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  1. roger
    roger at |

    a very interesting concept. my daughter is currently a first year study at UKZN studying chemical engineering and she has a task to produce a electricity generator using wind. I don’t have a clue how this can be done. the due date is may2015. will use you d i y suggestions. thanks

  2. Dauda Anthony
    Dauda Anthony at |

    Help me with the procedure details. I want to carry the project

  3. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Great article, found it incredibly useful and I can’t wait to get building my own turbine.

  4. Saad
    Saad at |

    I want to make one of them

  5. kris baker
    kris baker at |

    With the world we live in getting so bad i am extremely happy that there is a person not only willing but actually taking the time to post things like this to help the world. Its a refreshing thing to see in a world full of so much greed and “me myself and i” type of attitude. Many thanks to you sir. Many thanks. You have helped myself, my family, and countless others in this world.

  6. Steve
    Steve at |

    I would like to build a wind turbine in a 200mm pipe pushing wind through it any idea`s

  7. creektilghmank45
    creektilghmank45 at |

    You can learn more about it on INPLIX website.

  8. H. Norris
    H. Norris at |

    Very interesting. I may use some of these in the future, with things getting progressively worse in the world and all.


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