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DIY Solar Generator

21 DIY Solar Generators You Can Build At A Fraction Of Cost

A DIY solar generator is a must-have item for survivalists and the average Joe alike. Situations arise that cause the loss of power, like the recent flooding and fires many parts of the country have been experiencing, and knowing you have an alternative source of electricity will give you peace of mind.

A DIY solar generator is not only good in cases of emergency, it’s also a great item to have on hand for any outdoor adventure. A portable solar generator is great to take along on camping trips, hunting and fishing trips and even for a day at the beach. Anywhere you want to travel, a homemade generator can provide you enough electricity to power a fan to keep you cool, a heater to keep you warm, charge all your electronics and enough power to keep food cool and cook a meal. Check out these 21 DIY solar generators that you can build at a fraction of the cost of comparable store bought generators.

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1- Portable DIY Solar Generator

A tote on wheels hides the batteries inside and the wheels make this DIY solar generator easy to take along where ever you go. The plastic tote lid is replaced with a lightweight particle board lid so the interior components of the DIY generator are protected, yet easy to access.

Portable DIY Solar Generator

2- Power Pack Solar Generator

When you are on the go and need to take the power along with you, this portable power pack is just the thing. Designed to be able to run and charge any type of electronic device or gadget you have, this large power pack is easy to build and cost effective.

Use these step by step instructions to build your own portable solar panel generator for under $200.

Power Pack DIY Solar Generator

3- DIY Solar Generator on Wheels

A bike trailer is used in this design to make the solar panel easy to transported. The bike trailer makes moving the heavy solar panel easy so you can follow the sun and move from one camp site or work site quickly and easily. Just hook the trailer up to your bike and ride to the next location.

This DIY solar generator provides enough power to run several power tools, appliances and electronic devices at the same time.

DIY Solar Generator on Wheels

4- Suitcase Solar Generator

Pack up and move on has never been easier. Take power with wherever you go in a suitcase. Use a small suitcase on wheels when only a small amount of electricity is needed. The wheeled suitcase makes transporting the homemade solar generator easier. But if you need a lot of electricity for running power tools, just use a bigger suitcase to house all the components of the generator. It will still be portable and easy to load and unload as needed.

Suitcase DIY Solar Generator

5- Pop Up Solar Generator

Easy to build, easy to transport and super easy to set up when you are ready for power. With these free plans, you can design and build a pop up diy solar powered generator that will meet you specific needs. Great for use at an off grid homestead, camp site or work location. Add on and enlarge the pop up system as needed, fold it up and take it with you when it’s time to move. Simple design produces lots of electrical power.

Pop Up DIY Solar Generator

6- Small Scale DIY Solar Generator

This go-anywhere portable solar generator will meet all the electrical needs of those living in an RV or tiny house. Build this DIY solar generator and meet all the electrical demands of small space living. All the power needed for a comfortable off-grid lifestyle can be provided by this compact, small scale generator.

Small Scale DIY Solar Generator

7- Camping Comfort Solar Generator

Camping in the great outdoors is a fun and rewarding experience. Bonding with family and nature while sleeping under the stars can only be improved by having some creature comforts, like a small refrigerator and a few electronic gadgets. These creature comforts can be powered with this easy to build solar generator. Easy to build and easy to take along on a camping trip.

Camping Comfort DIY Solar Generator

8- DIY Solar Generator Power Supply

This very simple idea provides an excellent power supply for home or camper- the idea is basically to build a box on wheels that any electrical item can be plugged into and it’s powered by the sun.

This detailed instructions will show you how to do just that. The portability of this diy solar generator makes it a great choice for taking along on camping trips to inflate air mattresses, power a television and radio and charge various electronics.

DIY Solar Generator Power Supply

9- Low-Cost Solar Generator

If you are in the market for a solar generator and have priced some in the store, you know they don’t come cheap. However, with these detailed instructions you will be able to build a homemade solar generator for under $300.

This is an ideal model to build for emergency usage at home. It’s always good to have a back-up power source when the electricity goes put in bad weather.

Low-Cost DIY Solar Generator

10- 420 Watt DIY Solar Generator

This is a two part instructional video that will show you all the steps needed to build a 420 watt diy solar powered generator. The second part of video will show you how to hook it up after you have built it. This video takes all the guess-work out of the DIY project and solar generator will provide you with plenty of power or home or camper.

420 Watt DIY Solar Generator

11- Free Energy From Solar Generator

More money in your pocket and all the free energy your household needs can be provided by this DIY solar generator. Follow these detailed pictorial instructions and build your own solar powered generator so you can convert your home to solar power and not have to pay a monthly electric bill again.

Free Energy From DIY Solar Generator

12- Recycled Solar Generator

These free plans will show you how to take old parts from the trash heap and recycle them into a new diy solar powered generator. A few old solar garden lights and few other recycled components can be fit together to create a small solar generator that provides enough electricity to charge electronics and listen to the radio.

By recycling old parts to capture the power of the sun, you will be helping the planet two ways – you will be minimizing the amount of trash going to the landfill and reducing the amount of natural resources your household consumes.

Recycled DIY Solar Generator

13- Homemade Solar Generator

Solar generators are a great off-grid alternative power source for light use. If you just need to charge a laptop, phone, a of couple other small items, then a homemade solar generator can provide the needed electricity without the expense of making your homestead completely solar powered.

A homemade solar generator can also save lives if the main power source goes down for a few days. People with certain medical conditions require life-sustaining equipment that is powered by electricity and a homemade solar generator is great to have on hand just in case a need arises.

Follow these detailed pictorial instructions and learn how to build a solar generator for your off-grid homestead.

Homemade Solar Generator

14- Portable Solar Generator

Take the electricity with you with this DIY portable solar generator. This solar generator and trailer allow you to take 115 volts of electricity anywhere on the homestead it’s needed.

This small solar generator and trailer can easily be pulled behind an ATV, side-by-side, truck, or bicycle. It’s small and lightweight but provides plenty of power for a day of work or play.

Power up your power tools, fan, radio, and coffee pot and be ready for a productive day with this portable solar generator. A camping trip is more comfortable with a portable solar generator like this one so you can have fresh hot coffee in the morning and watch the weather report on your electronic device in the evening.

Portable Solar Generator

15- Inexpensive Solar Generator

For well under $1,000 you can build this 3.5kWh DIY solar generator that will provide plenty of electricity for your homestead needs.

This detailed YouTube video will show you how to make a solar generator that won’t cost you a lot of money. The building process is quick, simple, and inexpensive and can be completed within one day.

Saving money, time, and reducing the use of natural resources is the goal of a DIY project like this one. A solar generator also runs quietly and cleanly, helping to minimize the noise pollution as well as the air pollution on our planet.

16- Quiet Solar Generator

Gas powered generators are loud and emit noxious fumes into the atmosphere, they also burn fossil fuel which is a non-renewable resource.

A solar generator is quiet, emits no odors, and runs on renewable and sustainable solar power. The sun provides the power and a solar panel can harness the energy of the sun’s rays and use the energy to power a generator. Get quiet, clean, efficient, and sustainable electricity from this easy to build solar generator.

Keep your home, campsite, and/or neighborhood quiet by building yourself a solar power generator. Solar power is clean power and will not increase air pollution either.

Quiet Solar Generator

17- Small Solar Generator

This YouTube video will show you how to make a solar generator that is small and easy to carry along with you.

Wherever you need electricity, this small DIY solar generator is ready to go with you and supply the power. Building, remodeling, repairing, or any other task on the homestead that requires electricity, this small solar generator can help you out.

This sturdy and functional design is easy to take along where it’s needed and will last for years. The generator also runs quiet and does not contribute to air pollution.

18- Portable Camping Generator

If you love to go camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking in the wilderness, this will be a great take-along item for your backpack.

This portable camping generator is small and completely powered by the sun. You can enjoy camping in the wilderness but still have some of the comforts of home with this lightweight and efficient DIY solar generator.

This solar power generator is an all-in-one portable power station with a rechargeable battery that can be charged with a single solar panel. It will even generate enough power for a small heater inside your tent if you like camping in cold weather.

Portable Camping Generator

19- Recycled Computer Parts

Watch this YouTube video and discover how you can take old computer parts and recycle them into a DIY solar generator. For a fraction of the cost of a new generator, you can build a one that provides 300 watts of electricity from old computer parts.

It’s made from recycled parts and runs off of a renewable energy source, making this an ideal DIY project. If you have an old computer laying around, use these detailed instructions for transforming it into a solar power generator.

20- DIY 12 Volt Generator

Camp in the peace and quietness of the great outdoors while enjoying enough electricity to recharge your electronic devices. That is what this small, portable, and efficient solar generator will provide.

Camping is a way to get away from the fast paced and noisy city, so the last thing you want to listen to is the loud noise of a gas powered generator. You also want to get out of the city to breathe fresh, clean air, not air filled with the noxious fumes emitted from a gas generator.

Be quiet, clean, and relaxed, while still having plenty of electricity, with this DIY 12-volt solar generator.

DIY 12-volt solar generator

21- Solar Power Homestead

Even a homestead that is completely powered by solar energy can use a solar generator. Building areas away from the homestead, camping trips, hunting, and fishing trips can be made more comfortable with electricity supplied by a solar generator.

A series of cloudy days or inclement weather can drain the battery bank on the homestead and a solar generator can save the day. These free plans will take you through the building process with ease.

This DIY project will provide you with a generator that gives clean, quiet electricity from a sustainable resource – the sun. Ideal back-up generator to have on hand if someone in your family requires life-sustaining devices like an oxygen machine or CPAP sleeping device.

Solar Power Homestead

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