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40 Lovely DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Invite Friendly Fliers In Your Yard

Creating a DIY bird bath for your yard is not only a good idea for the birds, it’s also a lovely decorative element to add to the landscape. Anything of beauty added to the landscape will also increase your home’s curb appeal and property value.

A DIY bird bath can be incorporated into your landscape design and created to look like a natural part of the landscape. Birds of all sizes will be attracted to the watery oasis you create for them from ordinary objects.

These 40 DIY bird bath ideas we have collected round the internet sites will show you how to make a bird bath that will attract pollinating birds to your garden and landscape, plus add an attractive and soothing water feature to your yard.

1:  Planter and Bird Bath Duo

With cute color terracotta pots you can create a lovely planter and diy bird bath like this one by homestoriesatoz, however measurement would be something that you need to adjust as per your requirement. With using rebar, you can adjust the pots in slanting position and add necessary aesthetic elements. You will be catering two needs and utilizing your time effectively too.

DIY Bird Bath
Planter and Bird Bath Duo, Image via: homestoriesatoz.com

2:  $20 DIY Bird bath

At number forth we’ve one of the simplest type of diy bird bath at theartofdoingstuff.com that would only cost you $20. Take three wood dowels and one candle plate (you can use some from your store room, in any) to make this diy bird bath. Hammer the dowels into the ground and level them. Place the Ikea plate onto the dowels. Due to its light weight, you would be able to move it to different places in your garden.

DIY Bird bath
$20 DIY Bird bath, Image via: theartofdoingstuff.com

3: Tomato Cage Homemade Bird Bath

An ordinary wire tomato cage and a large dish with a rim can become an ideal diy bird bath to place in a flower garden to attract them.

This homemade bird bath by mylifeabundant.com is small and colorful, just the right size to tuck into a small flower garden. We suggest this diy bird bath idea to small gardeners. Plant a few nectar-rich plants in the flower garden and birds will stop by for a meal and a bath. When placed near a window or just off a porch you will be able to enjoy viewing the friendly fliers from indoors and outdoors.

Tomato Cage Homemade Bird Bath
Tomato Cage Homemade Bird Bath, Image via: mylifeabundant.com

4: DIY Floral Pot Bird Bath

To make this diy bird bath you can choose any pots, three or four, color them as you want, glue them to form a stand and add plate at the top. If you have kids, let them color it, it would be fun activity for them. The plate at the top would be the bird water section; it is simple to make and would serve the purpose too in almost no costs.

DIY Bird Bath
DIY Floral Pot Bird Bath

5: Two Tiered Flower Pot DIY Bird Bath

Make a diy bird bath like this one at Web.Archive.Org with two flower pots with this unique idea. Use a large flower pot on the bottom to plant flowers that are rich in nectar or bear seeds and the top flower pot can become a diy bird bath.

We found this diy bird bath idea to be attractive for use on a porch or patio and irresistible to friendly fliers. The two tiered planter and bird bath can be spray painted any color you desire. Plant fragrant flowers, like petunias, that will enhance the beauty of the bird bath and fill the air with an enjoyable scent.

Two Tiered Flower Pot Bird Bath
Two Tiered Flower Pot Bird Bath, Image via: web.archive.org

6: Lamp DIY Bird Bath

Get these free bird bath plans by natalme.com that will show you how to recycle an old, out-dated lamp into a modern and lovely bird bath. Depending on the style and size of the old lamp, you may be able to create two unique diy bird baths from one old lamp.

Lamp Bird Bath
Lamp Bird Bath, Image via: natalme.com

7: Salvaged Sink DIY Birdbath

If you have any old or wall mounted sink lying in store, it’s time to play with it. It would be fun filled activity, plus your garden would be decorated in a different way.

Don’t forget to follow the mentioned steps to attain the best type of diy bird bath by hgtv.com; fill it with shells to attract the birds around.

Salvaged Sink DIY Birdbath
Salvaged Sink DIY Birdbath, Image via: hgtv.com

8: Lightweight Garden Bird Bath

This is one of the best diy bird bath ideas by littlehouseinthesuburbs from our list. Take basic (an attractive shape and color would help) and some rods to design this breathtaking homemade bird bath and invite many bird guests to your yard. Make sure you pay special attention to its cleaning and keep pouring in fresh water time to time. Your yard would be filled with nature lovely creatures all the time.

Lightweight garden bird bath
Lightweight garden bird bath, Image via: littlehouseinthesuburbs.com

9: Sea Shell Bird Bath

Here we have a unique diy bird bath idea by empressofdirt to use all those sea shells you have collected from beach vacations. Encase them in a clear glass display jar, then top it with a clear glass bowl for birds to use to bathe in.

Mementos of past beach trips are combined with visits from friendly fliers to give you a unique visual image that is sure to make you smile.

These detailed instructions will show you how to use different objects, including seashells, to make bird bath.

Sea Shell DIY Bird Bath
Sea Shell DIY Bird Bath Idea, Image via: empressofdirt.net

10: Hummingbird Bird Bath From Cookie Sheet

Attractive, functional and inexpensive, hummingbirds will love to bathe under this homemade humming bath by hometalk.

Follow these step by step instructions to create your own hummingbird bathing tray that will look lovely setting on an outdoor table. You may also like to check out  homemade hummingbird feeders.

Hummingbird Birdbath From Cookie Sheet
Hummingbird Birdbath From Cookie Sheet Image via: hometalk.com

11:  Rocky DIY Bird Bath Fountain

This type of DIY bird bath by dailykos would enhance your yard appeal and would give much natural look unlike the other ideas we have in our list; you need to fix a bucket and cover it with multiple sizes rock, on the top add a big plate and adjust the water system.

Rocky bird bath fountain
Rocky bird bath fountain, Image via: dailykos.com

12: Craftive Homemade Birdbath

This would be amazing DIY bird bath by hgtv, as it involves your aesthetics for colors and playfulness. Pick up bowls, shallow plates and platters and make a lovely water source for birds and enjoy cheering in your yard.

Craftive birdbath
Craftive birdbath, Image via: hgtv.com

13: Leaf Water Platter Bird Bath Idea

This type of diy bird bath by birdsandblooms.com would be serene and attract various birds, butterflies and other beautiful creatures to your yard. You need to have a big leaf which will help you making a concrete and sand based deep platter for the birds.

Leaf Water Platter Bird Bath Idea
Leaf Water Platter Bird Bath Idea, Image via: birdsandblooms.com

14: Drip DIY Bird Bath

Birds are like people when it comes to bathing preferences – some prefer to take a shower instead of a bath. This quick and easy bird bath by westcoastnotebook creates an outdoor shower that birds will flock too on a hot summer day.

DIY bird bath
DIY bird bath, Image via: westcoastnotebook.com

15: Birch Twigs DIY Bird Bath Idea

Find some twigs in your garden or get them from your neighborhood; insert these in the garden side and use big wooden or plastic saucer to make the top.

Get the details of this DIY bird bath idea by theartofdoingstuff.com

Birch twigs bard bath
Birch twigs bird bath, Image via: theartofdoingstuff.com

16: Deformed Stones Bird Bath Idea

Look for large steel saucer in your kitchen, maybe you have some lying there. Place stakes one on one and make the pillar for placing the saucer. You can create two or three nearby to attract more birds. Follow the instructions to make this Deformed Stones Bird Bath Idea by ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com.

Deformed Stones Bird Bath Idea
Deformed Stones Bird Bath Idea, Image via: ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com

17: Bling DIY Bird bath

Get two big saucers, and three pots for this diy bird bath by sunnyslifeinrehab; assemble pots together by fixing saucers at the opposite ends. Color them neon maybe (or your choice) and decorate with accessories to make it vibrant. Birds will fall in love with it and visit often.

Bling DIY Bird bath
Bling Bird bath idea, Image via: sunnyslifeinrehab.blogspot.com

18: DIY Tile Bird Bath

In order to make this DIY Tile Bird Bath by meandmydiy.com you need to get mosaic tile saucer from local garage; look for old CDS, cut them into small pieces and color them; decorate the saucer to make it vibrant. You can then use that saucer as a water source for birds.


DIY Tile Bird Bath
DIY Tile Bird Bath from old Cds, Image via: meandmydiy.com

19: Tree Type DIY Bird Bath

To make this diy bird bath by birdsandblooms You need to have wooden rods that you can place in a way that it looks like a small tree. Add iron rods at adjacent sides, and place small saucers on it.

Tree Type DIY Bird Bath
Tree Type Bird Bath Idea, Image via: birdsandblooms.com

20: Terra Cotta DIY Bird Bath

Use terra cotta pots to make the stand for the DIY bird bath by everydaydonna.blogspot.com and use colorful saucer or shallow bowl to add water. Use interesting colors to make birds fall in love with it.

Terra Cotta DIY Bird bath
Terra Cotta DIY Bird bath idea, Image via: everydaydonna.blogspot.com

21: Solar DIY Bird bath

This is ideal for the regions where it remains cold most of the time. It would help in keeping the temperature normal for birds when they land to enjoy water. Find the details of this Solar diy bird bath at builditsolar.com

Solar Birdbath
Solar Birdbath Idea, Image via: builditsolar.com

22: $5 DIY Bird bath

To make this diy bird bath by homejelly.com you all need Ask your mom for a colorful old kitchen dish which has shallow enough to keep water. Add a plastic pole or wooden pole at its base, fix in your garden, add some water to bowl and enjoy many hours of birds watching. You may also like to check out diy squirrel feeders.

$5 DIY Bird bath
$5 DIY Bird bath Idea, Image via: homejelly.com

23: Oil Pan Bird Bath Idea

A simple galvanized oil pan which can be purchased from any auto supply store can be transformed into a lovely bird bath by homestoriesatoz.

Add a few decorative stones and plants in and around the oil pan, along with a small water pump, and you will have created a lovely bird bath. No one will know it’s made from an inexpensive oil pan.

Oil Pan Bird Bath Idea
Oil Pan Bird Bath Idea, Image via: homestoriesatoz.com

24: Thrift Shop Pan Bird Bath Idea

Anything that can hold water can be transformed into a garden bird bath such as this one by thenavagepatch, even an inexpensive thrift shop find. A large, shallow pan is an ideal size and shape to use as a bird bath. Birds prefer shallow water for their bathing rituals so they can quickly take flight if a predator shows up during bath time.

Visit a local thrift shop or yard sale and look for any items that is shallow, wide and can hold water. Then use this bird bath idea and transform it into an eye-catching part of your landscape decor.

Thrift Shop Pan Bird Bath Idea
Thrift Shop Pan Bird Bath Idea, Image via: thenavagepatch.com

25: Tree Stump DIY Bird Bath

Transform an eye-sore in your landscape into a thing of functional beauty by turning a tree stump into a bird bath like this one by hgtv.

These free pictorial instructions will show you how to save money and increase your home’s curb appeal by taking and stump from a felled tree and creating a DIY bird bath. Only a couple of other components are needed for this DIY project and it will only take a few minutes to complete.

Tree Stump DIY Bird Bath
Tree Stump DIY Bird Bath, Image via: hgtv.com

26: Glass and Wood

Here is a bird bath idea by club.chicacircle.com that will create a clear and colorful addition to your landscape or patio for bird bathing. The pop of color will be a welcomed addition in the landscape and invite different types of birds to come in for a refreshing dip in the clear water.

Easy and inexpensive to create from items you may already have on hand.

bird bath idea
Glass and Wood bird bath idea, Image via: club.chicacircle.com

27: Fruit Bowl Up-Cycle

Do you have an old ornate fruit bowl that was handed down to you from a grandparent? It may hold memories, but outlived its time to hold fruit. Up-cycle that old fruit bowl into a garden bird bath such as this one by redcottagechronicles so it can remind you of a past loved one and still be useful today.

Updated with non-toxic paint and placed on a pedestal, a fruit bowl can become a popular bathing spot for the birds this summer.

Fruit Bowl Up-Cycle
Fruit Bowl Up-Cycle, Image via: redcottagechronicles.com

28: Solar Powered Hummingbird Bath

Use these free plans to create a DIY bird bath by instructables.com that will attract hummingbirds and won’t increase your electric bill. It’s also inexpensive to create.

This cheap bird bath is made from two baking pans and a solar powered water pump. Cheap to build and cheap to maintain.

Solar Powered Hummingbird Bath
Solar Powered Hummingbird Bath, Image via: instructables.com

29: Recycled Satellite Dish Bird Bath Idea

Wondering what to do with that old satellite dish that you’re no longer using to receive television signals? Recycle it into a DIY bird bath like this one by instructables with this interesting idea.

Paint the satellite and add a few components, like a water sprayer, to create a lovely bird bath that will invite friendly fliers into your yard.

Recycled Satellite Dish Bird Bath Idea
Recycled Satellite Dish Bird Bath Idea, Image via: instructables.com

30: Plant Stand Bird Bath Idea

This bird bath idea by justagirlblog.com shows you how to use a plant stand to display a plant and hold a bird bath.

This idea is both functional and attractive, ideal for use on a small patio or deck. Inexpensive materials can be put together in just a few minutes for this DIY project.

Plant Stand Bird Bath Idea
Plant Stand DIY Bird Bath, Image via: justagirlblog.com

31: Garbage Can Lid

A galvanized garbage can lid has the ideal width and depth for use as a bird bath by rspb.org.uk. Many bird baths fail to attract birds because they are not wide enough or are too deep. A garbage can lid is the perfect size, and can be elevated in many different ways.

Get inspired with these free plans for transforming an ordinary lid into a bath tub for birds.

diy bird bath
Garbage Can Lid DIY Bird Bath, Image via: rspb.org.uk

32: Hanging Bird Bath

Do you have a glass lid, but no casserole dish it will fit? Transform that odd glass lid into a unique hanging bird bath with this idea by sadieseasongoods.

Use a small chain to suspend the lid from a tree branch, place a bird house and feeder in the tree, and you will create a ideal living space for birds.

This inexpensive and easy to create idea will put that un-usable glass lid to good use in your yard.

Hanging Bird Bath
Make Hanging Bird Bath With Glass Lid, Image via: sadieseasongoods.com

33: Tea Pot Bird Bath

Check out this diy bird bath idea by morenascorner.com that creates a work of art for display in your garden. Stack an old teapot, saucers and cups in an eye-pleasing arrangement, then attach them to each other with ceramic glue.

End the stack with a plate on top for use as a bird bath. Unique and inexpensive garden art that provides birds with a safe place to take a bath.

Tea Pot DIY Bird Bath
Tea Pot DIY Bird Bath, Image via: morenascorner.com

34: Recycled Lamp Bird Bath Idea

Transform an old lamp into a new homemade bird bath using this diy idea by secondchancetodream.com. Easy to create, this lamp recycling idea will keep trash out of the landfill, add an interesting element to your garden, and create a lovely bird bath.

Recycled Lamp Bird Bath Idea
Recycled Lamp Bird Bath Idea, Image via: secondchancetodream.com

35: Concrete Bird Bath

Built to last using inexpensive concrete mix, this diy bird bath by ashleydiy.blogspot.com only takes a couple of hours to build and will last for years. Paint it and add embellishments to make it a one-of-a-kind design.

Concrete DIY Bird Bath
Concrete Bird Bath Idea, Image via: ashleydiy.blogspot.com

36: Recycled Bricks

Stack old bricks and top with a shallow container to create a lovely bird bath. This diy bird bath idea by robinsnestingplace.blogspot.com will inspire you to put old bricks to a new use. The birds will thank you.

lovely bird bath
lovely bird bath Idea, Image via: robinsnestingplace.blogspot.com

37: Mist DIY Bird Bath

This bird bath plan by birdsandblooms is ideal for humming birds, since they fail to enjoy water in other types. On a colorful container, you need to add misters (three or four) and create a fountain bird bath. It looks appealing and ultimately you will be calling in lots of birdies.

Mist DIY Bather
Mist DIY Bather, Image via: birdsandblooms.com

38:  Solar Powered Incredible DIY Bird bath

Here we’ve homemade bird bath by instructables.com that can be easily made from items lying in your garage or store room. However, it may require some technicality and would consume time too. If over the weekend you are in mood of some fun experiment making bird bath, don’t forget to check this one out.

Solar Powered Incredible DIY Bird bath
Solar Powered Incredible DIY Bird bath, Image via: instructables.com

39: Large leaf DIY Bird Bath

Creativity in DIY plans can be experienced at best – you can use any type of big leaves for this and create a gorgeous looking bath for birds by gardengatemagazine.com.

Large leaf DIY Bird Bath
Large leaf DIY Bird Bath, Image via: gardengatemagazine.com


Every one of us likes the pleasant sound and appearance of these little whimsy creatures. Having a diy bird bath in your backyard garden allows them a source of water. We have shown you some of the most popular bird bath ideas, we hope you will like any one of them to be in your garden area.

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