7 Homemade Water Filters You Can Make Easily

A homemade water filter system can provide you with clean water for drinking and meal preparation no matter where you are located. Having a quality filtration system that can turn contaminated water into drinkable water is an absolute must for every prepper or anyone else preparing to live off-grid. Those living in big cities or small towns who just want to ensure their tap water is pure can also benefit from one of these DIY water purifiers. Check out these 7 homemade water filtration systems to discover which one is right for your water needs.

  1. Bucket Style

Turn a 5 gallon bucket into a homemade water filter system that can transform murky, debris-filled water into pure, crystal clear drinkable water. These step by step instructions will walk you through the easy DIY project that has an out of pocket expense of less than $30.


  1. Berkey System

Another easy to build design that will enable you to make your own water filter. A couple of 5 gallon buckets and a few Berkey purification elements and a spigot will create pure drinking water at home or in the wilderness.


  1. Bottle Filter

This simple water filter will enable you to create clean drinking water in case of an emergency. This simple design uses a plastic bottle, coffee filter and charcoal to remove impurities from flood or rain water and make the H2O safe to drink.


  1. Kitchen Spigot Filter

In some areas of the country, tap water contains far too much chlorine. The chlorine is needed to make the tap water safe for drinking, however, the abundance of chlorine makes the water disagreeable to taste buds and for certain uses. Create this DIY water filter that attaches to the kitchen sink spigot and filter out all that excess chlorine and make the water pure.


  1. Tree Branch Filter

Simple, effective, cheap and easy to make, this tree branch filter will remove close to 100% of all E.coli bacteria from water. The small piece of tree branch filters waters for a couple of days, then is easily and quickly replaced with a fresh piece of wood. Easy to take along with on hiking, hunting or camping trips.


  1. Biosand Water Filter

This YouTube video will show how to create your own water filtration system using sand and gravel. Great for filtering out impurities from large amounts of water at once.


  1. Heated Purifier

Using no electricity, this water purifying system uses heat to destroy bacteria and carbon to filter them out of water. Clean, clear, drinkable water emerges from this ultimate homemade water purifier. YouTube video makes the build an easy one.


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