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17 DIY Chainsaw Mill Projects to Make Your Own Lumber

DIY Chain Sawmill

Thinking about the excessive cost of commercial saw mills to tackle the job of cutting down trees to make lumber is a daunting thought. Fortunately, there are many DIY projects that can help guide the process of creating a DIY chainsaw mill that can be portable and reusable with any …

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17 DIY Truck Camper Ideas to Inspire You to Build Your Own


  Camping in the wilderness can be an amazing experience. Tent camping is not for everyone which is why DIY truck campers are a wonderful way to scale up camping at a DIY price. With the COVID pandemic, mass transit and crowded passenger traveling on planes and trains are not …

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17 DIY Bike Sheds to Provide You Best Space for Storage

DIY Bike shed

Riding bicycles can be a fantastic way to commute without a motor vehicle, get plenty of exercise, and travel through many tourist destinations. Storing bicycles can seem cumbersome or take up a lot of space but there are many excellent outdoor bike storage ideas that can make storage simple without …

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13 Homemade Deer Feeder Plans You Can Make On A Small Budget

Deer feeder plans

If you enjoy watching wildlife, a homemade deer feeder will bring the wildlife closer to you for observation. Fill the feeder with treats and you will be able to watch deer, turkey, and other animals feed and interact with one another. A homemade deer feeder like one of the 13 …

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21 Smart DIY Tool Storage Ideas for Your Workshop or Garage

DIY Tool Storage Ideas

Power tools such as battery powered drills, saws, and nail guns can take up a lot of space. Additionally, the rechargeable batteries and charging cords can create clutter where you do not need it. DIY tool storage projects are a great way to think about organizing and decluttering the workshop …

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12 She Shed Plans To Inspire You to Build Your Own

She Shed Plans

If you want a place where you never have to clean up someone else’s mess, then you need to check out these 12 she shed plans. Be inspired to build your own space that’s comfy, cozy, reflects your taste in decor, and the rest of your family is not allowed …

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11 DIY Lean to Greenhouse Plans to Build with Your House

diy lean to greenhouse plans

Using one of these free lean-to greenhouse plans to build a greenhouse at home will help ensure the temperature for the plants remains more consistent throughout the year. The one solid wall in the greenhouse acts as a heat sponge and absorbs heat all day and slowly releases it into …

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13 Homemade Humidifiers To Improve Indoor Air Quality In Winter

Homemade Humidifier

A homemade humidifier can ease health problems that are caused by dry air. By releasing water vapor or steam into the air the moisture level in the air is increased. The increased moisture will help prevent dry, chapped lips, nose bleeds, sinus problems, dry skin, and dry, brittle hair. A …

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15 DIY Projector Screen Ideas For Your Home Theater

DIY Projector Screen Ideas

A DIY projector screen can transform your backyard or any room of your home into a home theater. Enjoy summer movie watching outdoors and winter movie watching indoors with your own inexpensive homemade projector screen. You know how expensive it can be to take the family to the theater to …

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