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20 Cool Indoor Hanging Plants You Will Love To Grow

Indoor hanging plants are a great way to add living color to your home without taking up valuable surface space. Hanging house plants can be suspended in front of a window and used as living curtains, or suspended from the ceiling and used as room dividers. Brighten up a corner with a colorful, blooming house plant and improve the indoor air quality in every room.

Indoor hanging plants are versatile and can be used in many different ways. Check out these 20 cool indoor hanging plants and see where they will fit into your home environment

1. Arrowhead Plant

Also known as a Five Finger Plant, this plant has unique leaves that change shape. The leaves start out in the shape of an arrow, and slowly change into a shape that looks like five fingers.

The plant will grow in a long, trailing vine that will reach a mature length of 4-6 feet. The leaves colors vary from green with white stripes, pink and Burgundy. The Arrowhead plant loves high humidity and indirect light.

Arrowhead Hanging Plant

2. Bird’s Nest Fern

Native to tropical rain forests, The Bird’s Nest Fern is at home in a humid bathroom with indirect sunlight.

The leaves grow upright, but their shape is dictated by the amount of sunlight the plant receives.

A lot of sun exposure will cause the leaves to scrunch up, a little sun exposure will cause the leaves to grow flat. Too much sun will cause the leaves to turn yellow. Finding the perfect amount of sunlight for the plant may require a little trial and error, but once you do, that is almost all this hardy indoor house plant will need from you.

Bird’s Nest Fern

3. Boston Fern

This is a moisture loving plant that thrives in the humid environment of a bathroom. The fronds of the fern cascade over the side of the hanging planter and can reach up to two feet in length. Small, light green leaves line the frond stem or this non-blooming house plant.

Keep dead stems cut off and re-pot every 2-3 years. Feed once in the spring with a water soluble plant food. You may also like to see hanging herb garden ideas.

Boston Fern indoor

4. Burro’s Tail

An interesting looking succulent that makes an ideal hanging house plant. The thick stems of the plant appear to be woven together and give the appearance of a burro’s tail.

The evergreen plant goes through slight color changes and may appear green, blue, gray and chalky looking as indoor environment conditions change.

Burro’s tail enjoys a full sun location and very little water, making it ideal for hanging in front of a window. The ‘tails’ can grow up to two feet long.

Hanging Burro’s Tail

5. Christmas Cactus

Beautiful indoor hanging plant that is at home in any room of your house. This tropical plant enjoys cool temperatures and will produce an abundance of blooms on its pendulous stems during the Christmas season.

Sometimes called a Holiday cactus because it will bloom from Thanksgiving through New Years when properly cared for. This hanging house plant requires very little water and no food, just a bright spot to hang around in.

When not in bloom, this cactus has green, fleshy, thornless leaves and makes an interesting hanging plant.

Growing Christmas Cactus

6. Chenille Plant

Ideal indoor hanging plant for locations in your home which need a pop of color. The Chenille plant has large dark green leaves on top and fuzzy red flowers that cascade downward.

The flower stems resemble soft, fuzzy chenille. This indoor hanging house plant will grow quite large, reaching a mature width of around 4 feet and length of around 6 feet.

Place in a low traffic area, like a corner, away from drafts and direct sunlight.

Hanging Chenille Plant Indoor

7. Devil’s Ivy

This hanging vine is low maintenance and is happy in almost any environment. The vibrant green leaves with yellow splotches will grow rapidly and cascade over the side of a hanging planter and reach a mature length of 10-12 feet.

This is an ideal plant for use as a living curtain, room divider or trained to grow along the top of a wall.

The vines can be pruned and kept to a shorter length if desired.

Hanging Devil’s Ivy

8. English Ivy

This is a very common indoor hanging plant, and for good reason: it’s hardy, easy to care for and is attractive in any room of the home.

This is the vine you often see growing up buildings that creates the appearance of beautiful living green wall.

The long growing vines produce three pronged, bright green leaves. Vines will grow several feet in length and make ideal living curtains or room dividers. The plant can be kept trimmed to the desired length.

English Ivy House Plant

9. Fishbone Cactus

This flowering cactus goes by several different names, including Ric-Rac and Zig-Zag cactus. Whatever name you call it, it’s one of the best hanging plants you can grow indoors. The evergreen leaves resemble a fish bone and the colorful, large blooms will amaze you.

Flowering cactus is low maintenence and is an ideal house plant for people who are seldom home or who have a ‘black thumb’. Place plant in a bright location that is away from direct sunlight and water only after soil dries out.

Fishbone cactus will produce many cascading stems that can reach up to three feet in length and bear large blooms in summer. Wear gloves when handling this house plants as it has tiny, needle-like hairs that will stick you.

Fish bone Cactus

10. Golden Pothos

The variegated gold and green leaves plus air purifying abilities of this trailing vine make it a must-have house plant.

Slow growing vine enjoys sunlight and will show it’s brilliant leaf color when exposed to enough sunlight.

This plant has the ability to remove toxins from the indoor air so you can breathe cleaner, fresher air year around. Ideal indoor hanging plant to have in the bedroom suspended in front of the window. Golden Pothos will purify the air in the room while you sleep so you will experience fewer sinus problems.

Golden Pothos

11. Mistletoe Cactus

A Mistletoe cactus looks like a healthier version of its cousin, the seasonal mistletoe that grows on trees. This indoor hanging plant is a lush dark green color and grows into a thick hanging plant that cascades down and around the sides of the container, almost forming a ball shape as it grows downward.

Mistletoe cactus prefers high humidity and moderate light. Grow this interesting house plant in a humid bathroom or kitchen and away from direct sunlight.

Mistletoe Cactus

12. Maidenhair Fern

This delicate looking fern is actually a hardy hanging plant. The light green feather-like fronds hide a secret underneath – purple leaves.

Plant in an acidic potting soil mixture and keep soil moist at all times. Keep away from exterior doors and air vents so plant will not receive a draft or blast of hot or cold air.

Maidenhair fern loves humidity and will benefit from a daily misting with cool water. Place this hanging plant in a location that does not receive direct sunlight.

Hanging Maidenhair Fern

13. Pitcher Plant

Interesting looking plant that keeps your environment free of flying pests. This carnivorous plant has large green leaves that have pendulous growths that look like pitchers on the end. These pitchers attract flies, gnats and other flying insects to come inside, once inside the pitcher lid closes and the pests will never be seen again.

The pitchers are orange-yellowish in color and make an attractive addition to any room of the home. Place in a room where flying pests are a problem and the Pitcher Plant will get rid of those pests in a few days.

Pitcher Plant Hanging Indoor

14. Ripple Peperomia

Attractive indoor hanging plant that has heart shaped leaves with various colors of stripes. The leaves also have textured ripples that add to their attractiveness. Leaf colors come in green, gray, red and cream with each plant having leaves in two different colors.

This vining plant spills over the container and grows downward and can reach up to three feet in length. The plant produces small white flowers on top of red stalks that grow straight up from the plant.

Place hanging container away from direct sunlight to prevent leaf burn. Allow soil to dry out between watering. Feed once a month with a water soluble plant food during spring and summer.

Ripple Peperomia Hanging Indoor

15. Silver Falls

This is one of the best indoor hanging plant for both color and low maintenance. A multitude of tiny green leaves spill over the side of the plant and cascade downward like a water fall. Each leaf has a silver sheen that make the plant look silver when viewing it from certain angles.

Silver Falls is an evergreen that will add interesting color, texture and beauty to any room of your home.

Place plant in a location that will receive some bright sunlight during the day. Trim plant as needed to keep at desired length.

Silver Falls Indoor

16. String Of Pearls

The small, round leaves of this hanging plant resemble string of pearls, that’s where the name comes from. The plant is an easy care succulent that requires very little maintenance and is happy in most any indoor environment.

Hang a pot of String Of Pearls in a bright location that does not receive the hot afternoon sun. Allow soil to dry out between watering. Mature plant will have cascading ‘strings of pearls’ that will reach around three feet in length.

17. String Of Nickels

The fat, round leaves of this attractive hanging succulent are shaped like coins and have a silvery color that further makes them look like nickels.

Place plant in a narrow hanging container so the strands of coins can cascade downward. Strand of coins will grow up to two feet in length when mature. The plant will also produce small clusters of cream color flowers and fuzzy white seeds.

Allow soil to dry out between watering and keep plant out of direct sunlight.

Place plant in a bright location but out of direct sunlight. Keep soil moist, but not soggy, at all times.

String Of Nickels

18. String Of Hearts

Also known as the Rosary Vine, this house plant produces longs stems with heart shaped leaves.

Pairs of heart shaped leaves will grow on cascading stems every three inches. Small, bead-like growths will develop on the stems in between the leaves. The stems will reach three feet long when mature.

Allow soil to dry out between watering and withhold water completely during the winter when the plant goes dormant.

String Of Hearts

19. Staghorn

Hanging plants indoors does not get any easier than this unusual and attractive Staghorn. Staghorns belong to a group of house plant known as ‘air plants’. These plants do not grow in soil and do not need to be watered or fed.

Staghorn derives everything it needs to thrive from the air inside your home. This plant is native to the Australian rainforest, and grows attached to a tree, not planted in soil. Grow this air plant on a piece of attractive wood suspend in a bathroom window.

The bathroom will give this unusual house plant the humidity it loves and the bathroom window will provide the filtered sunlight it needs to thrive. The plant grows upward instead of downward, and will reach 2-3 feet tall when mature.

20. Spider Plant

A popular indoor hanging plant that develops new plants that resemble spiders. The narrow plant leaves are long and grow abundantly. Each leaf will have a green center and white striping on the outside edges.

Long stems grow from the plant and cascade downward to about three feet. New Spider plants develop along these stems which look like small green spiders. These new plants can be left on the plant to add interest, or removed and potted in soil to start an entirely new Spider plant.

Easy to care for and non-toxic, spider plants are ideal for low light corners or other dimly lit areas of your home.

Spider Plant Indoor

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