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33 Wood Shed Plans to Keep Firewood Dry

Use these wood shed plans to keep your firewood save from wet climate and dry enough to use it in a wood burning stove and furnace with a minimal cost and time.

Many people are switching to the renewable, efficient, and affordable energy source we all know as wood. Wood burning stoves and furnaces are built to be highly effective at making the most out of the energy potential in wood, while being extremely safe, and of course in some instances a beautiful and comforting fixture in any home. Burning wood properly is also clean.

Gathering enough wood to keep the wood burning furnace roaring is a process that takes time and space, which is something that needs to be carefully considered. Wood needs to be kept dry, off of the ground, and in a place that’s easy to access. Wood sheds are essential to the home that heats with wood.

If you’re thinking of saving some money by building your own firewood storage shed, we’ve got 33 great wood shed plans to get you started.

1– A Simple Large Firewood Open Shed

This wood shed plan by Popularmechanics keeps wood open and dry and easy to access. We suggest this sort of open firewood shed is good if you live in a place where it stays fairly dry in the winter. If you have a lot of snow, it might be an issue. But overall, this simple, sturdy design of a storage shed plan is a great start. You can easily store a full cord or more in this size of shed.

A simple large firewood open shed
A simple large firewood open shed, Image via: Popularmechanics

2- Movable Wood Shed Plans

It takes a bit of work, but following this one idea we can ease up the work by turning an old shed into a movable wood shed. The idea of these wood shed plans by Woodgears is to be able to move the shed with a tractor. To prevent the middle of the shed from sagging, construct braces to support both the corner and middle of your wood shed. Covering the structure with roofing scraps is necessary for keeping your firewood dry. When you’re ready to load your wood, you can easily drive the tractor and shed right to the designated area.

wood shed plans
Movable DIY Wood Shed, Image via: Woodgears

3Three-Sided Large Storage Shed

It is all purpose, customizable, and wood storage shed by Woodheat for all climates. This is one of our most favourite firewood shed plan. As you can see, the plan is easily customizable for whatever you want your shed to be. You can keep it fairly open to help deter animals from living in your wood pile, or enclose it to help protect your wood stash from the wet elements, keeping wood dry and ready to use.

three-sided large storage shed
three-sided large storage shed, Image via: Woodheat 

4- DIY Wood Shed By little House On The Corner 

If you need more space for your firewood, we suggest you consider this taller DIY wood shed by littlehouseonthecorner. You can even place it next to your home or garage for easy access. It features a slanted roof so the water doesn’t run inside the shed, with a post in the center to ensure the structure is sturdy. The floor is slightly raised off the ground to prevent the wood from getting wet. When you read the firewood shed plans, it may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not too difficult to build. The result is a safe place to store your firewood all year round.

DIY Wood Shed
how to build Wood Shed, Image via: littlehouseonthecorner

5– An Open And Pretty DIY Shed

This one is simple and quick to do unlike previous ones we have shared with  you. Check out all of the variances other readers have submitted! Their own DIY  wood shed plans like this one by Ana-White look great. Again, an open plan is good in places where the elements aren’t as extreme in the winter heating time, and keeps out the vermin from making your wood pile a cozy home and hangout spot.

An open and pretty shed
An open and pretty shed, Image via: Ana-White

6- Firewood Shed Rack

With these firewood shed plans by DIY Pete you’re going to build your own DIY firewood rack. You’re going to start by creating the base and posts, and then you’re going to create the sides to keep the structure sturdy. The slanted roof and siding are the final pieces of your firewood rack. You can place the rack in your backyard as a designated spot away from your home, or you can place it on your porch to grab a few pieces when it’s too cold to walk across your yard.

Firewood Shed Rack
build your own DIY firewood rack, Image via: DIY Pete

7- Smaller Wood Shed

A smaller wood shed like this one by Instructables doesn’t have any dividers, but there’s enough space to chop and store your firewood. The roof has a smaller pitch than other sheds, but you can rest assured that it’s still slanted enough for water to run off it. You’re going to start with the posts and cross braces, and then you can add the roofing materials and shingles. A floor isn’t included in these plans, so you may want to set your shed up on concrete or your porch rather than grass. You can also use pallet wood to make a shed to keep your cost down.

Smaller Wood Shed
Wood Shed for small spaces, Image via: Instructables

8- Cob Wood Shed Plans

A cob wood shed requires rich soil and fiber reinforcement to ensure it’s a good, solid structure, as these are wood shed plans by Instructables for a huge shed. It’ll give you plenty of space to store enough wood for months. If you don’t mind storing less wood, you can always use a part of the shed as a place to chop your firewood. The work includes creating a waterproof roof and giving it several days to dry. Remember, you cannot rush a sturdy firewood shed.

wood shed plans
Cob firewood storage she plans, Image via: Instructables

9– This is one of the most detailed Free Shed Plan we’ve found

Detailed instructions on making a cost effective diy shed by Myoutdoorplans that can fit into a small space, its ideal for storing wood in small amounts if you use a fireplace as an ornamental spot for cozy nights in the winter. A solid design is great for longevity, and made right can look really nice.

free shed plans
free shed plans, Image via: Myoutdoorplans

10– Super quick to make and large enough to hold a full cord of wood

This wood storage shed by pgairquality is great if you need something fast with minimal work and cost. Built to keep wood off the ground and dry, you might find yourself using this plan to pop a few sheds for a full winter’s worth of wood storage.

MODULAR WOOD SHED, Image via: pgairquality

11 Black and Decker has several Firewood Shed Plans, and this one is our favorite

Simple design, you can even make it enclosed with doors for a utilitarian shed that can be used for storage. Make a few for wood and for your kid’s outdoor toys! Would also make a great simple garden shed like this one by web.archive.

Firewood-Garbage Shed
Firewood-Garbage Shed, Image via: web.archive

12– This large and very sturdy Firewood Shed Plan is built to last

This can be a shed for wood by weekndr as well as a garden storage shed solution if you need it, or it can hold a cord or two of wood which is enough to heat a modest size house over an entire long winter. If you’re an avid DIY-er or someone who knows how to find materials for cheap or free, this plan could save you a lot of money!

shed for wood
Large And Very Sturdy Firewood Shed Plan, Image via: weekndr

13– A Beautiful DIY Wood Shed like this one

This free shed plan by firewoodvictoria is designed to match the facade of your home and built to add value and appeal is a great long-term investment and a smart build. In one weekend you can have a perfectly suited diy wood shed that looks amazing and works great to keep wood dry, and keeps wood easily accessible. You can trim this woodshed in the same exterior material that your home has and roof it with the same shingles. This shed plan will keep the vermin out and your wood stash in great condition. Good overall firewood storage shed plan!

A beautiful diy wood shed
A beautiful diy wood shed, image via: firewoodvictoria

14– This Monster Of A Shed can easily be made out of recycled wood

This open shed plan by Instructable can fit a cord or more of wood and is designed to keep wood in the air and dry, which also helps to ensure it doesn’t rot or get infested with mice or other animals.

recycled wood shed
recycled wood shed, Image via: Instructable

15- And finally, this PDF Free Shed Plan of a large Storage and Wood Shed

It is a great all-purpose project. Easy to customize and easy instructions make this wood storage shed plan by southernpine a good one to start with.

transh can & firewood storage shed
Transh can & firewood storage shed, Image via: southernpine

16- Simple Firewood Shed

When learning how to build a storage shed like this one by diynetwork you need to ensure the firewood isn’t touching the ground. There should be a surface under the wood to keep everything dry. This shed isn’t as huge as a traditional shed, but it gives you enough space to store your firewood. Made of a sturdy wooden structure, what seems like a simple firewood shed is effective at keeping the wood dry from getting wet. If you’re planning to decorate, it’s best to stain the wood before building the shed to give it a beautiful look.

Simple Firewood Shed
Simple Firewood Shed, Image via: diynetwork

17- Freestanding Firewood Shed

With these wood shed plans, you’re going to build a freestanding firewood shed like this one by Blackanddecker to keep your wood safe in any weather. There’s plenty of space to stack enough firewood for the week or longer, and the slanted roof keeps the firewood dry in the rain or snow. The materials create a structure that looks and feels like a permanent shed. However, you can actually move this shed when you need to load your firewood or place the shed in a new area. If need be, ask a friend to help you carry the shed across your property.

Freestanding Firewood Shed
Freestanding wood Shed,

18- Backyard Firewood Shed Plans

A backyard firewood shed such as this one by canadianwoodworking comes in handy if you’re storing your firewood near your home or fire pit. Use these wood shed plans to build a firewood shed with materials that are sturdy enough for the structure. It’s important to include braces to ensure the legs are strong enough to hold everything up. Are you looking for a way to decorate your firewood storage shed? You can always add a horizontal decorative rail to the top of the front legs.

Backyard Firewood Shed
Wood shed plans to build for your backyard, Image via: canadianwoodworking

19- Matching Home and Firewood Shed Plans

Here’s a set of storage shed plans by aconcordcarpenter that stand out from the crowd. You can actually make a firewood shed that matches the exterior of your home. If your home features a farmhouse-style exterior with white panels and a dark roof, then your firewood shed is going to have the exact same exterior. You can attach the shed to your home, but you need to pick a good spot for the wood. If the back of your garage faces the South East, then this is a great spot because the sun exposure can keep the wood dry. Fire rack shed is simlar look like we can see in this article of lean to shed plans except the only difference is they are open.

storage shed plans
Matching Home and Firewood Shed Plans, Image via: aconcordcarpenter

20- Trash Can and Firewood Shed

When building a storage shed such as this one by Southernpine, you can also add in a place for your trash can. Whether you’re discarding wood chips or taking out the trash, having a trash can near your firewood can be useful. Of course, you may not want your trash can or firewood to be visible on your landscape. The good news is you’re going to build and attach two doors, so you can conceal your trash can and firewood. Remember to add a coat of water-repellent sealer when you’re finished building your shed.

Trash Can and Firewood Shed
Trash Can and Firewood Shed, Image via: Southernpine

21- Rolling Cart Wood Shed

When learning how to build your own shed such as this one by Thewoodgraincottage, it’s good to explore different wood shed plans. One set of plans that may catch your eye is the rolling cart wood shed. The wheels at the bottom create a movable piece that makes loading and unloading your firewood an easier task. Instead of buying a rolling cart in stores, you’re going to work with your hands to build and paint your own rolling cart. It features only one tier, which is on the bottom, and sides for easy pushing and pulling.

Rolling Cart Wood Shed
Rolling Cart Wood Shed, Image via: Thewoodgraincottage

22- Backyard Wood Shed Plans

These plans show you how to build a storage shed like this one by Canadianwoodworking with two slanted roofs. The slanted roofs allow the water to run down to the ground instead of inside the shed. For this project, you’re going to start with the roof structure because it’s separate from the other pieces. Then, you’re going to build the legs and bottom brace, before finishing the roof. If you want to decorate your shed, you can add a horizontal decorative rail to the top of the front legs.

Backyard Wood Shed
Backyard Wood Shed, Image via: Canadianwoodworking

23- DIY Firewood Shed

You can build your own wood shed such as this one by Prettyhandygirl with two shelves for your firewood. You’re going to place most of the firewood on the bottom shelf, with only enough space on the top shelf for a small amount of wood. This way, you can store your firewood without putting too much weight on the top shelf. The bottom shelf is raised off the ground, and the roof is slanted, to keep the water off your firewood.

DIY Firewood Shed
DIY Firewood Shed, Image via: Prettyhandygirl

24- Wood Shed Log Holder

For these wood shed plans like this one by homeroad, you’re building a DIY log holder without breaking the bank. The floor is made with 2-foot boards, which are perfect for storing several rows of firewood. It’s important to raise the floor off the ground so you can keep the wood dry. You also want to make sure the log holder is wide enough to hold enough logs. Use your log splitter to cut large logs into small firewood rack and then use your wood shed log holder to keep wood dry on it.

Wood Shed Log Holder
Wood Shed Log Holder, Image via: homeroad

25- Rustic Firewood Shed

Here’s a set of firewood shed plans by Instructables for building a rustic DIY firewood rack. You’re actually going to build this firewood shed out of big logs, which is great if you’re looking to design something with a rustic look. The thickness of the bottom logs is enough to keep your firewood dry in even the wettest weather. The thick logs also make it easier to build a shed wide enough to store all your firewood.

firewood shed plans
DIY Rustic firewood shed, Image via: Instructables

26- Firewood Shed Cart

You can build a firewood shed cart like this one by Canadianhomeworkshop by attaching large wheels to the bottom sides for easy movement. It even includes a handle for pushing and pulling your cart. Now, this cart isn’t going to hold as much firewood as other sheds, but it comes in handy for stacking and moving your firewood. It’s going to be made of sturdy but lightweight materials so you don’t have trouble moving it across your property.

Firewood Shed Cart
wood Shed Cart with large wheels for easy movement, Image via: Canadianhomeworkshop

27- Wood Shed Box

Instead of a cart or open shed, you can build a wood shed box like this one by Runnerduck to store and conceal your firewood. The slanted roof is actually a lid that opens up to reveal your wood. Your wood shed box sits on a base made of pavers to raise the floor off the ground, but you’re going to dig an area of your grass in the size of your box. If you’re placing the box on concrete or your porch, you may not need to use pavers to level it. You can build the wood shed box out of scrap wood from shelves, which creates a sturdy but attractive structure.

Wood Shed Box
DIY Firewood Shed Box out of scrape wood shelves, Image via: Runnerduck

28- DIY Wood Shed Plans

If you like the idea of a wood shed box, you’re sure to love these DIY wood shed plans by Sheddrafts. Instead of using the roof as a lid like in the previous plans, you’re going to build a door on the back of the shed. This gives you easy access when you need to load or unload your firewood. The shed also features a sturdy structure and slanted roof. If you want to decorate your wood shed, consider painting and staining it to give it a new look.

DIY Wood Shed Plans
Sturdy  DIY Wood Shed Idea, Image via: Sheddrafts

29- Reclaimed Firewood Shed Plans

You’re going to use these wood shed plans by Instructables to build a reclaimed firewood shed. You can place the shed next to your fence, with a slanted cover actually attached to the fence for weather protection. The rack has a wide enough surface to store several rows of firewood, and it’s raised off the ground to keep the firewood from getting wet.

wood shed plans
Reclaimed Firewood Shed Plans, Image via: Instructables

30- Several Wood Shed Plans

When you do your research, you can find several storage shed plans like this one by myoutdoorplans in one spot. One idea is to build a firewood rack that’s open on all four sides, or you can build a wood shed box that’s only open on the front. There are even plans that allow you to create a lid or door, giving you easy access to your hidden firewood. The important thing is every set of plans includes features that help keep your firewood dry.

Wood Shed Plans
Several Wood Shed Plans, Image via: myoutdoorplans

31- Firewood Shed Plans

Building a firewood storage shed like this one by Howtospecialist out of 2×4 boards is a great way to ensure it’s a sturdy structure. Start by building the frame and choosing a designated area, which you’re going to level with cinder blocks. Complete the floor before moving to the shed frame, followed by the slats and roof. One side is open so you can access your firewood. The shed also includes a double slanted roof.

Firewood Shed Plans
Firewood Shed Plans, Image via: Howtospecialist

32- Large Firewood Shed

For these firewood shed plans like this one by Firewood-For-Life, you’re building a firewood shed with enough space to step inside and access your firewood. The floor is slightly raised off the ground to create a dry, level interior, and the slanted roof is covered in steel for weather protection. The best part is it is sturdy enough to keep you safe as you step inside to load or unload your firewood.

firewood shed plans
Large Firewood Shed, Image via: Firewood-For-Life

33- DIY Firewood Shed Plans

Just like the previous storage shed plans we have discussed, this DIY firewood shed by construct101 is raised off the ground to keep the wood dry. It also features a slanted roof that causes the water to run down the back instead of inside the shed, which is open in the front for easy access. The roof is also made of corrugated closure panels to create a safe, dry interior.

DIY Firewood Shed Plans
Wood shed Plans Image via: construct101

Final Thoughts!

Whether you’re placing your shed in a designated area or building a movable shed, you can rest assured that these wood shed plans are designed to keep your firewood dry throughout the year. So there are the firewood shed plans we have shared with you.


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