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10 Best DIY Rain Barrel-Harvest Rain Water For Garden

Irrespective if your region receiving more or less rain, you can always make the most diy rain barrels, as they will help you in saving a lot of water. These barrels act as water reservoirs and help you use the stored water for gardening and washing walkways and even cars. Depends upon you how you want to use the naturally saved water. You do not have to spend money in using expensive or ready made rain barrels, but prepare them at home with useful stud lying in the junkyard.
This excerpt can help you wonderfully in gathering information about diy rain barrels. Learn the easiest ways to make your own rain barrels and collect the rain water, which is used to get waste previously.

1) Big Garbage DIY Rain Barrel:

This diy rain barrel by bhg is simple and easy to make. Look for an older big water bucket in your home. You can even make the most of garbage bins here. All you have to do is attach a tap, through drilling at the lower end so that you can easily take out the water.

Big garbage barrel
Image via: bhg

2) Thick PVC Drum Barrel:

You must have seen these huge water storing containers around – these are conventional types of blue bins. You can now use them outdoors and use it as a perfect diy rain barrel like this one by instructables. You can connect it with any generator if you want to suck the water from underground reservoirs. You may also like to check out diy rain chain.

Thick PVC container
Image via: instructables

3) 55 Gallon Plastic Barrel:

With this design you get a perfect hose to barrel connectivity for transferring water. It works as a diy rain barrel system by instructables due to outlook. Materials needed for this kind of rain water barrel includes:

  • Male Hose thread
  • Female pipe thread
  • Plastic adapter
  • Plastic gallon (55 to 60 inches)
allon plastic barrel
Image via: instructables

4) Trash Can to a DIY Rain Barrel:

This process can help you get a diy rainwater harvesting system easily like this one by familyhandyman. It is functional and cheaper too. It all revolves around electrical fittings and PVC plumbing. Material include:

  • Trash can with lid ( obviously cleaned or new)
  • Steel lags, lumber ( to make a stand)
  • Male thread electrical adapter
  • Female thread electrical adapter
  • PVC coupler
  • Screen
  • Glue
  • Values
Trash can to a rain barrel
Image via: familyhandyman

5) Simplest DIY Rain Barrel:

Take any drum, trash bin or old water container which has the capacity to hold 50 to 60 gallons of water easily. Make sure it has a lid so that you can keep the water safe from mosquitoes. Place it on bricks and make sure you add an opening at the end so that water can be easily taken out for use. Complete plan at aeconline.org

Simplest rain barrel
Image via: aeconline.org

6) Cheaper Plastic DIY Rain Barrel:

It is a wonderful DIY rain barrel system at sites.google that helps you collect the water directly from the roof and use it effectively. You can even keep it closed in a wooden cupboard in your garden area if you do not find it a good option for gardens beauty.

Cheaper plastic rain barrel
Image via: sites.google

7) Large Rain Water Collector:

This kind of plan you can’t do all the work by yourself, you may need professional help for installations. In addition, this kind of plan is only useful if you have a big garden area or trees to water each day. One reason for having this kind of system is also the lack of water in your region. It would help you best in saving natural resource in non rainy days. Complete plan at builditsolar.

large rain water collector
Image via: builditsolar

8) Open DIY Plastic Barrel (Different method of collecting rain water):

You might be residing in some area where it rains every week or so. Therefore, it is ideal to have small but two or three barrels like these ones at watercache attached to the roof pipe so that water is filled in with ease. You may also like to check out rain garden plants.

Open plastic barrel
Image via: watercache

9) 10 Minutes DIY Rain Barrel:

This plan is simply done in 10 minutes and that even for hardly $10. If you get the necessary stuff at home, you can even save that. Interesting right? Know more about it at this diy plan by instructables.

10 minutes rain barrel
Image via: instructables

10) Portable DIY Rain Barrel:

This kind of harvesting rain system by younghouselove is certainly amazing; you can move it easily from place to place in your garden when empty. You may also like to check out rain gutter gardens.

Portable rain barrel
Image via: younghouselove

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