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33 Bird Feeder Plans To Keep Birds Well Fed And Happy

A Homemade bird feeder is a great way to keep our feathered friends well fed and happy, plus recycle objects that have outlived their original purpose. We tend to remember to feed the birds during the spring and summer when they are most visible in our landscapes, but they need food during the winter months too.

Bird feeder Plans will creative an attractive outdoor piece of art that will remind you to feed the birds year around. Regions that have below freezing temperatures and snow covered ground in the winter make it difficult for birds to find food in their natural habitats. A seed filled bird feeder will keep the bird population thriving and provide you with an interesting and ever-changing view in your landscape.

These 33 bird feeder plans we have collected will show you how to take ordinary objects and quickly transform them into an attractive receptacle for bird seed.

1- Frisbee Jar Bird Feeder Plans

Here we are going to share with you these bird feeder plans by instructables that will shows you to take that old Frisbee your kids never play with any more and use it to make a hanging bird feeder. A recycled lidded plastic jar will hold the seeds and the Frisbee will create the base for the DIY feeder. Holes are cut into the jar and kids can show their decorative talents by painting the jars before filling them with birds seed.

Homemade Frisbee Jar Bird Feeder 
Homemade Frisbee Jar Bird Feeder , Image via: Instructables

2- Acorn DIY Bird Feeder Plans

This DIY birder feeder by triedandtrueblog resembles an acorn and is so easy to make. A round piece of wood for the top and a piece of wire to fashion the rest of the acorn is all that’s needed to create this whimsical and functional feeder. every one of us some leftover items on hand, this bird feeder plan will cost almost nothing to build. The easy access to the seeds inside the feeder will keep the birds happy and squirrels can’t get in to rob the seeds.

DIY birder feeder
DIY birder feeder, Image via: Triedandtrueblog

3- Salad Bowl Homemade Bird Feeder 

An unused wooden salad bowl can be quickly transformed into something usable with this bird feeder plan by Loc.Gov, we are showing with you The wooden salad bowl create the top of the feeder and a plastic bottle creates the bottom portion that holds the seeds. Great form and function, plus it keep unwanted items out of the landfill and gives them a new life.

Salad Bowl Homemade Bird Feeder
Salad Bowl Homemade Bird Feeder, Image via: Loc.Gov

4- A PVC Homemade Bird-Feeder

Here we have one of the best PVC bird feeder for hummingbirds by Birdsandblooms. You can easily make it by getting materials like PVC piping, copper wire, glue from your hardware store. You need to connect the non-threaded ends of the pipes with the PVC adhesive and drill small holes in each pipe piece. Paint the PVC pipe and then wrap each pipe with a wire. Link the feeders and let the feeding hole to face up. Your bird-feeder is ready.

A PVC Homemade Bird-Feeder
A PVC Homemade Bird-Feeder, Image via: Birdsandblooms

5- Bird Seed Wreath

An attractive and decorative piece of outdoor decor that functions as a bird feeder, we love this idea. This bird feeder plan by Marthastewart show you how to make this lovely wreath that will keep birds well fed and happy. Great for gift giving too.

Bird Seed Wreath bird feeder plan
Bird Seed Wreath bird feeder plan, Image via: Marthastewart

6- A Finch DIY Bird Feeder

Using $5, an inspiring finch diy bird feeder like this one by Instructables could be made. Tube pack with small holes and ¼” colored acrylic rods are the main requirements. As the seeds need enough space to come out, a 1/8” hole below the top cap is to be made. The wire hanger would be attached with it. Rods are then fitted into these holes and the feeder is hanged in an appropriate order. This inexpensive feeder for the birds is rightly commendable.

A Finch DIY Bird Feeder
A Finch DIY Bird Feeder

7- A Lantern Homemade Bird Feeder

How surprising it is when old lanterns could be utilized as bird-feeders like this one by mollied.blogspot?  ‘Matt Vintage’ came up with one of the squirrel feeder plans that could protect the bird feeder from squirrels. He dissected the veggie grilling container and fastened the layers with bolts in the middle. This further enabled to lift the glass. Thus the invention provided balance for hanging up the feeder so that the birds could get to their seeds.

A Lantern Homemade Bird Feeder
A Lantern Homemade Bird Feeder, Image via: mollied.blogspot

8- X-TREME DIY Bird Feeders

Here we have Another exciting homemade bird feeder by tonyastaab. It is even interesting for the kids to make. You need some Popsicle sticks, hemp cord, Elmer’s X-TREME glue. It requires lining up the sticks in a certain manner using the glue and attaching the tongue depressor down. The hemp cord is linked at the base of this feeder ad is glued properly.

X-TREME DIY Bird Feeders
X-TREME DIY Bird Feeders, Image via: Tonyastaab

9- A Coffee Pot Homemade Bird Feeder

The things we use in kitchen can also serve the purpose of making large bird-feeders like a vintage coffee pot. For canopy a silver plate napkin ring is used and the bird hole is cut. A complex brass fire screen along with a piece of steamer fin is mounted and the top lid is dismantled. Placement of the broken pieces is done and you could use fine paints for attraction purpose also.

A Coffee Pot Homemade Bird Feeder
A Coffee Pot Homemade Bird Feeder

10- Wine Bottle DIY Bird Feeders

Different wine bottles can also encourage you to try making a bird-feeder and why not when it is so easy. Like Michelob’s experiment, a DIY bird feeder by thegardenroofcoop requires drilling holes in the glass bottle. These are one of the glass bird feeders that work well for small seeds like safflower. Drilling process needs to have water supply also. After drilling, epoxy is used to attach a saucer at the base. Moreover, copper wire is used for wrapping. Enjoy watching birds in summer coming to these feeders.

DIY Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders
DIY Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders, Image via: Thegardenroofcoop

11- Sunflower Tower Bird Feeder Plans

For $15.00 you can create this tube diy bird feeder like this one thegardenroofcoop by using two terracotta saucers. Holes are made at the center of each saucer and a hardware cloth is used to roll the tube. The tube edges are connected using zip ties and ferrule is compressed using pliers. You must thread the wire rope on the mesh tube so that it prevents the seed wastage.

Sunflower Tower Bird Feeder Plans
Sunflower bird feeder plans image via: thegardenroofcoop.com

12- Tequila Bottle Hummingbird Feeder Plans

Saving empty tequila bottles gives an advantage of bringing hummingbirds into spring. Costing about $12 this homemade bird feeder by DIY Network could be made in an hour with colorful beads. You need to cut the wire and wrap it around the neck of the bottle. Make clean twists. Thread the beads, separate wires and then loop the wires around a dowel. Fill it with the nectar for the birds and hang it in your garden. Get the instructions here

Tequila Bottle Hummingbird-Feeder
Tequila Bottle Hummingbird-Feeder, Image via: DIY Network

13- Camp Classic Play Hummingbird Feeder

Sight of hummingbirds is surely what all of us desire. This homemade hummingbird feeder is a way of capturing their amazing presence. It simply requires painting the glass bottle with attractive colors and then wire hanger is attached with it. Twisting of wires is also needed at the top of the bottle. Fill this hummingbird feeder and insert a feeder tube for the them. Hang the feeder and relish watching them.

Camp Classic Play Homemade Hummingbird-Feeder
Bird Feeder Plans

14- Mason Jar Homemade Bird Feeder

Anything made from a Mason jar is highly sought after in todays decorative market. Even the birds like to eat from them! We found this is one of the best bird feeders to create that will add a touch of old world charm with a modern twist to outside decor. Mason jars can also be fashioned into DIY outdoor lights and other decorative items to create an outdoor decorating theme.

Homemade Mason Jar Bird Feeder
Homemade Mason Jar Bird Feeder, a unique and brilliant ideas We just love this design,

15- Five Minute Homemade Bird Feeder

It is a pine cone bird feeder plan by madeeveryday that will amaze you for sure. Peanut butter is a superb invitation for the birds, so just put it on the cone and sway it in the birdseed. This is easy to make by the kids even and consumes less time. The feeder is ready to be hung on the tree. However, twig balls could also be used if you don’t have pine cones.

Five Minute Homemade Bird Feeder
Five Minute Homemade Bird Feeder, Image via: Madeeveryday

16- Cheerio Bird Feeder Plans

This is very simple and requires threading the cheerios onto the pipe cleaners. Different shapes could be made by giving heat to the bended cleaner like a heart. Connect these shapes and twist the ends of the cleaners and attach a ribbon for attraction. The beautiful feeder is ready!

Cheerio homemade bird feeder
Cheerio homemade bird feeder

17- Pie Tin DIY Bird Feeder

We can almost utilize the used things for bird feeders plans like in this plans by Birds And Blooms. An old pie tinis used to make one by simply decorating it.  This recycled bird-feeder is very easyto make by drilling holes at required places of the pie plate and vent cap.  Threads and eye-bolt movement is also needed for making this masterpiece. Fill the feeder with birdseed and hang it.

Pie Tin DIY Bird-Feeder
Pie Tin DIY Bird-Feeder, Image via: Birds And Blooms

18- Chandelier Homemade Bird Feeder

A great way to re-purpose and re-use an out dated light fixture. This homemade bird feeder was created from an old chandelier that was no longer functional for its original purpose. You can feed the birds and pay homage to the past by creating a bird feeder with a chandelier that has been handed down from a past generation. If you don’t have an old chandelier in the attic, they can often be found at a flea market for just a few dollars. You may also like to check out homemade deer feeders.

Chandelier Homemade Bird Feeder
Chandelier Homemade Bird Feeder

19- Sisal Rope Bird Feeder Plans

This bird feeder plan by dabblesandbabbles is helpful for welcoming a variety of birds living near the beach. Taking only 20 minutes this feeder is liked by kids also. Using tin can lid, sisal rope, glue and metal piece this DIY feeder is made with care. Appropriate sticking of the metal, lid and sisal rope is required for making it so that the seeds don’t fell. Once the feeder is ready you can hang it from a hook enabling birds to get their food.

Sisal Rope Bird Feeder Plans
Sisal Rope Bird Feeder Plans, Image via: dabblesandbabbles

20- Vintage Teacup Homemade Bird Feeders

Lovely bird-feeders could be made by using the vintage teacups. Sharon came up with this easy idea, using cracked china cups. After kneading the lard into the seed fill each teacup with enough room for the birds to grip them. A ribbon can also be tied and the feeder cup is ready for being placed in the trees. Get the details

Vintage Teacup Homemade Bird Feeders
Vintage Teacup Homemade Bird Feeders

21- Round Light Shade Bird Feeder Plans

Updating light fixtures is an easy way to give a room a modern look. Recycling the old light fixtures into a unique homemade bird feeders by theartofdoingstuff is a great way to give a round light shade a second life.

Tie a length of rope around the light shade and secure it with hot glue. The opening in the light fixture is used and the entrance for birds to come in and eat.

Round Light Shade Bird Feeder Plans
Round Light Shade Bird Feeder Plans, Image via: Theartofdoingstuff

22- Suet Ball Holder Bird Feeder Plans

Many people like to make their own bird food in the form of suet balls. A mixture of beef suet, bird seed and sunflower seeds can inexpensively be created and formed into nutritious food balls that will last a long time. However, those delicious and nutritious suet balls need a holder that enables the birds to reach them while holding them securely in place. Try this bird feeder plan by rainydaymum if you enjoy making suet balls. You may also like to check out plants that attract birds.

bird feeder plans
bird feeder plans, Image via: Rainydaymum

23- DIY Butterfly Water Feeder

This unique hanging bird feeder plan by rainydaymum attracts thirsty fliers of all species; birds, butterflies and bees will stop and have a drink of fresh water from this easy DIY project. An old pie pan, smooth stones, a grape vine wreath and some twine is all that’s needed to fashion this attractive and functional DIY water feeder.

hanging bird feeder plan
hanging bird feeder plan, Image via: Rainydaymum

24- Recycled Bowl and Plate Bird Feeder Plans

Everyone has a couple odd bowls and plates in their kitchen collection that never get used. This bird feeder plan by erinscreative.blogspot will show you how to put those odd pieces of tableware to good use as a DIY bird feeder. Plastic type tableware works best for this project, and the end result will be a unique and colorful bird feeder. You may also like to check out diy bird baths.

Recycled Bowl and Plate bird feeder plan
Recycled Bowl and Plate bird feeder plan, Image via: Erinscreative.blogspot

25- Juice Carton Bird Feeder Plan

Many people enjoy a glass of orange juice for breakfast each morning. That creates a lot of empty juice cartons that could end up in the trash heap, unless you know how to recycle them into a cute homemade bird feeder by redtedart. This is a great DIY project for kids and costs almost nothing to create.

Juice Carton Bird Feeder Plans
Juice Carton Bird Feeder Plans, Image via: Redtedart

26- Flower Pot DIY Bird Feeder

End of summer is the perfect time to purchase flowers pots very inexpensively. The summer clearance sale can enable you to stock up on terra cotta flower pots and use this great idea to transform them into homemade bird feeders by allthingsheartandhome for yourself and friends. The end of summer also alerts us that Christmas is not far away and this bird feeder plan will create a unique and desirable gift for anyone on your Christmas list.

Flower Pot Bird Feeder
Bird Feeder Plans Image via: allthingsheartandhome.com

27- Bundt Pan Homemade Bird Feeder

This idea will show you how to make a bird feeder by Kellyelko out of a Bundt cake pan. So easy and inexpensive, it’s a great way to recycle an unused cake pan. Easy to create and hang, easy to fill and clean, nothing hard or costly about this homemade bird feeder. If you have more than one Bundt cake pan, transform it into a bird feeder for a friend.

Bundt Pan Homemade Bird Feeder
Bundt Pan Homemade Bird Feeder, Image via: Kellyelko

28- Wooden Homemade Bird Feeder

An old piece of wood and a drill is all that is needed to create this homemade bird feeder by instructables. The wood can be any length, but around 1-2 feet is perfect. Drill a few holes halfway through the wood at different intervals, then fill the holes with suet. Hang and watch the birds flock in to eat.

Wooden Homemade Bird Feeder 
Wooden Homemade Bird Feeder , Image via: Instructables

29- Plastic Bottle Homemade Bird Feeder

This is a great way to recycle some of those empty plastic bottles that we all have. Any size will work for this DIY bird feeder project by guwillowbankgarden. Add a couple of holes to the bottle and slide in two wooden spoons to create perches and feeding stations for the birds.

Plastic Bottle Homemade Bird Feeder
Plastic Bottle Homemade Bird Feeder, Image via: Guwillowbankgarden

30- Gourd Homemade Bird Feeder

If you have a garden (or know someone who does) you can grow gourds and create attractive homemade bird feeders. If you can’t grow them, most farmer’s markets have them for sale for a nominal price.

This bird feeder plan by kitchencounterchronicle will show you how to create a unique gourd bird feeder to keep the feathered friends in your neighborhood happy.

Gourd Homemade Bird Feeder
Gourd Homemade Bird Feeder, Image via: Kitchencounterchronicle

31- Bronze Plaque Bird Feeder Plans

People are given plaques throughout their lifetime to commemorate some type of milestone or achievement. While the plaque is valuable to the person for which it was created, it often means nothing to other people after the person dies. Those plaques can live on in someone’s memory when they are given new life as a homemade bird feeder with this unique idea by instructables.

Bronze Plaque Bird Feeder Plans
Bronze Plaque Bird Feeder Plans, Image via: Instructables

32- Dried Apple Bird Feeder Plans

Here we have a design that is unique because it’s an edible homemade bird feeder by hoosierhomemade. Fresh apples are sliced and dried, then strung together with twine and suspended from a tree limb for hungry birds to peck on. The dried apple slices can be smeared with peanut butter and sprinkled with bird seed to increase the nutritional value. Nothing to clean, refill or maintain with this edible design.

Dried Apple Bird Feeder Plans
Dried Apple Bird Feeder Plans, Image via: Hoosierhomemade

33- Bird Condo

Fun and colorful addition to any landscape. These bird feeder plans by hometalk will show you how to add a pop of color to your outdoor space while creating a feeding station for a wide varieties of bird species. This colorful condo is a bird house feeder that provides space for food and lodging for feathered friends. Easy to create with a mix of pre-assembled bird houses and scrap lumber. A few different colors of leftover paint will round out the DIY project into a one-of-a-kind piece of yard art.

bird feeder plan
bird feeder plan, Image via: Hometalk


So these are some of the best homemade bird feeder designs we have shared with you. Now you can choose any one of these to make in your garden. We hope you like our post! Please don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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