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diy solar pool heater

10 DIY Solar Pool Heaters-An Efficient Way to Heat Your Pool

One of the biggest costs of owning your own pool is the monthly energy bill. Heating the water in your pool can get very expensive, but a DIY solar pool heater can eliminate that expense altogether. A DIY pool heater will keep the water at the temperature you want without adding any additional cost to your monthly energy bill. And when you build your own swimming pool heater, the cost is minimal. Look through these 10 DIY solar pool heaters and see if one is right for your in-ground or above-ground pool.

  1. Recycled Sliding Glass Doors

Use these step-by-step instructions to build a homemade pool heater from recycled sliding glass doors, perfect for an above ground pool. You’re only 12 easy steps away from a warm swim anytime of year.

homemade pool heater

  1. DIY Solar Pool Panels

When you’re tired of paying the monthly gas or electric bill for heating your large pool, use this pictorial instruction to build solar panels that will heat your pool for free.

DIY Solar Pool Panels

  1. Cheap Pool Water Heater

Here’s an idea that will keep your money in your pocket while heating your pool water. For under $100 you can create this easy pool water heater using black hose. You’ll be saving that much in the first few weeks after you build this cheap heater.

Cheap Pool Water Heater1

  1. Black Hoses in the Sun

Everyone knows how hot a black hose gets when exposed to direct sunlight. This plan takes that knowledge, harvests the energy and uses it to create one of the best DIY pool heaters around. Use more black hose for larger pools, less for smaller pools.

 best DIY pool heaters

  1. Hula-Hoop Heater

Here’s an ingenious idea for solar pool heating that uses hula-hoops and no electricity. Take a few hula-hoops, attach polyethylene film and then toss them into the pool to catch sun rays and heat the water. These hula-hoop heaters look like lily pads floating on top of the water. Easy to remove when needed.

Hula-Hoop Heater

  1. One Hour Heater

If you want to get bust enjoying your pool and slash pool heater costs, here’s the perfect idea for you. Create this simple pool heater in one hour with a black hose and piece of plywood. Easy to follow instructions will get you finished building and in warm water in less than a day.

One Hour Heater

  1. Decorative Pool Heater

Here’s a plan for a pool water heater that ends up looking like part of the landscaping. Easy DIY project that looks as good as it works. Coiled black hoses laid on top of decorative gravel surrounding the pools adds an instant decorative element that softens the look of the gravel.

Decorative Pool Heater

  1. PEX Tubing and Aluminum Fins

Detailed instructions will enable you to build this very efficient DIY pool heater with inexpensive materials. PEX tubing and aluminum fins are used to create a diy solar panel that will heat an in-ground or above ground pool.

PEX Tubing and Aluminum Fins

  1. Video Instructions

Simple to follow video makes building your own solar pool heater and diverter easy enough for the novice do-it-yourselfer to undertake. Use the heated water for more than just a comfortable dip in the pool by adding a diverter and funnel the warm water elsewhere.

building your own solar pool heater

  1. Out Of Sight Pool Heater

If you prefer your solar pool heater to be out of sight, build it on top of a nearby tool shed with these detailed instructions. Perfect for a small above ground pool, this solar heating system will keep the pool water warm and not take up any valuable landscape space.

Out Of Sight Pool Heater

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