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Homemade Generator

10 Homemade Generators For Running Small Appliances and Power Tools

How would you like to have a homemade generator that costs you almost nothing to build? Harnessing the power of the sun or wind to power your electrical devices, regardless of where you may be, is easier than you may think. Whether for home, office, campsite, cabin or any other location where you would like free electricity, use these ideas for building your own homemade generator. A great idea when building in a remote area when an electrical source is not available, yet the need for power tools is there.

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  1. Mini Homemade Solar Generator

As small and portable as a personal ice chest, this mini homemade generator is actually built with a small ice chest. Don’t let the small size fool you, this DIY generator can provide the power to light up a room.

Here are brief steps to make this homemade generator.

Drill 5 holes on the top of lid, four for the panel to be mounted on the lid and one for panel wire. Bolt the panel to the lid and ran the wires throw. Place the 12v socket and applied glue to the nuts. Drop the battery and plugged in the battery. Plugged in the power and test the lamp with a compact fluorescent bulb.

Mini Homemade Solar Generator

  1. DIY Wind Generator

Harness the wind wherever you may be to keep your batteries charged and your electronics up and running with this homemade wind generator. Cheap and easy to build with only four basic components. Consider building a DIY wind power generator as a companion to solar panels so you can have free electricity on days when the sun doesn’t shine.

DIY Wind Generator

  1. Bicycle Power Homemade Generator

Clean and free power provided with the use of an old bicycle. Use these DIY generator plans to build your own free electricity generator with old bike parts and a few other components.

Below are short steps to make this bicycle power homemade generator.

Build or buy the bicycle stand. Make the front bike stand by a 4x4x24” wood blocks. Sandwich the two support blocks on either side of two high blocks by sawing about 4 inches off of the 2x4s. Attach the motor to the back wheel or chain as you like. Find a motor that will mount the cylinder and attach the motor to the upper plate of aluminium. With a multi meter check the voltage coming out of your motor and connect the positive output of motor to the positive input of charger and vice versa with the ground wire. Use 18 Amp-h battery and connect the terminals. Connect inverter to the battery to convert DC to AC.

Bicycle Power Homemade Generator

  1. Simple DIY Generator

Sometimes simple is all you need, like this simple and effective diy generator. This basic design and step-by-step instructions on how to build a generator will even give a novice DIY’er free electricity for small appliances and power tools.

Simple DIY Generator

  1. Van de Graaf Homemade Generator

What does a nail, a soda can and a rubber band have in common? They’re all components of the Van de Graff homemade generator and this ideas will show you how to make a generator to power small appliances. The step-by-steps instructions are easy to follow for this unique project.

Van de Graaf Homemade Generator

  1. Backyard Homemade Wind Generator

Easy and inexpensive to build, yet this DIY wind powered generator can produce as much power as a high-dollar, store-bought solar panel. Follow the easy steps detailed in the instructional video and build your own three bladed backyard wind generator and start saving money on your utility bill today.

DIY Wind Generator

  1. Portable DIY Solar Power Generator 

Here are plans for building a solar powered generator that goes where you go. This DIY solar generator is easy to build and is the perfect power source for camping trips where a few modern conveniences are desirable. Turn on a light, watch your favorite television program or listen to your favorite music wherever the camping trail takes you with this portable solar power generator.

Portable DIY Solar Power Generator 

  1. Tool Box Homemade Generator

An old plastic tool box can house a portable homemade generator that you can take anywhere. For less than $200, these DIY plans will enable you to power up your power tools wherever the job needs to be done. Since the DIY generator is housed inside of a tool box, it will be easily recognizable on the job site and never get left behind at the end of the work day.

Tool Box Homemade Generator

  1. Low Power Homemade Generator

A great DIY project for a school science project and it really works! Use these plans for building a low power, cheap and easy generator for demonstration of what can be accomplished with a few components and little ingenuity.

Low Power Homemade Generator
Low Power Homemade Generator Image via : wikihow.com
  1. Hydroelectric DIY Generator

The list of homemade generators would not be complete without the inclusion of one hydroelectric generator. If you live near a river or stream, use these plans for creating your own power source via hydroelectricity.

Hydroelectric DIY Generator

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