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  1. Douglas Brown
    Douglas Brown at |

    My wife is really into gardening and taking good care of her plants. I like to help where I can, but usually I just let her take care of it so that I don’t screw anything up. The second type you list here–the planter box to fit a deck–is something that I think she would really like and could do herself, with my help of course 🙂 There are some really beautiful ideas here though, and I will forward them on to her. Thanks for the post.

  2. Genevieve Lapara
    Genevieve Lapara at |

    You have a nice design and I am getting your Idea here

  3. olive
    olive at |

    Some nice designs shown here. A good idea to keep your planer box construction on the cheap is to re-purpose wooden pallets – taking them apart and using the timber.

  4. G
    G at |

    #9 plans brought me to a page cannot be found. I think the link is dead and my wife really wants me to make her some planter boxes like those. Please help! Thanks! Great boxes by the way!


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