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Off Grid Solution

10 Clay Pot Heaters-An Inexpensive Way To Warm Your Room

Clay Pot Heater

A Clay pot heater will heat a room for just pennies per day, and it’s an eco-friendly heating source, plus one is great to have on hand in case of an emergency. This type of DIY clay pot heater emits a surprising amount of heat that will keep you warm …

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16 Homemade Water Filters To Get Purified Water At Any Place


A homemade water filter system can provide you with clean water for drinking and meal preparation no matter where you are located. Having a quality filtration system that can turn contaminated water into drinkable water is an absolute must for every prepper or anyone else preparing to live off-grid. Those …

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23 Off Grid Washing Machines-Do Your Laundry Without Electricity


An off grid washing machine will enable you to have clean clothes without the use of electricity. And who doesn’t like clean clothes? If you thought the only way to wash clothing off grid was to take them down to the creek and beat them against a rock, think again, …

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DIY Vacuum Pump-27 Easy To Do Projects You Can Build On A Budget

diy vacuum pump

A DIY vacuum pump has a wide range of uses around the house or workshop. The suction power of these DIY vacuum chambers is several times stronger than a house vacuum cleaner or shop vac. DIY vacuum pumps are easily created from a recycled air compressor and are ideal for …

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DIY Water Pump-17 Innovative Ideas For DIYers

DIY Water Pump

In order to be successful at off-grid living there must be a dependable source of water and the ability to top move that water. A water pump will make moving the life-sustaining water from point A to point B a much easier and quicker. And to stay true to sustainable …

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23 DIY Air Conditioner-An Easy Way To Beat The Heat

DIY Air Conditioner

Save yourself some money and beat the heat this summer with an easy DIY air conditioner build. By making your own air conditioner, you will be able to enjoy a portable cooling system that costs a fraction of what traditional air conditioning units cost and you’ll have on-the-spot cooling wherever …

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15 Homemade Smokers to Add Smoked Flavor to Meat or Fish

homemade smoker

One of the simplest ways to infuse flavor into meat and fish is with a homemade smoker. An inexpensive cut of meat  or fish will develop a rich flavor and texture like its more expensive counterpart after being smoked. Look over these 15 DIY smoker plans to get started smoking your …

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23 DIY Solar Pool Heaters-An Efficient Way to Heat Your Pool

diy solar pool heater

One of the biggest costs of owning your own pool is the monthly energy bill. Heating the water in your pool can get very expensive, but a DIY solar pool heater can eliminate that expense altogether. A DIY pool heater will keep the water at the temperature you want without …

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20+ Homemade Log Splitters That Make Cutting Of Firewood Easy

homemade log splitter

A homemade log splitter will save you time, energy and money when it comes to cutting wood for use in a fireplace or wood heater. With the trend moving towards living a more sustainable lifestyle, many people are looking for alternative heating sources and wood is a primary source. Wood …

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23 DIY Log Cabins-Build For a Rustic Lifestyle by Hand

diy log cabin

You can build your own DIY log cabin and return to living a rustic lifestyle like that of our forefathers and mothers. It was a lifestyle of less stress, less expense and more enjoyment. A practical, sustainable lifestyle can be centered around a beautiful and affordable log cabin when you …

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