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7 DIY and Homemade Compost Tumbler Ideas and Tutorials

A homemade compost tumbler turn organic waste such as food, sawdus and yard clipping into finished compost more faster and quickly than a compost bin. Here are some easy homemade compost tumbler ideas and tutorials to enrich your garden soil.

1.      25$ Tumbler Compost Bin

Though there are compose tumblers in the store, you need to spend over $250 to buy one. The best way have one in your backyard is to make one yourself. It will only cost $25 for you to buy two 20 gallon buckets, eight stainless steel nuts and bolts and a few other materials to put one together. Using your own innovative brain you will be able to complete it. Finally, it is necessary to make a wooden stand to clamp it. When you use this make shift compost tumbler you will be able to use compost in two weeks time.

25$ Tumbler Compost Bin

2.      Cheap and efficient compost tumbler

This is a compost tumbler made out of a barrel which retains only a little heat. You only need a barrel, a 36”X18” board, four non pivoting wheels, two hinges and two pin locks. The first thing to do is to make a door using the board and the hinges. Drill a few holes to aerate your compost container. Next, mount it in a wooden frame and fill it with kitchen waste. Remember to turn your compost barrel frequently.

Cheap and efficient compost tumbler

3.      Garbage can composter

You also have the possibility of making a DIY composter with the use of a garbage can and a few nuts and bolts. A 35 gallon garbage can will cost just $14.99. For making the frame you will need a few pieces of 3”X4” wood which will cost less than $10.

Garbage can composter

4.      Homemade compost bin tumbler

If you want to know how to make a compost tumbler with minimum expense, one of the best ways to do it is to create one with a 7 gallon plastic bucket of food grade. In addition to that you need a few other small items such as a PVC pipe, a few nuts and bolts and some 3”X4” pieces of wood to make a frame. Making this beautiful compost tumble is easy and will not cost anything more than $25.

Homemade compost bin tumbler

5.      55 Gallon compost tumbler

The next one will be the best composter for a large family that will have lots of waste as it is going to be made out of a barrel with a capacity of 55 gallons. This container needs to be of food grade. You need a few more items such as nut and bolts, latches and wood for the frame. However, the entire lot of items will not cost anything more than $30 to $35. When you look at the picture available in the webpage you could visit with this link, you will understand how to make it.

55 Gallon compost tumbler

6.      50 Gallon compost tumbler

The following is the way to make another rotating compost bin. Here also you use a food grade 55 gallon barrel for making it. Other items you need are nuts and bolts hinges and wood for the frame. You need to create a door that will allow a shovel to pass through. For aeration you need to drill holes in the barrel. Finally, you mount it on the wooden frame and start using it.

50 Gallon compost tumbler

7.      Inexpensive 30 gallon Composter

Finally, we have yet another tumbling composter made out of a 55 gallon food grade barrel. Since there is a picture tutorial on how to make it you will find it easy to make it. The cost will remain around $35. This is also a large compost bin tumbler that could accommodate a lot of waste material disposed from the kitchen. Get the instructions here.

Inexpensive 30 gallon Composter

Since you have seven compost bin plans which will guide you on how to them, you have ample opportunity choose the one that suits your household. Not only you could save money but also you will have the satisfaction that you made it yourself. On top of all, you will get the compost necessary to get your plants to grow well.

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