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35 Cool DIY Wall Planter Ideas For Vertical Gardens

A DIY wall planter is the ideal way to grow fresh food in a small space. These types of wall mounted planters also allow you to plant and grow flowers indoors or outdoors so you can enjoy living color year around.

DIY wall planters can be created from a variety of material to match any style, and they’re a great project for the DIY’er that enjoys recycling too. Check out these cool vertical wall planters we bring for you and get started creating your own vertical garden this weekend.

Indoor Wall Planter Ideas

1- Vertical Shelf Planter

The first one we have in our list is a unique wall planter idea that creates space to set potted plants on, suspend a hanging planter and provides a built-in planter for growing whatever type of plants you want.

Easy to build from leftover lumber and easy to customize to fit your wall space and planting needs. What we like about these planter ideas is detailed plans that are in PDF format and can be quickly downloaded and printed for easy reference while building.

Use this DIY wall planter by makingjoyandprettythings indoors or outdoors and paint or stain the wood to match any decor. The way this planter is designed will make it easy to grow multiple plants in one small vertical space. Ideal for a small home herb garden for people living in an apartment.

DIY wall planter
DIY wall planter, Image via: makingjoyandprettythings

2- Living Wall Planters

The second one we have is a living wall planter idea that makes the plants look like they are growing right out of the exterior wall of a home. The DIY wall planters by prettyhandygirl are attached to sturdy wire that have all been spray painted the same color of the house exterior. This easy and inexpensive planter idea can be created in 30 minutes. You may also like to check out DIY plant wall.

Living Wall Planters
Living Wall Planters, Image via: prettyhandygirl

3- Fabricate a Rustic DIY Wall Planter

Some old barn wood and pieces of recycled leather can be recycled into a rustic diy wall planter like this one by loveandrenovations.

Unique and attractive, this vertical wall planter is the perfect way to grow a variety of herbs in a small space.

rustic wall planter
rustic wall planter, Image via: loveandrenovations

4- Terra Cotta Vertical Planter

If you love the look of terra cotta planters, use this unique idea to create a DIY wall planter like in this youtube video for three terra cotta pots. We just love the way planters are hanged. This is one of our most favorite diy wall planter ideas.

The small clay planters are attached to a DIY wood-slatted backboard then attached to an indoor or outdoor vertical space. The terra cotta pots can be filled will soil and used to grow small plants or fill the pots with water and use the vertical planter to display live cut flowers.

Plant a vine, like pothos or a trailing succulent like Burro’s tail in the planters for a dramatic effect. This video provides detailed instructions for building this attractive wall planter.

5- Create Wooden DIY Wall Planter

Use this DIY design idea to create vertical growing shelves like this one by sarahjoyblog that can hold potted plants and other treasures. Recycle wooded pallets or leftover lumber to create these growing shelves that will look nice in any sunny room of your home.

Create Wooden DIY Wall Planter
Create Wooden DIY Wall Planter, Image via: Sarahjoyblog

6- Plant Some Succulents In A DIY Wall Planter

This design creates a high-end, living focal point in any room of your home. As we know that succulents are easy care plants, requiring very little sunlight or moisture to thrive. Get the tutorial at: shanty-2-chic.com.

Plant Some Succulents In A DIY Wall Planter
Plant Some Succulents In A DIY Wall Planter, Image via: shanty-2-chic.com

7- Build a Focal Wall Planter

Build a focal wall that hold several planters with this DIY wall planter by vintagerevivals. Planters that go from floor to ceiling enable you to have a DIY vertical garden that produces plenty of fresh food and creates a living focal point in any room of your home.

DIY wall planter
DIY wall planter, it’s just superb idea we love it. , Image via: vintagerevivals

8- Devise Floating DIY Wall Planters

Transform a barren wall into a sea of floating vertical planters with this idea by themerrythought. A few terra cotta pots and planter clips is all you need to create the design. Fill the terra cotta pots with your favorite plants to create a unique living design.

floating vertical planters
floating vertical planters, Image via: themerrythought

9- Make Some Plant Pockets

Small and whimsical, this unique vertical planter design idea by designlovefest adds a touch on whimsy to an indoor decor. Small size makes these planters perfect for growing succulents in small spaces.

vertical planter design idea
vertical planter design idea , Image via: designlovefest

10- Put Copper Pipes on the Wall

Copper is an attractive design element. Using copper pipes to create a hanging wall planter like this one by craftbits is a WOW factor in any room. Create the unexpected way of displaying plants with this design idea. You may also like to check out plants for vertical garden.

hanging wall planter
hanging wall planter, Image via: craftbits

11- Build a Garden DIY Wall Planter

Build this eye catching garden wall in any sunny room of your home. This DIY wall planter by eastcoastcreativeblog is large enough to produce flowers, vegetables and herbs in one vertical space. The living design will look different every day, so you won’t get bored with the appearance. The fresh food and fragrance will be welcomed too.

Build a Garden DIY Wall Planter
Build a Garden DIY Wall Planter, Image via: eastcoastcreativeblog

12- Create Living Wall Art

Living wall art can be created by using vertical planters string and air plants like this one by brit.co. Air plants don’t need soil to survive, they thrive on air and can be trained to grow in unique patterns. Let your own unique style shine by creating your own wall art from plants.

Create Living Wall Art
Create Living Wall Art, Image via: brit.co

13- Hack a Vertical Planter

Use this hack to transform an object you have on hand into a DIY wall planter like this one by curbly. This idea uses a wine rack as the wall mounted planted. A little paint, ingenuity and a recycled items make a lovely and functional place to grow plants.

DIY wall planter
DIY wall planter, Image via: curbly

Hanging Indoor Planter Ideas

14- Hanging Herbs Garden

Hanging gardens are among the most intriguing of world wonders. While a hanging herb garden like this one by survivallife might not be in that same category, it certainly is an attractive element to a home. The hanging planters take up minimal space and produce maximum yield.

hanging herb garden
hanging herb garden, Image via: survivallife

15- Hanging Wall Planter

Cheap and easy to make, this DIY hanging wall planter idea on Youtube will show you how to transform a boring blank wall into an interesting green space.

Spruce up any interior or exterior wall with living plants and decorative vertical planters with just a couple of hours worth of work and a few dollars.

Vertical trellises can be made from scrap lumber and recycled tins in different sizes are used to create the planters. The tins can be found at garage sales for a few cents each and can be painted to match any home decor.

This YouTube video will take you through the building process step by step so you can build this attractive and cheap hanging wall planter. You may also like to check out diy tower garden.

16- Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

Instead of covering windows with curtains, use this plant-growing idea by thebirdandhersong.com– Suspended a couple of rods in front of a sunny window, then hang some planters from the rods to create living curtains.

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden
Indoor Hanging Herb Garden, Image via: thebirdandhersong

Outdoor Wall Planter Ideas

17- Confuse the Pests

Here we have a beautiful diy wall planter idea that show you how to grow a vertical vegetable garden like this one by instructables that will confuse all the neighbor pests (and pets). Cats, dogs, rabbits, snails and other pests have a much more difficult time reaching the tender vegetation when plants are grown vertically and out of their reach. Grow bigger plants and have more produce with this idea.

vertical vegetable garden
vertical vegetable garden, Image via: instructables

18- Porch DIY Wall Planter

How about this diy wall planter to greet you each time you entered or exited your home? Increase curb appeal of your home while guiding guests to your front entrance with the living color of blooming flowers.

Hang a Wall Garden
Hang a Wall Garden with grey pots

19- Living Wall Vertical Garden

This attractively built vertical garden by thisoldhouse makes every inch of a small space count. Use these free plans to create your own wood and pipe planting boxes.

pipe planting boxes
pipe planting boxes, Image via: thisoldhouse

20- Create Privacy With Living Wall

This living wall outdoor garden is a great way to create some privacy from your neighbors. Build a vertical wood slat wall, secure planters on it, then fill the planters with a variety of flowers to create a colorful, living outdoor privacy screen.

Create Privacy With Living Wall Container

21- Cedar DIY Wall Planter

Cedar has long been the favorite wood choice for outdoor building. Cedar wood is tough and resistant to elements, making it a perfect choice for building the DIY wall planters by rogueengineer.

DIY wall planters
DIY wall planters, Image via: rogueengineer

22- Save Space With Modern Vegetable Planters

This space saving design allows you to grow enough fresh vegetables for a delicious green salad in a very small space. The wall planter design by manmadediy is attractive and easy to build.

Save Space With Modern Vegetable Planters
Save Space With Modern Vegetable Planters, Image via: manmadediy

23- DIY Vertical Succulent Wall Planter

An oblong box planted with colorful succulents and mounted vertically makes a decorative statement. It’s an eye-catching piece of wall art by lollyjane and the easy care succulents will be at home in any room of the home.

DIY Vertical Succulent Planter
DIY Vertical Succulent Planter, Image via: lollyjane

Hanging Outdoor Wall Planter Ideas

24- Modern Wall Planter

Here is an idea for DIY indoor wall planters like this one on Youtube that will create a stylish vertical plant holder that looks like modern art.

Large, round sections of PVC pipe are used to create the vertical planters that are ideal for growing succulents. The PVC pipe is very inexpensive and easy to cut to the desired thickness. PVC pipe also comes in many diameter sizes and it would be easy to create a unique DIY vertical garden on an indoor or outdoor wall.

This YouTube video will show you how to create modern art vertical planters from PVC pipe.

25- Fence DIY Wall Planter

If you have a privacy fence in your backyard, this is the perfect vertical planter by bunnings to create for it. Easy to follow video instructions makes this DIY project simple to accomplish.

Fence DIY Wall Planter
Fence DIY Wall Planter, Image via:bunnings

26- Recycle Soda Bottles Wall Planter

Do your part to keep a few plastic soda bottles out of the landfill by using them as Hanging wall Planters like this one by dirt.asla. This unique idea shows you how to recycle soda bottles and give them a second life as planters.

Recycle Soda Bottles Wall Planter
Recycle Soda Bottles Wall Planter, Image via: dirt.asla

27- Living Wall Art

Instead of having a picture of flowers hanging on your wall, why not have actual flowering plants hanging on your wall?

Paintings of colorful flowers and green plants have long been used as home decor in every room of the home. Paintings of flowers and plants from some of the famous artists are valued at millions of dollars and are not affordable to most people. But a DIY vertical planter like this one by erynwhalenonline created inside a picture frame box and used as living wall art is affordable to everyone.

Make the wooden box any size needed and add hooks to suspend the planters inside of the vertical planter box. Use this idea to create a custom piece of living wall art for your home.

DIY vertical planter
DIY vertical planter, Image via: erynwhalenonline

28- Palette Vertical Garden

Recycle a wooden palette to create a colorful and attractive DIY wall planter with this fun idea by secondchancetodream. A recycled palette can be used to create an indoor or outdoor wall planter for almost no money at all. If you have a few pots and clamps on hand, then it will be free to build.

Create a custom size and color for your vertical garden and brighten up any wall space with this unique idea. Plant and grow edible plants, sage, basil, and lemon balm, that will produce colorful blooms and fragrance while enhancing the beauty of your living space.

DIY wall planter
DIY wall planter, Image via: secondchancetodream

29- Create an Herb Shelf

This vertical garden planter idea by homemadebycarmona provides a space for growing fresh herbs, plus a shelf. Ideal for a small kitchen space since it combines two needed things into one design.

vertical garden planter
vertical garden planter, Image via: homemadebycarmona

30- Plywood Hanging Planter

Do you have some leftover plywood scraps from a previous DIY project? If so, then you are halfway there to creating some unique hanging planters for your home or office.

The diamond-shaped design creates space for a bottom shelf where a potted plant can be attractively displayed. These are easy to build and are a great way to use up leftover plywood.

DIY wall planters like these by deucecitieshenhouse create more space for growing and displaying plants, so if you have a tendency to hoard plants, use this idea for creating cheap hanging planters for all your plants.

Plywood Hanging Planter
Plywood Hanging Planter, Image via: deucecitieshenhouse

31- Wooden Bead Hanging Planter

This is a great idea for brightening up a dim corner of a room- build this lovely wooden bead hanging planter by notjustahousewife

and grow a plant that thrives in a low light environment.

Use scrap pieces of lumber and wooden beads to create the hanging planter and paint the wood a bright color to further brighten up the dim space. Ivy and pathos grow well in low light and will grow over the sides of the planter to create attractive vines.

Green plants help to purify indoor air by removing odors and toxins, so by creating a vertical planter you will be able to add more plants to your indoor space for both beauty and improved health.

Wooden Bead Hanging Planter
Wooden Bead Hanging Planter, Image via: notjustahousewife

32- Recycled Cookie Tin

Watch this YouTube video to discover how to recycle a cookie tin into a nautical themed planter. The finished product can be used as a DIY wall hanger like in this Youtube video or can be placed on a desk or shelf. This cookie tin planter is designed for decorating with artificial greenery and flowers, but with a little tweaking, the idea could be used for growing a live plant.

If you enjoy eating those delicious cookies that are sold in tin cans and never knew what to do with the empty tins, now you do. Use this easy DIY project to make gifts for family and friends throughout the year.

33- Farmhouse Vertical Planter

The farmhouse look is very popular and can be a little pricey if you buy decorative items in this style. However, when making them yourself the cost of decorating is very affordable.

This YouTube video will show you how to create modern farmhouse vertical planters from scrap wood. The result is whitewashed wooden planters that make ideal DIY wall planters like this one on youtube for indoors or outdoors.

34- Chevron Pattern

The chevron pattern is a classic design that fits into any style of home décor, including a DIY vertical garden. This large vertical planter provides multiple spaces for placing plants and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The design also allows for the use of small pieces of scrap wood and is very attractive even during the winter months when it’s too cold for growing plants outdoors.

DIY vertical garden
DIY vertical garden, growing succulents

35- DIY Hanging Pots

Do you have too many potted plants and no place to put them? Check out this hanging planter idea that will create plenty of space for multiple potted plants but take up only a small amount of floor space.

Great for apartment dwellers that only have a small outdoor balcony. You will be able to triple the growing space with this unique DIY hanging planter by bhg.

DIY hanging planter
DIY hanging planter, Image via: bhg

Wraping Up

DIY wall planter is an excellent idea to make use of your vertical wall space, bring nature indoors or decor your home. As most of these can be made using recyclable items so making them is easy that only needs your creativity. If you like our list of ideas or anything to share please don’t forget to share in our comment section below.

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