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13 Fun DIY Puzzle Table Plans You Can Build Easily

If you’re someone who loves to work on puzzles, a DIY puzzle table is just a great hobby to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. A puzzle table, or even a puzzle tray, provides a safe spot for putting together your jigsaw puzzles. There are even puzzle tables that include storage compartments to ensure you don’t lose your pieces.

Are you ready to build your own DIY puzzle table? You can find several types of puzzle table plans to keep you busy for the weekend. When you’re finished, you can keep busy with your puzzles.

Now that you’re ready to get started on your project, here we have several plans to help you learn how to make a puzzle board.

1. Wall-Mounted DIY Puzzle Table

Build this wall-mounted puzzle table by woodworkingformeremortals for your home If you’re looking to save space. This table is going to have two surfaces, one that is locked in place, and another surface that folds down on top of it what I like in this plan. You’re going to use the locked surface as your puzzle area.

When you need to use your table for eating or working, simply fold down the top surface to create a clear space. The best part is you never have to move your puzzle to use the table for other purposes.

DIY Puzzle Table Plans
Build a Puzzle Table On Mounted Wall, Image via: woodworkingformeremortals

2. DIY Jigsaw Puzzle Board

Instead of a DIY puzzle table, you’re going to build a DIY jigsaw puzzle board in this Youtube video. The board features a top surface with raised edges, as well as drawers for your puzzle pieces. If you love to do large puzzles, you’ll be happy to know that you’re building a board that’s spacious enough for a 1,000-piece puzzle.

3. DIY Puzzle Piece Table

What a better way to build a puzzle table like this one by instructables than with DIY jigsaw puzzle pieces? You’re actually going to build four wooden pieces, but you want to make sure they fit together perfectly. When you’re finished with your project, place the pieces together to create one table. You can paint the entire table or leave the natural tone, or you can paint each piece in a fun color for your little one.

DIY Puzzle Piece Table
DIY Puzzle Piece Table, Image via: instructables

4. Puzzle Coffee and Side Table

You can also build a DIY puzzle table by diyfunideas that doubles as a coffee or side table. Like the previous jigsaw puzzle table plans that I have shown you, you’re building several pieces that slide together as one table. Use the entire structure as a puzzle or coffee table, or use just one or two pieces as your side tables. This is great if you’re looking to build multipurpose furniture for your home.

DIY Puzzle Coffee and Side Table
Puzzle Coffee and Side Table, image via: diyfunideas

5. DIY Puzzle Work Station

Use this set of jigsaw puzzle table plans by craftyourhappiness to build your own puzzle work station. Instead of an actual table unlike the plans I have shown you before, it’s more like a tray that can be used in any room of your home. You can even decorate your work station to match the rest of your interior. The work station is large enough for your puzzle and extra puzzle mats, but it’s flat enough to fit under your couch or bed as needed. You may also like to read: DIY router tables.

DIY Puzzle Table
DIY Puzzle Work Station, Image via: craftyourhappiness

6. DIY Puzzle Board

With these plans, you’re going to build a DIY puzzle board such as this one by thriftyfun complete with raised edges to keep your pieces from sliding off. You’re also going to add felt feet to the underside of the board to keep it from sliding on your table or floor. When you’re not using your puzzle board, you can slide it under your bed or couch for easy storage. As for the style of your board, you have the option of painting or staining it to match your interior.

DIY Puzzle Board
How To Build a Puzzle Board, Image via: thriftyfun

7. DIY Jigsaw Puzzle Tray

If you’re interested in learning how to make a puzzle board by images.rockler, consider an actual rectangular tray with additional pull-out trays, one on each end. This diy puzzle table is one of our favorite plans.   You can use the center tray for assembling your puzzle, while the pull-out trays create storage for your additional pieces. The tray is easy to store when you need a break from your puzzle adventures.

Jigsaw Puzzle Tray
Jigsaw Puzzl Tray, Image via: images.rockler

8. Pallet DIY Puzzle Table

You can easily build a DIY puzzle table like this one by hometalk out of wood pallets and plywood, which is also an affordable way to create your DIY jigsaw puzzle table. One idea is to use pallets of different stains, grains and overall styles to create a unique, puzzle-like design. Unlike the last few plans, this puzzle table is going to have a frame and legs to create a small table.

Pallet DIY Puzzle Table
Pallet Jigsaw Puzzle Table, Image via: hometalk

9. Portable DIY Puzzle Tray

If you’re looking to create a work station that can be used anywhere, you may enjoy these plans for a portable puzzle tray by iheartorganizing. The handle makes it easy to pull the tray out from under your bed or couch, and it’s lightweight to make carrying it in both hands a breeze. The plans also feature small ledges to keep the pieces from falling off the tray. You can use your portable puzzle tray on the floor, your bed or table.

Portable DIY Puzzle Tray
DIY Portable Puzzle Tray Plans, Image via: iheartorganizing

10. Coffee Table For Puzzles

Do you enjoy building multipurpose furniture? Why not build a coffee table with puzzle storage? You can use this piece as a coffee table, DIY puzzle table like this one on Youtube and even a game table! It features a removable top surface to keep your pieces intact, complete with raised edges on the puzzle area. When you need to use your coffee table for something other than puzzles, all you have to do is replace the top surface.

11. Upcycled DIY Puzzle Table

With these puzzle table plans by imgur,  you’re going to build an upcycled puzzle table from an old shelf and entertainment center. When you’re finished, you have a sturdy place to work on your puzzle. The shelves on the bottom half of the puzzle table can be used to store your puzzles and games, as well as books and magazines. You can think of it as a puzzle table that doubles as an organizer. You may also like to read: diy welding tables.

Upcycled DIY Puzzle Table
Upcycled DIY Puzzle Table, Image via: imgur

12. DIY Puzzle Game Table

With this puzzle game table by designeddecor, you don’t have to worry about moving or displaying an unfinished puzzle. All you have to do is place the top over the puzzle area to cover your puzzle, while creating a surface for meals or work. When you’re ready to work on your puzzle, simply remove the top surface to access your pieces. Your DIY puzzle table also includes drawers for your pieces, as well as plenty of leg room for your chairs.

DIY Puzzle Game Table
DIY Puzzle Gaming Table Project, Image via: designeddecor

13. Simple DIY Puzzle Tray

If you’re not looking for a full table or tray with drawers, I would recommend you these plans to build a simple puzzle tray on youtube. The puzzle tray is spacious enough for puzzles of all sizes, and it features raised edges to keep the pieces intact. While it may not feature the bells and whistles of other trays and tables, it’s great for working on, storing and displaying your puzzles.


When you build your own DIY puzzle table, you can take your time working on your puzzle, as you’re not taking over the family dining table or coffee table. All you have to do is find a set of plans that work for you like the ones from our list.

Here we have prepared a questionnaire to answer some of the common questions.  


What is the best surface to put a puzzle together?

The best surface to use for a jigsaw puzzle instead of a board is a puzzle mat. You can put your puzzle at the centre of the mat and once you are done with your game you can just roll out the mat tightly and can unroll for the next time you are going to play.

What will hold a puzzle together?

You can preserve your puzzle for framing by using a glue. Simply apply a coat of water base and a dry clean glue for framing the puzzle. The way you apply glue also makes a difference.

What size table is good for puzzles?

To arrange a 1000 pieces of puzzles with a room to spare you need approximately 20 to 25 inches tall by 30 to 35 inches wide. For large pieces of puzzle such as 1500-2000 a large table is necessary.

Is a puzzle game good for your brain?

Playing puzzles can reinforce connections between your brain cells that can speed up your short term memory. A puzzle game helps to produce a chemical called dopamine that regulates your mood, memory and concentration level.


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