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8 File Cabinet Smokers-Turn An Old File Cabinet Into A Meat Smoker

 A file cabinet smoker is a useful way to recycle an old metal file cabinet. A typical four-drawer metal cabinet is ideal for recycling into an outdoor smoker and cooker. You can easily adjust the amount of heat in these homemade cookers so they can smoke meat and/or cook meat. And the size makes them perfect for cooking and smoking for a large crowd. Metal filing cabinets also come in two-drawer sizes and are great for recycling into smaller smokers. Check out these innovative ideas for creating a file cabinet smoker and get busy making yourself one this weekend. You may also like to see diy smoker and smokehouse plans to cook meat or to preserve food.

  1. Four-Drawer Smoker

Building a smoker is made simple and cheap with these step-by-step instructions. Start with an old, discarded metal filing cabinet, drill holes in the back and in the bottom of each drawer. Fill a disposable aluminum pan with charcoal briquets, place in the bottom draw and light. When the briquets start smoking, place meat on racks in the upper drawers, then close the drawers and relax while the meat smokes and cooks to perfection.

Four-Drawer Smoker

  1. Wood Smoker

This is awesome for people who enjoy throwing large backyard BBQs for family and friends! The large drawers allow lots of food to be cooked and smoked at the same time. This free video will show you how to build your own smoker from an old file cabinet and be able to feed a crowd.

Wood Smoker

  1. $20 Smoker

Nothing pleases a hungry crowd better than BBQ meat and a large smoker can get the job done. However, large commercial smokers are expensive, but a large homemade smoker like this one can be made for $20. Amaze your friends and feed a crowd when you follow this instructional video for building an inexpensive DIY file cabinet smoker.

DIY file cabinet smoker

  1. Little Smoker

This is an ideal companion to the family grill. Perfect for smoking enough meat to feed the family and a friend or two while using the BBQ grill or stove top for vegetable side dishes. Easy to build with these detailed instructions and the small size makes it easy to use in small backyard spaces and for storing when not in use.

Get the instructions for this diy smoker at Instructables 

Little Smoker

  1. Facebook Smoker

This intriguing and informative video that was posted on Facebook  and shows how to build a cabinet smoker. With well over 3 million views so far, the builder of the Facebook smoker certainly knows how to create an inexpensive and highly effective smoker from a recycled file cabinet. Watch this video so you can learn tips and tricks from a DIY pro and consider making your own Facebook video.

Facebook Smoker

  1. DIY Smoker

This detailed video will show you how to turn a file cabinet into a functional smoker, plus provide you with a delicious recipe to get you started. It’s a fun and easy build that will enable you to build a DIY smoker and have guests over for a backyard BBQ on the same day. Your guests may want you to build them a DIY smoker and get you started in a side-hustle business venture that will bring in extra income.

DIY Smoker
7. Side Rack Smoker

A recycled file cabinet smoker does not have to be plain, you can add side shelves and hooks that will help make the smoking process more convenient for the chef. Adding side racks and hooks won’t even add to the cost of the DIY smoker build if you get creative. This DIY  smoker builder used a discarded shopping cart and metal store shelves to complete his creation and make it more functional for his BBQing needs. Since it’s a DIY build, you are free to add whatever is needed to make the smoking process go smoothly and clean-up a breeze. Add a set of wheels to make the new DIY smoker easily portable for cooking and storing afterwards.

Side Rack Smoker

  1. Old Grey Cabinet

An old grey metal filing cabinet is functional for paper storage, but it’s the most boring pieces of furniture in the home or office. But all that changes with a simple DIY transformation. An old grey filing cabinet can be turned into the most useful and amazing pieces of hardware in your backyard when you follow these step by step instructions.

Turn that old grey filing cabinet into a BBQ smoker and paint it any color you want (use heat-resistant paint). Boring furniture never looked, or smelled, so good before. Your friends will be asking for your BBQ recipe and to build them a file cabinet smoker.

Old Grey Cabinet

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