27 DIY Water Fountain To Make Your Garden More Appealing

diy water fountain

A DIY water fountain is inexpensive to make and will provide you with a wealth of benefits. Not only is a water fountain an attractive addition to a garden or other outdoor area, but it’s also a stress reducer. Water fountains are easier to care for than ponds and waterfalls …

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5+ methods of preserving and storing food safely

God is so merciful that even without asking him, he gave us everything. Have you ever thought of those who are deprived? We waste lots of food on a daily basis may be because we have bought it more than our requirement; or, we do not like what we have …

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10 Famous Herbs To Grow Indoors During Winter

Herbs To Grow Indoors

If you wish to smell your food better than its taste, here is a superb idea of having an indoor herb garden all the year long; despite of the fact that whether it’s a sunny shiny weather with lots of sunlight for your plants or a freezing winter season with …

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20 Beautiful and Inspiring Roof Top Garden Designs And Ideas

Thinking of a beautiful lush green dramatic garden of your own is magnetically attractive. But, this awesome thought can always be felt as unrealistic if you are running short of backyard space at your home. However, if you owe a roof, you can always owe a beautiful and inspiring green roof …

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Self-Sufficient Living-15 Ideas to Improve The Quality Of Life

self-suffficient living

With the rising inflation and shortage of resources, people are looking for easy ways to be self-sufficient. In reality becoming independent is not as difficult as it sounds. You can find resources and ample opportunities to become self-reliant even in a desert. The technique is to use your resources, save …

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