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12 Rocket Stove Plans to Cook Food or Heat Small Spaces

Build energy efficient rocket stoves from these versatile rocket stove plans and ideas using recyclable things such as tin can,old water tank or simply using bricks.

A DIY rocket stove has many applications for both indoor and outdoor usage. A DIY rocket stove can be fashioned into a homemade wood burning stove or an outdoor cooking surface for use in your backyard or on the camping trail. People who like to live off the grid create or purchase a rocket stove mass heater to keep their living spaces warm during the winter as they are more efficient at heating than a traditional wood burning stove. This type of DIY wood stove has the ability to produce up to 90 percent more heat than a traditional wood burning stove, plus a rocket mass heater has the capability of using a variety of combustible materials to produce heat. A homemade rocket stove can burn not only wood, but also cloth, cardboard, manure, paper, moss and biomass briquette.

The two-part rocket stove design provides more fuel efficiency plus less smoke and ash and is a perfect choice to cook food or heat small spaces. (see also wood fired pizza oven and diy smokehouse) The small size of the homemade rocket stove also makes it a easy to carry along on back-packing and hiking adventures for double duty use of cooking and heating. Since a DIY rocket stove burns cleaner and emits far less smoke than a camp fire, it can easily be used inside a tent and the small amount of fuel needed for cooking and heating eliminates the need for chopping mass quantities of wood.

This type of homemade wood burning stove fits well in a backyard landscape for use as an outdoor space heater to keep the chill chased away on those fall and winter evenings when you want to spend time outdoors. You may want to consider making more than one DIY rocket stoves, one for heating and one for cooking, when you see these easy to build 12 rocket stove plans for cooking and heating small spaces.

1: Heat in a Can

Three recycled tin cans can be used to create a DIY rocket stove that can cook food and provide heat. The cans, plus tin snips, gloves, marker, insulation and an hour of time will create this simple and functional homemade wood burning stove.

Here are short steps to build this rocket stove.

  • Mark and cut hole at the center of large tin can by placing small can on it.
  • Repeat this step on a smaller can S2 with the same can you use in step one i.e S1.
  • Rim off the smaller can you have not used yet and squeeze the both cans through larger can ‘L’.
  • Trace a circle on a top lid by using small can and cut it.
  • Insulate the L can and tight it with a lid you have already cutted.
  • Place a flat shelf in the middle of bottom hole and fold down flaps.
  • Throw some dyer lint inside the stove, light it and place a pan on top and cook your food you love.
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DIY tin can rocket stove

2: Metal Bucket Design

These plans for a metal bucket rocket stove will create a larger cooking surface than a tin can, but will be just as fuel efficient. A five gallon metal bucket, couple piece of metal pipe, clay dirt and a grill rack creates a portable stove that can cook more than one food at a time and heat a small space with just a few small twigs.

Here are brief steps to build this metal bucket rocket stove.

  • Made a chimney by using 4″ vent pipe and a 90 degree elbow.
  • Trace the outline of pipe on a lid of bucket and cut it with jig saw.
  • Make hole at bottom according to size of pipe.
  • Insulate the bucket with clay and vermiculite at a ratio of 1/6 and add water in it.
  • Close the insulation with a cut piece of lid and let dry the insulation for few days.
  • Place barbecue grill on top of bucket.
  • Take a tin can and place it in the bottom hole. Cut a piece to use it as a shelve in the mouth of pipe.
  • The upper hole will be used for burning twigs and bottom for air blow.

Get the full tutorial at

Rocket Stove Made From a Five Gallon Metal Bucket

3: Trash Can Rocket Stove

The next size up for a DIY rocket stove is with the use a metal trash can. Great for use inside a cabin or outdoors for a unique cooking and heating source, these plans for a trash can rocket stove can be glammed up and made to look like outdoor yard art.

Trash Can Rocket Stove

4: Homemade Chimnea Rocket Stove

Great for cooking and good looking, these rocket stove plans incorporate plastic soda bottle and adobe to give the wood burning stove a chimnealook.

5: Three Inch Rocket Stove

Cook dinner on a 3 inch rocket stove when you use these building plans. A 3 inch section of tubular steel and four legs will create an outdoor cooking surface that will rival any store bought, single burning camp stove.

Three Inch Rocket Stove

6: Patio Rocket Stove

If you would like a permanent rocket stove on your patio for cooking and warmth, try these easy-to-follow plans for building a stacked brick rocket stove.

Patio Rocket Stove

7: Brick Rocket Stove

Another rocket stove design that uses brick to create an attractive, permanent outdoor cooking space.

rocket stove design

8: Mini Rocket Stove

Small and portable, this efficient mini rocket stove is built from upcycled tin cans and can cook a meal using a few leaves and twigs.

mini rocket stove

9: Rocket Mass Heater Project

These DIY plans for a large rocket stove uses an old, discarded water heater and gives it a new life as a heater for small spaces.

Rocket Mass Heater Project

10: Rocket Stove Mass Heater

If you have a large indoor space to heat and want to do so off-grid, check out these plans for building a DIY rocket stove mass heater.

Rocket Stove Mass Heater

11: 4 Hour Spark Rocket Stove Project

Load it once, get heat for the next 4 hours without re-loading. Unique shape makes this long-burning DIY rocket stove as good looking as it is functional.

Spark Rocket Stove Project

12: 6-Block Rocket Stove

You can learn how to build this 2-burner rocket stove from 6-cement blocks by watching a short 2 minute video. Easy, functional, cheap and quick to build, these DIY rocket stove plans are great for use in the backyard or at a permanent camping site.

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