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8 Free DIY or Homemade Wind Turbine Plans and Designs for producing Electricity at Home


A time might come when the power might go out and there is no electricity source, this might happen when there is a power failure or some problem. We are living in a world where there are crisis and we might run out of sources through which energy is created, it is high time we start relying on the natural resources such as water, sun light and wind. One can easily make wind turbines at home and generate a good amount of electricity through it. How do wind turbines produce electricity? When the wind blows, the blades are turned which in then turns the axel attached to the motor and then the generator producing the electricity. Here are 8 ideas to make wind turbines at home:

1) Make Micro wind turbine

The materials which are needed are the five one inch diameter PVC 90 degree fittings, three one inch diameter PVC tee fittings, one one-inch diameter PVC coupler, six one inch diameter PVC six inch long pipes, one one-inch diameter PVC 24 inch long pipe, one inch diameter PVC two inch long pipe, two alligator clips, poster board for blades, twenty inch box fan or other wind source, duct tape, hot glue or glue gun, wire cutters, drill, DC motor with wires, 12 hole crimping hub, 25 dowels, multimeter, 5mm LED bulb , sound and light board. First of all, one should build the rotor and nacelle by inserting two inch piece of PVC pipe into the 90 degree fitting.  Use duct to keep it fixed. Next step is to thread the wires around DC motor into the mouth of the coupler and then through the 90 degree PVC fitting. Now you should attach the crimping hub to the motor by pressuring it into the driveshaft, and then build the base. Now attach the tower to the base, insert the wire down the 24 inch PVC pipe and attach the nacelle on the top. Then thread the wire through the PVC tee and attach alligator clips to the exposed wires. Then make blades and secure it in the dowels with the help of glue and then insert the blades in the crimping hub holes. Use LED light and sound board, attach the wire to the alligator clips and put a box fan in front of the vertical wind turbine. With the wind energy, the electricity will be supplied.

Complete plan

Make Micro wind turbine

2) A Homemade wind turbine

In order to build your own wind turbine, the first and the most important step is to look for a space in the yard, which is a bit higher and gets most of the wind. Once this is decided, mark the place and then start with making the wind turbine. The next step is to get make the design and figure out how much energy should the residential wind turbine produce. Once the basic steps are done, the next and the most important one are to get a generator which should be 90 colts DC at 32 to 40 RPM. In order to make the blades, You can use the PVC pipes and the diameter should be 2 feet and attach it to the hub of any circular wood or the base tin of the coffee container. The next step is to connect the motor wiring with the blades so that they may work when the wind blows.Complete plan

A Homemade wind turbine

3) DIY wind turbine

First of all take a 12’’ steel disk in the hydro cuts, and then cut a template for the mounting of magnets in them. The next step is to mount the twelve grade n50 magnets on edge and then make a form and add resin with hardener in it. The next step is to wound the 9 individual coils then solder them in three phase wyes configuration. Then you should use 35 turns of 2 parallel strands of 14 gauge enameled magnet wire for 12v. The next step is to make the pipe using wheel bearings and then make the blades. This DIY wind generator can be made easily at home with fewer sources.Complete plan

DIY wind turbine

4) The 17 foot domestic wind turbine

You need trailer spindle and trailer hub for the machine of the turbine. Now you need steel rotors which should be 16” in diameter and should be cut from half inch steel. Next, you should weld 6 stator brackets with diameter 20” and drill six holes in which the center one will be drilled with the spindle. Attach the magnet and coil in it with the super glue.  The next step is to attach the entire piece together along with the base and the tower. Place the turbine in such place where it is the windiest. The wind turbine cost for this is very cheap since you will be using stuff which is usually available at home.Complete plan

domestic wind turbine

5) Small Wind turbine 

This is small wind power turbine which can generate a good amount of electricity. You need PVC material which will include the one inch 90 degree PVC fittings in a quantity of 5, one inch PVC tee fittings in a quantity of 3, one inch PVC pipe in five feet and one PVC coupler in one inch. This will be used for the tower and the base. For the wiring and motors you need, one motor 500, 22 gauge hooks up wire in four feet, two alligator clips and one multimeter to record power output. All these should be fitted together to make a wind turbine at home, kids can decorate it any way they like.Complete plan

Small Wind turbine

6) How to make a homemade wind turbine

The wind turbine can be important for a house, imagine a situation where the power went out and there is no source of electricity. The wind turbine can help in producing a good amount of electricity. For this you need a generator, blades, a tower, base and the batteries and wiring system so that the wind turbine will work. First of all select a place where the wind is present the most and then with the help of PVC pipes and other items make your own wind turbine. The electricity generated from the wind can be transferred to the battery which can then start giving the electricity.Complete plan

homemade wind turbine

7) Turbine at home 

You need a steel sheet, steel nipple, floor flange, square tubing, circular saw blade for the hub of the turbine, arbor, hose clamps, PVC pipes and fittings, metal screws, a diode and a lot more. The equipments which you may need are drill, measuring tape, sand paper, pipe wrench, protractor, pipe and crescent wrench. All these items and equipments will be used for making the wind turbine at home. The generator will help in generating electricity, which will come when the blades are turned with the power of blowing wind.Complete plan

Turbine at home

8) Mini Wind Turbine for home (video tutorial)

You need a DC motor to be connected to the axle. Make body with wood, a block of wood should be in square should be nailed in one corner of the wood and make a slit in the other corner. Drill a hole in the square block for the axle to be inserted. You can buy blades from EBay which is the propeller, and is the best choice for the wind turbine. One needs a good cost for purchasing the propeller and DC motor from EBay. Attach the propeller with the axle and secure with a washer. Attach two hose clamps around the DC motors and attach it to the wooden piece. You need 9 inches pipe for the body of the turbine to give it a nice and clean look. Attach the tail in the slit a bit higher.

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