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20 Inspiring PVC Pipe Projects for Gardeners

Plastic PVC pipe can be used to create a variety of interesting and useful things in the garden and landscape. PVC pipe is lightweight, inexpensive, versatile and sturdy. Try some of these DIY PVC pipe projects in your garden this weekend.

1: Pvc Chicken Feeder

Easy to fill and hard to spill, this chicken feeder by instructables can be created in just a few minutes with a piece of PVC pipe and a couple of fittings. You may also like to see diy chicken feeder by thepoultryguide.

Pvc Chicken Feeder
Image via: instructables

2: PVC Tomato Cage

Forget about those flimsy wire tomato cages sold at garden supply center to support your tomato plants. They can’t do the job very well and must be replaced every couple of years. Use this PVC pipe idea by instructables to build a tomato cage that will last for years and support all your tomato plants.

PVC tomato cage
Image via: instructables

3: Sleeve PVC Planters

Use short lengths of PVC pipe like this one by lowes to elevate your short flowers to new heights. Place a length of pipe in the ground, fill with soil and plant a flower. Easy and attractive way to use leftover pieces of PVC pipe.

Sleeve Planters
Image via: lowes

4: Chicken PVC Pipe Pen

Combine this project by simplifiedbuilding with number 1 for 2 PVC projects that will keep your backyard chickens happy, safe and well-fed. Some PVC pipe and nylon of wore mesh can be fashioned into a safe and movable pen for chickens or turkeys.

pvc Chicken Pen
Image via: simplifiedbuilding

5: Fold-Down PVC Greenhouse

This is a must-do for all gardeners. A simple, yet very effective fold down greenhouse that utilizes a lean-to style. This DIY PVC pipe project by bonnieplants uses plastic pipe and sheeting to create a fold down greenhouse that will protect tender garden plants from the elements.

Fold-Down Greenhouse
Image via: bonnieplants

6: PVC Tomato Shelter

If you grow tomatoes for market (or are planning too) this unique Pvc shelter idea by pvcplans will enable you to grow bigger and more tomatoes. Sheltered from the harsh elements, this shelter allows just the right amount of sun light and rain to come through to the tomato plants. You may like to see popular varieties of tomatoes.

Pvc shelter idea
Image via: pvcplans

7: DIY Pvc Pipe Birdfeeder

This PVC pipe project by birdsandblooms will make you the envy of the neighborhood. Quick and easy to make, these DIY bird feeders will keep your feathered friends well-fed and add a touch of whimsy to your landscape. Make several of these so you’ll have plenty to share with friends.

DIY Pvc Birdfeeder
Image via: birdsandblooms

8: Garden Irrigation System

Use PVC pipes like this one by modernhomemakers and a water hose to create an inexpensive irrigation system for your raised bed garden. No more carrying water, no more wasted water from overhead sprinklers, this irrigation system puts the water right where its needed. You may also like to see diy sprinklers and drip irrigation system.

Garden Irrigation System
Image via: modernhomemakers

9: PVC Hose Caddy

This is one of those DIY pvc projects by pvcworkshop you’ll wish you had discovered sooner. This easy-to-make PVC hose caddy lets you rolls the garden hose around your landscape without having to lift and pull on it.

pvc Hose Caddy
Image via: pvcworkshop

10: PVC Planters For Succulents

Use varying lengths of PVC tube to create this unique planters by tipjunkie for succulent. Attractive, portable and practical, leftover pieces of PVC pipe can always be used as a diy planter.

Planters for Succulents
Image via: tipjunkie

11: PVC Water Gun

Here’s one for the kids (or the kid at heart). A simple to make water gun will provide hours of fun for very little cost. A great way to cool off in the hot summer. Find the details at Instructables. You may be interested to see diy projects for water pump.

PVC Water Gun
Image via: Instructables

12: Strawberry Planter Tower

Easy to make, easy to plant, easy to harvest. What could be better than that for aspiring strawberry growers? These PVC pipe planter towers by fabartdiy allows you to grow an abundance of strawberries in a small space.

Strawberry Planter Tower
Image via: fabartdiy

13:  Aquaponic PVC Pipe Project

Use PVC pipes by instructables to create a vertical growing garden for any indoor space. Small cost, small space, big yields with this DIY idea.

Aquaponic Garden
Image via: instructables

14: PVC Child’s Sprinkler

More fun on a hot day than a barrel of monkeys! This easy-to-build Pvc child’s sprinkler idea by myhomespunthreads will provide a summer or two of water fun for minimal cost.

pvc Child’s Sprinkler
Image via: myhomespunthreads

15: PVC Pipe Greenhouse

If you thought a greenhouse was to expensive for you to own, think again. Use these greenhouse plans by pvcplans to build your own large and productive greenhouse in your own backyard. PVC pipe, plastic sheeting and some shelving is all that’s needed for this functional and attractive greenhouse.

PVC Greenhouse
Image via: pvcplans

16: PVC Garden Hoop House

Extend your vegetable growing season by starting early and ending late with this protective pvc hoop house project by westsidegardener. Use lengths of plastic tube to create semi-circles over your garden plot, then cover with plastic sheeting as needed to protect tender garden plants.

Garden Hoop house
Image via: westsidegardener

17: PVC Pipe Watering Grid Project

Create this watering grid by squarefoot.creatingforum to water large areas of your lawn or garden without wasting one drop of water.

PVC Watering Grid
Image via: squarefoot.creatingforum

18: Corn and Bean PVC Planter

Stop bending and stooping when planting your corn and beans with this unique planter by sensiblesurvival.blogspot. Easy to make and it will save a lot of wear and tear on the knees and back.

Corn and Bean Planter
Image via: sensiblesurvival.blogspot

19: Garden Stakes

Several garden vegetable and tall growing flowers need to be staked to keep them off the ground. Cut just the right lengths of PVC for the job, sharpen one end and drive it into the ground for stability. Get the details at Instructables.

Garden Stakes made from pvc
Image via: Instructables

20: PVC Raised Bed Cover

Protect your garden beds from hungry deer and other wandering wildlife by creating this raised bed cover using PVC pipes by charsgardening and plastic netting.

Raised Bed Cover
Image via: charsgardening

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