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  1. Douglas Brown
    Douglas Brown at |

    My wife is really into gardening and taking good care of her plants. I like to help where I can, but usually I just let her take care of it so that I don’t screw anything up. The second type you list here–the planter box to fit a deck–is something that I think she would really like and could do herself, with my help of course 🙂 There are some really beautiful ideas here though, and I will forward them on to her. Thanks for the post.

  2. Genevieve Lapara
    Genevieve Lapara at |

    You have a nice design and I am getting your Idea here

  3. olive
    olive at |

    Some nice designs shown here. A good idea to keep your planer box construction on the cheap is to re-purpose wooden pallets – taking them apart and using the timber.

  4. G
    G at |

    #9 plans brought me to a page cannot be found. I think the link is dead and my wife really wants me to make her some planter boxes like those. Please help! Thanks! Great boxes by the way!

  5. Simone
    Simone at |

    Loved reading your article,it’s given me lots of inspiration even though I’ve never picked up a power saw or screwdriver in my life
    So thankyou

  6. Georgette
    Georgette at |

    Great article and nice designs. When growing your own food, the last thing you want to do is pay a fortune for planters. So, thank you for this article!


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