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15 DIY Swing Set-Build A Backyard Play Area For Your Kids

Getting children to spend time outside is key to their mental and physical well-being. Time in the garden should be fun, exciting and inspiring. A DIY swing set can be a great addition to your outside space and is a sustainable way to encourage your children to spend time in the fresh air. Here are fifteen diy swing sets that you can build yourself:

  1. Build Swing Set With Child’s Playhouse

A playhouse is a space that a child can call their own. It is a den that can be a space for fun, for imaginative play and for thought. If you already have a playhouse in your garden, why not consider adding a diy swing set like this one by ana-white to the side of the playhouse?

Improve Your Child's Playhouse
Image via: ana-white
  1. Create A Complete Play Fort With Swing Set

By following plans found online and with some simple DIY skills, anyone can create a magical play fort that kids will love for a fraction of the cost that would be incurred if the fort was bought ready made or as a commercial kit – with a much lover carbon footprint. Get the detail swing set plan like this one by boxycolonial.

Create A Complete Play Fort With Swing Set
Image via: boxycolonial
  1. DIY Swing Set Plan For Grown Ups

Who says that swing sets like this one by prettyhandygirl are just for kids? We should all embrace the inner child within and make the time for simple joys in our lives. A swing set for adults to use as a relaxation space could be the perfect way to create comfortable seating to use after you have been hard at work in your garden.

Swing Sets For Grown Ups
Image via: prettyhandygirl
  1. Wooden DIY Swing Set Plan

Good quality lumber is the perfect material for an outside play zone. Not only is it strong and durable, it is also a sustainable building material. Here are some Swing set plans to show you how to construct a beautiful wooden play structure like this one by popularmechanics, step by step:

Wooden DIY Swing Set
Image via: popularmechanics
  1. Wooden Kids’ Swing Set Plan

There is a certain satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have created something yourself, from scratch. This simple DIY swing set by hgtv can be made by anyone with basic skills and woodworking tools and will give the kids enjoyment for years to come.

Perfect Project For A Handmade Home
Image via: hgtv
  1. Red Cedar Swing Set

Red cedar is a naturally durable and ecologically friendly building material and is the perfect wood to use for a swing set for your backyard like this one by allthumbsdiy. Since you do not need to treat this type of wood with harsh chemicals, it is perfectly kid friendly and a good choice for an organic garden.

Red Cedar Swing Set
Image via: allthumbsdiy
  1. Sturdy A-Frame Swing Set

Once you have the basic plans in place, you can take measurements and make the swing set like this one by instructables whatever size you want it to be. You can make a very large swing set as in the link below, or tailor the plans to suit a much smaller space. When you are making your own, you are in charge of all the decisions.

Sturdy A-Frame Swing Set
Image via: instructables
  1. Three In One Swing Set

We all want our children to be competent, engaged and bold. What better way to encourage your future adventurers than to show them that it is possible for them to do it themselves? Inspire them by creating a combination diy swing set like this one by diynetwork, playhouse and climbing wall.

Creating the Adventurers of the Future
Image via: diynetwork
  1. Make A ‘Swing City’ For Your Kids

It is a great idea to include your kids in your garden design. Get them interested in sowing some seeds and watching them grow. But for when play is the thing, make sure they have a zone where they can let off some steam. Get the tutorial for diy awing set at motherearthnews.

Make A 'Swing City' For Your Kids
Image via: motherearthnews
  1. Build A Backyard Playground

When you are creating your own swing set for your kids like this one by blackanddecker, your imagination is the main limiting factor. Think big and aim for the stars. Your kids can have a whole backyard playground, and it does not need to cost the earth!

swing set for your kids
Image via: blackanddecker
  1. Up, Up and Away On An Airplane Swing

For a unique gift, give your children an inspiring swing set like this one by ana-white that will really get their imaginations flowing. One example is this cute little airplane shaped swing for would be aviators – where will your kid fly off? Sit back and watch them soar.

Up, Up and Away On An Airplane Swing
Image via: ana-white
  1. Simplicity is Key To Success In DIY

Anyone can make a DIY swing set like this one by jacksbackyard for the right plans – you just have to think carefully about which are the right plans for you. Keep things simple and think about your own children and their likes, wants and needs and you can create something that can really stand the test of time.

Simplicity is Key To Success In DIY
Image via: jacksbackyard
  1. Solar Swing Set

Make your swing set multi purpose like this one by instructables by installing photovoltaic panels on the roof to harness the power of the sun and take another step towards eco-friendly sustainability.

Solar Swing Set
Image via: instructables
  1. Swing Set For Birthday Present!

You can give your child the best birthday present ever without going anywhere near a toy store. Enlist the help of friends and family to build a magical play set like this one by our-everyday-art just for them.

build a magical play set
Image via: our-everyday-art
  1. Detailed Swing Set Plans and Costings

Anyone can build a DIY swing set like this one by hot4cad but as with any other DIY project, preparation and planning are key. Luckily, those who have already built their swing sets have already done a lot of the work for you, as evidenced in these detailed plans, below.


build a DIY swing set
Image via: hot4cad

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