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Collection of Ideas to do it yourself whatever you can do on your own using your basic knowledge and skills for a more sustainable living.

 17 Cool DIY Camper Trailers To Enjoy Your Outdoor Trips

DIY camper trailer

A DIY camper trailer will provide you with a mobile home at a very economical price. Plus, when building a camper trailer yourself, you are able to build it to meet your exact specifications. Travel, sleep and eat in comfort with your own DIY camper trailer. You can travel the …

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23 DIY Charging Stations To Hide Cords and Wires While You’re Charging

Shoe Box Charging Station

If you own a variety of devices, you’re going to need a DIY charging station to keep them organized. With the constant release of smartphones, tablets and music players, there comes a time when your family owns five or six devices that use different chargers. The devices start creating an …

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15 Cool DIY Gaming Tables You Can Build Your Own

DIY gaming table

Are you a game lover? Building a DIY gaming table will allow you to enjoy your favorite games right in the comfort of your home. You can play with friends and family and have a great time. If you are considering building a DIY gaming table, then you should check …

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10 DIY Telescope You Can Build On The Cheap

DIY telescope

Check out these plans for 10 DIY telescopes you can build on the cheap and getting started with .your viewing fun this weekend.

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16 DIY Table Saws and Fences For Your Workshop

DIY Table Saw

A DIY table saw in your home workshop can make construction projects much easier to start and complete. A table saw is an essential tool for building the smallest bird house, medium dog house or a large house for your family to live in. Home remodeling projects are also much …

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21 DIY Sawhorse Plans That Are Simple And Easy To Do

diy sawhorse plans

A sawhorse is a vital tool every woodworker should have. DIY sawhorses are very helpful in the workshop or when on sight jobs. There is a long list of things you can use it for, from a makeshift scaffold, table and several others. In as much as you can purchase …

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16 DIY Miter Saw Stands For DIY Woodworkers

A DIY miter saw stand helps makes your cuts easier and more accurate. If you have used a miter saw to make cuts before, then you will know that it’s a hassle. You have to deal with the saw moving all over the place, as you work. The saw stand …

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25 DIY Screen Door Projects To Keep Out Uninvited Invaders

diy screen door

Building a DIY screen door is a fantastic project to beautify and add character to your home. It’s also the best way to protect your home from pests and bugs when you open your door to let in fresh air. A DIY screen door is easy to build and with …

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12 DIY Solar Generators You Can Build At A Fraction Of Cost

DIY Solar Generator

A DIY solar generator is a must-have item for survivalists and the average Joe alike. Situations arise that cause the loss of power, like the recent flooding and fires many parts of the country have been experiencing, and knowing you have an alternative source of electricity will give you peace …

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25 Fabulous DIY Rain Chain Ideas With Tutorials

diy rain chain

Mounting DIY rain chains are a beautiful way to harness the power of water; watching the rain chain guide the water from the roof to the ground is a sight to behold. A DIY rain chain is necessary for every home especially as it helps protect the foundation of your …

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