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21 DIY Pallet Shed Plans That Gives You Best Outdoor Storage Space

Pallet shed plans will provide you with detailed instructions for building your own outside storage facility. A DIY pallet storage shed can be customized to meet your needs, and created in any style you want to compliment the exterior of your home.

These free pallet shed plans will show a variety of styles and sizes of sheds that you can create from recycled wooden pallets. A homemade shed can be simple, elaborate or somewhere in-between. Look over these 21 amazing diy pallet sheds and choose the design that is right for your storage needs.

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1- Mini Barn DIY Pallet Shed

Download these free plans to build a DIY pallet shed that looks like a mini barn. The large double front doors of the shed provide space for driving in a riding lawn mower and other large pieces of gardening equipment.


2- Garden DIY Pallet Shed

Use these garden shed plans to build an attractive and sheltered location in which to store all your garden tools. Large enough to hold all outdoor tools, small enough to  leave plenty of landscape space for the garden.

Garden DIY Pallet Shed

3- DIY Pallet Shed

Use these wood shed plans to create an attractive outbuilding that will meet any code law and add value to your property. No one will guess it was made from recycled wood pallets.

wood shed plans

4- DIY Pallet Wood Shed

Here is a great idea for keeping your firewood neatly stacked and dry. Use these free pallet shed plans for constructing a pallet wood shed right next to the location where you chop firewood.

Great for construction in the backyard of any home that has a wood burning stove or fireplace. Also great for use at an off grid homestead. These free pallet shed plans are easy to follow and the shed will cost less than $20 to build.

Pallet Wood Shed

5- DIY Pallet Shed Studio

Use these free pallet shed plans to build a large studio for your art projects. This pallet storage shed design create a large stand alone unit that can be used for painting, pottery, jewelry making, wood working or any number of other art projects you may enjoy doing.

After the pallet shed studio is completed, recycle more wood pallets into custom furniture to furnish the shed. This design would make an ideal detached office, backyard man cave or she shed. Finish the look off with a picket fence around the shed created from wood pallets.

free pallet shed plans

6- Barn Style DIY Pallet Shed

This pallet storage shed is made to look like a mini barn. Easy to create roof line give this functional storage shed an aesthetically pleasing look that will increase property appearance and value.

A sliding barn door completes the barn style, and a couple of windows bring in plenty of natural light. Create a small bump-out under the barn roof overhand to use for firewood storage. This area will keep firewood dry without taking up any room inside of the shed.

Barn Style Pallet Shed

7- Open Window DIY Pallet Shed

Open the window and let the fresh air come in! These free storage shed plans will help you create a space in which you not only store garden items, but start seedlings, make repairs and enjoy the view.

free storage shed plans

8- Simple Pallet Shed Design

This diy wooden shed has a simple design, but a lot of character. Easy to build and large enough to store a riding lawn mower, snow blower and all the other tools needed to keep a yard and garden looking their best.

wooden shed

9- Garden Shed With Natural Light

Plenty of natural light will flood the interior of this DIY pallet shed. Two front windows and a glass panel front door let in the sunlight and add a touch of yesteryear’s charm to the overall look. Create a relaxing faux porch by placing a few pallets on the ground in front of the shed and an old rocking chair to rest in after a day of gardening.

Garden Shed With Natural Light

10- 8 x 6 DIY Pallet Shed

If you need a lot of outdoor storage space, this large shed is for you. Made almost entirely of recycled pallets, this large storage shed can be built within one week and provide plenty of room to meet all your storage shed needs.

8 x 6 DIY Pallet Shed

11- Sunny and Bright DIY Pallet Shed

Watch your garden grow from inside in this sunny and bright storage shed. Small enough to place in the garden, the two large windows facing the garden will give the feeling of being in the garden while you’re inside the shed working on projects.

Sunny and Bright DIY Pallet Shed

12- DIY Pallet Shed With Sliding Glass Doors

When you don’t want your garden shed to look like a shed, consider using these DIY building plans. Start with recycled pallets, add siding and a sliding glass door, and the finished project will look more like a guest house than a place to store outdoor garden equipment.

DIY Pallet Shed With Sliding Glass Doors

13- DIY Pallet Storage Shed

Mixing building mediums is modern and stylish, and it’s easy to do with these free plans. This small wood and metal shed created from recycled pallet wood and metal roofing provides a safe and dry pace to store a lawn mower, leaf blower, and a few other needed lawn care items.

This shed style takes up very little space in the backyard and looks very attractive. The total cost for this DIY build will be almost nothing if you have a sheet of metal roofing on hand.

DIY Pallet Storage Shed

14- DIY Pallet Cabin

Versatile pallet cabin design can be used for a variety of things, you may even want to live in it!  The front porch is ideal for sitting, the side shelter with roof is ideal for an outdoor cooking area and the interior is roomy enough for a living space.

Learn how to build a shed from pallets with these free and easy to follow plans, then you can decide how to use it. This pallet cabin could be multi-functional and be used for storage, camping and an outdoor cooking area.

how to build a shed from pallets
Image via: 1001pallets.com

15- Tiny DIY Pallet Cabin

Here are plans to build the perfect off grid vacation cabin in the woods. These free shed plans will take you through the entire build so you can create a woodland get-away from recycled pallet wood.

This adorable tiny cabin feature a high ceiling, natural light and a front porch. The nearby outhouse can also be created from recycled pallet wood as well. All the creature comforts to make your camping experience comfortable while keeping the DIY affordable.

Add insulation and siding to the cabin to make it usable year around. This DIY pallet shed could also be used for full time off grid living.

free shed plans

16- Slope Roof Pallet Shed

This large DIY shed can be used for storage, as a play house for kids, an off grid homestead or any number of other uses. This free pallet shed plan will show you how to build a 12 feet by 16 feet building with a sloped roof.

The high ceiling, wide door entrance and slopped roof would provide plenty of interior room and make the pallet shed usable year around.

Recycle used 2×4‘s, plywood and concrete blocks in the building process to keep the cost down. Adding sliding barn doors to the front of this large shed would make it ideal for using as a barn for small animals, like goats or sheep.

free pallet shed plan

17- Play House Pallet Shed Plans

Kids love to have their own backyard play house. It’s a place where they can let their  imagination run free and a place they can call their own. Use these pallet shed plans to create an attractive and cozy play house for your kids.

The design will increase your property value, plus it will make a great tool storage shed when the kids outgrow it. Add window and a glass panel door for plenty of natural light to come inside this adorable wood pallet play house.

pallet shed plans

18- Wood Storage Shed

These free pallet shed plans will show you how to build a wood storage shed that will keep your firewood dry and provide you easy access to the wood.

The slim design holds a lot of firewood without taking up much space in the back yard. the design has two separate spaces and two doors to allow for the separation of seasoned firewood and green firewood. The wood shed is easy to load and unload with firewood.

Wood Storage Shed

19- DIY Pallet Garden Shed

Build a perfect building to hold all of your garden tools with these free pallet shed plans. Several tools are needed to grow a garden, maintain a lawn and do simple home repairs. All those tools need a place to be kept that is dry and out of the elements.

This garden shed is an ideal DIY building project that will hold all of your garden tools in one dry location.

free pallet shed plans

20- Back Yard Shed

These diy pallet shed plans will show you how to create a DIY storage shed that is just the right size for a small back yard. This 8 feet by 6 feet pallet shed is easy and inexpensive build, and it can hold a lot of equipment for its small size.

Add a front window so natural light can get inside and to make the shed look attractive. This shed design is inexpensive and quick to build.

pallet shed plans

21- Wood Pallet Storage Shed

If you need a cover space for storing pallets at outdoor this is the brilliant idea for you. This diy wood shed is going you a little cost as most of the material used is salvaged.

Pallet Storage Shed

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