s about time to smile if you are interested in urban gardening, because we bring you these 20 Clever Ideas to …

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