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30 DIY Tower Garden Ideas To Grow Plants Vertically

A DIY tower garden is the ideal solution for people who have limited outdoor space, but want to grow plants for food and/or beauty. A garden tower project can be as simple as just stacking a few various sized planter pots in ascending size order for herb growing, to building a more elaborate vertical garden tower that is capable of supporting larger food and flower plants. Whatever your gardening need and outdoor space is, one of these 21 DIY tower garden ideas we have collected for you is sure to meet your needs.

DIY Tower Garden Ideas For Urban Gardeners:

1- PVC Pipe Tower Garden On

Build your own tower garden like this one Youtube with PVC pipe. Perfect design for a small space.

Here is step by step guide

  • Select 2 PVC pipes that are 4 inches in diameter and the same length. The length depends on the desired height of the tower garden.
  • Use a drill with a cutting bit attachment to create planting holes in the PVC pipe as shown in the video
  • Use smaller, 1 inch PVC pipe as a support system for larger pipes
  • Stand upright and secure in-ground and/or against a fence
  • Fill large PVC pipes with potting soil and place plants in vertical holes

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2- Flower Pot DIY Tower Garden

Attractive and so easy to create, 5 terra cotta planter in various sizes, a rod and potting soil is all that’s need to build this flower pot tower at graceandgoodeats.

Steps to build diy tower garden

  • Five terra cotta planters in ascending sizes, ranging from 14 inch to 6 inch
  • A wood or metal rod long enough to span the height of the stacked planters
  • Flower pot tower will be heavy when completed, so build it in its permanent location
  • Fill the larger planter with potting soil, insert rod in the center. Place the rod through the bottom hole of the next smallest planter and slide planter down until it rests on top of the soil in the first planter.
  • Fill the second planter with potting soil and continue stacking and filling the planters.
  • Plant selected seeds or plants in the exposed soil of each planter

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Flower Pot DIY Tower Garden
Flower Pot DIY Tower Garden, Image via: graceandgoodeats

3- Pyramid DIY Tower Garden

Here we have an Ideal design for starting plants from seeds or for growing strawberry plants. Use these free plans for building a long-lasting diy pyramid tower by removeandreplace from wood. Great way to use scrap lumber you have on hand. This DIY tower garden  can be built to your desired height.

Pyramid DIY Tower Garden
Pyramid DIY Tower Garden Idea, Image via: removeandreplace

4- Strawberry DIY Tower Garden

This DIY vertical grow tower by apieceofrainbow is perfect for growing strawberries or other similar running vines. The best thing we like about this design is the hidden water reservoir that keeps the plants hydrated at all times.

Below are simple steps to build this strawberry tower

  • Use five gallon planters or buckets
  • Create 1 1/4 inch holes in the bottom for drainage and around the sides for plants to grow out of planter.
  • Fill each planter half way with potting soil and stack on top of each other until the desired height is reached
  • Cut the bottom off of a plastic water bottle and insert it upside down in the top planter drainage hole, then fill in the remaining space of the top planter with potting soil. This is the water reservoir for the entire strawberry tower
  • Plant strawberry plants in the side holes and exposed soil on the top of each container
Strawberry DIY Tower Garden
Strawberry DIY Tower Garden, Image via: apieceofrainbow

5-  Grow Potato Garden Tower In A Wire Cage

Here we have a good idea that will work fine if you have not good garden soil and have a small garden space. Here are brief instructions to make this potato garden tower at lifeisjustducky

  • Cut 3′ wide wire fence and blend the ends to make a circle.
  • Fill it up with grass clipping or hay.
  • Push the hay to the side and fill the center with good garden soil mixed with compost and worm casting.
  • Plant some seeds or seedlings right in the top.
  • Cover the top with garbage can to protect it from frost.
  • Cover top and sides with tulle to protect plants from pests.
Grow Potato Garden Tower In A Wire Cage  
Grow Potato Garden Tower In A Wire Cage, Image via:lifeisjustducky.com

6- Planter Bird Bath Combination

This whimsical DIY flower tower by homestoriesatoz provides a space for flower growing and a place for birds to bath. Paint the terra cotta planters a bold color so the DIY creation will be an attractive piece of yard art during the winter months.

Planter Bird Bath Combination
Planter Bird Bath Combination, Image via: homestoriesatoz

7- Trash Can DIY Grow Tower

Learn how to transform a 15 gallon round trash can (a 55 gallon barrel can also be used) into a productive diy plant tower like this one on YouTube video that can be used on a porch, roof top, patio or in the landscape.


8- DIY Aeroponics Growing Tower

Transform a 55 gallon food-grade plastic barrel and some PVC pipe elbows to create this aeronautics growing tower on youtube that can support a large number of vegetable plants. Easy to follow YouTube video walks you though the entire DIY process.

9- Sweet Potato DIY Tower Garden

Follow this YouTube video to discover how easy and fun growing sweet potatoes can be in a potao tower like in this Youtube video. A few containers, soil and patience will have you digging up a tasty harvest of fresh sweet potatoes.

10- Miniponics Vertical Garden

Grow edible plants and fish in this attractive miniponic vertical garden by mediamatic. Easy to build, takes up very little space and makes an interesting addition to any sunny location inside of your home. Also check out DIY aquaponic system.

Miniponics Vertical Garden
How To Build a Miniponics Tower Garden, Image via: mediamatic

11- Recycled Bottle DIY Tower Garden

In this DIY vertical garden idea by containergardening we will see how the DIYers recycle various bottles and buckets and transform them into a tower garden. You may also like to check out vertical gardening ideas.

Recycled Bottle Tower Garden
Recycled Bottle Tower Garden, Image via: containergardening

12- Strawberry DIY Tower Garden

Simple, sleek wood design takes up very little space, but produces an abundance of fresh strawberries. Get the tutorial of this diy tower garden at zestitup.com.

Strawberry Tower
Strawberry Tower, Image via:zestitup.com

13- DIY Herb Tower

Use this idea to build an herb tower by removeandreplace from cedar wood. Plenty of growing space for a variety of herbs, and the cedar wood will last for years.

diy-herb-garden-tower, Image via: removeandreplace

14- DIY Garden Tower Under $10

This diy garden tower project by removeandreplace can be created for less than $10. Economical, functional and beautiful.

diy garden tower
DIY Garden Tower Under $10, Image via: removeandreplace

15- Stacked Planter

Welcome guests at your front door with this attractive stacked planter garden tower by allparenting.

stacked planter garden tower
Stacked Planter, Image via: allparenting

16- DIY Flower Tower

A little fence wire, potting soil and flowers can be transformed into this lush flower tower at homedepot in under an hour.

Flower pot Tower
Flower pot Tower, Image via: homedepot

17- Hydroponic Strawberry Tower

Another masterful and simple design using PVC pipe. This hydroponic system by gardenculturemagazine will enable you to grow large, juicy strawberries inside or outside of your home. Also check out diy hydroponic systems.

Hydroponic Strawberry Tower
Hydroponic Strawberry Tower, Image via: gardenculturemagazine

18- Pallet Vertical Garden

Recycle pallet wood to create vertical garden shelves like in this tower garden idea by instructables. Perfect for growing a variety of fresh herbs and edible flowers. You may also like to see pallet garden ideas.

Pallet Vertical Garden
Pallet Vertical Garden, Image via: instructables

19- Stacked Wood Crates

Use this vertical garden idea by littlegreendot to create an attractive focal point for your backyard. Easy to build and provides a large vertical growing space that will provide a lot of fresh produce. You may also like to check out vertical garden plants.

vertical garden idea
Stacked Wood Crates, Image via: littlegreendo

20- Rain DIY Tower Garden

Unique idea that makes vertical gardening easy like in this Youtube video. Simple DIY build with lots of room for growing plants. You may also like to check out diy garden trellis.

21- Easy-Peasy

A simple idea that produces big results. Use these step by step instructions for creating your own DIY tower garden like this one at hometalk.

DIY tower garden.
Vertical garden Idea, Image via: hometalk

22- San Francisco Vertical Garden Tower

San Francisco Vertical Garden Tour
San Francisco DIY Tower Garden

23- Petunia DIY Flower Tower

Use wire fence and a suitable container to make a petunia tower like in this youtube video.

24- 55 Gallon Plastic Barrel For DIY Tower Garden

Use 55 gallon plastic barrel to grow 50 plants in a 4 square feet of area such as in this tower garden idea on youtube.

25- Half-Pint Homestead Garden Tower Barrel Construction

Grow herbs or food in a limited space like in this tower garden idea on youtube using scrape garden barrel that has composting worms for aeration and fertility.

26- Galvanized Garden Tipsy Flower Pot Tower

Use galvanized watering can, a coal bucket, two medium sized tubs and a large wash tub to make this flower tower by fleamarketgardening.

Galvanized Garden Tipsy Flower Pot Tower
Galvanized Garden Tipsy Flower Pot Tower, Image via: fleamarketgardening

27- Spiral Herb Garden

Here we have an easy way to grow more herbs in less space. A 6 foot space is that’s needed to create this large spiral herb garden at hometalk that can support the growth of more than just herbs.

Spiral Herb Garden
Spiral Tower Herb Garden, Image via: hometalk

28- DIY Vertical Herb Garden 

 DIY Vertical Herb Garden 
Tower Herb Garden , Image via: diy-vintage-chic.blogspot.com

Get this tower garden idea at diy-vintage-chic.blogspot.com

29- Slot Together Pyramid Garden Planter

Make pyramid garden tower planter by using reclaimed Pallet timbers.

Slot Together Pyramid Garden Planter
Slot Together Pyramid Garden Planter

30- DIY Strawberry Garden Tower

Grow strawberries in a bucket that keeps them contained mobile and easy to water such as in this diy tower garden idea by homemadefoodjunkie.

DIY Strawberry Garden Tower
DIY Strawberry Garden Tower, Image via: homemadefoodjunkie


DIY tower garden as the name sounds, a vertical space in a style of tower to grow plants if you have limited outdoor space. The ideas we have shown you above provide multiple ways you make use of vertical space. You can select any of the ideas you like the most.

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