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15 Inspiring DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas and Designs

Who said that you need big yard or gardens to fulfill your desire of having lovely flowers and plants? Vertical garden design does not require much space; in fact, they can be made in various styles to suit your need. You must be thinking about diy vertical garden ideas that are easy to implement and maintain. Vertical gardening ideas have the capacity to maintain your garden terrace, kitchen, balcony and even the backyard.

Here are 15 wonderful diy vertical garden ideas that can help you flaunt your offices and homes:

1: Tiffin box on wooden wall:

Your most inquired question, how to build a vertical garden is answered well here. You do not have to go anywhere. Look for Tiffin in your kitchen area, or simply buy some from the market. On a large wooden wall, you must attach these Tiffin – ideally have 8 to 9 so that they are well dispersed. Add your desired vertical garden plants so that it looks gorgeous and attractive. Do not ignore the areas left – put in some large plants or pots so that the garden space is specified.

Tiffin box

2: Fern and moss painting:

You can even call it a 3D painting of lovely moss and ferns. Simply put a big wooden frame of the wall and plant ferns and moss inside it. It will have a lovely combination of light and dark green leafs. This is one of the vertical garden ideas that can be used to flaunt balconies or doorways.

Fern and moss painting

3: Pouched vertical garden system:

If you want to decor the out garden wall or simply cover-up any untidy side, you have a wonderful idea here. Take a thick cloth and hung it on the fence in the form of pouches – keep in mind the kangaroo bag. Add your desired plants and get the beauty you always wanted.

Pouched vertical garden system

4: DIY Wall hanging:

If you have small wall spaces empty in the garden area or even in the house, you can add a smaller vertical garden plant there. You can use any material to form small cloth baskets and add flowers that you like.

Wall hanging

5: The group planting:

With this idea, you can have lots of various plants and vegetables hung from the walls forming a wonderful cluster. You can have this setup in a separate side of the garden and place some chairs and table to make it look like a perfect gathering ambiance.

group planting

6: Soda bottles as vertical garden planters:

There must be a lot of soda, juices and other bottles lying in your junk yard. It is the perfect time to use all of them. Simply tie them all together with thread (from the mouth) so that your wall area can be covered. Now, dig in holes from the center so that you can place your desired plants – perfect wall hanging planter is ready!

Soda bottles as vertical garden planters

7: Wall planter idea:

Within the wall space, you can add whatever plants you want – these ideas have the capacity to beautify your garden area, home entrance or even the backyard. You may place them in rows or plant in each wall you have spare.

Wall planter

8: Picture Planter Idea:

How about having a vertical garden planter, which looks more like a lovely plant painting? Use any old frame lying in your storeroom – simply take out the back support so that you can frame your wall planter easily. It is ideal to plant fresh leaves with coriander in this painting, as it would help you have a lovely aroma in your house too.

Picture planter

9: Inside kitchen garden:

If you have an old cupboard or oven in the kitchen, use it for diy vertical gardening. It is ideal to plant beautiful plants and flowers in it so that your kitchen area looks ravishing.

kitchen garden

10: Shoe stand to a planter:

You can use the old shoe stand and add plants by working on it. Place in on the doorway to attract your guests.

Shoe stand to a planter

11: DIY Floral stand:

You can use an old wooden piece as a stand filled with lovely plants and cheerful flowers. It is perfect decorative item when any occasion is around.

12: DIY Wall décor –

It looks something like an autumn tree on the wall – a couple of pots placed in a lovely manner to provide a wonderful diy vertical garden. Have a look:

Wall décor

13: 5-step wooden plant closet

With this plan you can have five steps to plant whatever you want – try adding colorful flowers and big leaves to make it look wonderful.

5-step wooden plant closet

14: Old windows would work:

Join old windows together and make a lovely small décor for garden space.

Old windows would work

15: Individual cloth packets:

You can decorate the overall wall by simply placing small and medium sized cloth pouches filled with lovely flowers and plants. It would certainly hide the ugly walls and enhance the beauty of your garden area.

Individual cloth packets

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  1. Great vertical garden images and examples. Nice pics. The soda bottle wall design looked very sharp, I love how they used gravity as a design element ala Buckminster Fuller.

  2. Great ideas to make the most out of limited space. I really like the indoor kitchen idea.

  3. Thanks for sharing..:)

  4. It’s great example of creativity and imagination and I would say that it’s a wonderful and creative idea that automatically promise success. Furthermore, I would like to experiment this design with some of my favorite colors.

  5. Great pictures and a great way to show how to build vertical garden on small spaces. I particularly liked the idea of using containers and pouches to grow trees. It is easy and takes less time. Thank you once again for sharing the ideas.

  6. Thanks for this massive list! Everything is good but one that got my attention was the fern and moss painting. Very original, I must say!

  7. Thanks !

    Wonderful posts. I run a homestay in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is bustling town with rampant urbanization. I have been trying to make things better by adopting eco friendly lifestyle in city and this is how I found this post. This is really helpful. Because of lack of space, I need to do vertical gardening. I think I can use plastic bottles in the first phase to grow my spices like coriander. The listings above gave me lot of ideas. I will definitely use more stuffs like old window (from above) from my store.

    Thanks again !

  8. thanks for sharing. I like planting in soda bottle ,I will try.

  9. Thanks. I am trying vertical garden in my home ( Tamil nadu, India). The media which i have put is mixture of soil, sand and perlite. But the plants not responding well with this media. I have put Rhoeodiscolor, Asparagus, Ixora dwarf and pantanas. Is there any special media for the vertical garden plants? Please advice.


    • Use high quality potting mix, High quality potting mixes incorporate things such as soil wetting agents and slow release fertilisers. Soil wetting agents are important for plant health as they stop the soil from drying out in between watering, which is something that you need if your vertical garden is exposed to the elements. Slow release fertilisers also help to ensure that the plants are getting the nutrients that they need in order to grow.

      You also need to make sure that the potting mix that you select is well draining. While it is good for your soil to hold some moisture, if your soil gets waterlogged, you will have all sorts of problems with your plants including funguses, roots rotting, and even the stems of your plants rotting.

      It can also be helpful to try and select a potting mix that is relatively lightweight.

      Here are some useful guides:


  10. Wonderfully designed gardens! The idea about the soda bottles is quite good. I moved in a new house recently and just yesterday found few bags full of bottles in the basement (such careless tenants!). And in the backyard there’s the perfect wall to hang the planters. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow! Those are really great designs of vertical gardening! I specifically loved the fern and moss painting! But all of them are pretty too, I could hardly pick one!

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